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Implications of competition law on information exchange - New book published in Finland

March 2012 - EU & Competition. Legal Developments by Procopé & Hornborg.

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Lotta Uusitalo, Anne Petäjäniemi-Björklund and Leea Salminen, Attorneys at Law of Procopé & Hornborg, have written a book on the implications of competition law on information exchange.

The book addresses the issues from a practical point of view and is intended for use by companies in assessing the legality and exposure to competition law risks of information exchange. This is the first book on the subject to be published in Finland, and is available in Finnish only.

In many cases, exchange of information between companies is forbidden and may lead to sanctions under competition law. On the other hand, exchange of information is often necessary for the efficient and effective operation of the markets. When assessing the legality of information exchange, it is important to understand which matters have to be considered and in which situations information can be exchanged between companies.

Exchange of information, obtaining information and assessing economic development is important for the success of businesses. In a networked society, exchange of information and distribution of information is necessary for the efficient and effective operation of the markets. A company’s business secrets such as prices, clients, costs, suppliers, knowhow, patents and strategies are an important asset to the company. However, successful information exchange also requires assessment of the implications of competition law and ensuring that the companies and individuals follow the correct procedures.

The book addresses several practical situations that have arisen in connection with exchange of information between companies, such as joint production, joint marketing, tendering cooperation, purchasing cooperation, and activities in trade associations. The purpose of the book is to (i) clarify the permissibility of information exchange in different circumstances, (ii) identify the risks relating to information exchange, (iii) and offer viable solutions.

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