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Act on the Board of Equal Treatment amended

June 2012 - Employment. Legal Developments by Norrbom Vinding Law Firm, member of ius laboris.

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Discrimination - Equal Treatment Act

The revision of the Danish Board of Equal Treatment Act has only resulted in few changes. The Act was ‎revised as part of the Government’s commitment to follow up on the activities of the Board. The ‎amendment will take effect on 1 July 2012. 

In 2006, the then Danish Government abolished the Gender Equality Board and set up the Board of Equal ‎Treatment instead, giving it a broader jurisdiction than its predecessor. The Danish Parliament decided ‎at the time that the Board of Equal Treatment Act was to be revised in 2012.‎

In the Bill to revise the Act, the Danish Government concludes that the Board of Equal Treatment is ‎generally respected and meets expectations. As a result, only a few changes are made.‎
In future, the chairman of the Board of Equal Treatment will be a high court judge instead of a district ‎court judge. The reason given for the change is that the decisions of the Board may set precedents and ‎have significant effects on the labour market.‎
An established practice which is now incorporated into the Act is the procedure for dismissal of ‎complaints. In future, it will be specified in the Act that a complaint will be dismissed if the matter is not ‎suitable for being heard by the Board or if it is obvious that the Board will decide against the ‎complainant.‎
Finally, the Board will now also have jurisdiction to hear complaints about harassment under the Danish ‎Act on Equal Treatment of Men and Women – which means that its jurisdiction is extended to outside ‎the labour market.
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