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New Law on Waters adopted

July 2010 - Corporate & Commercial. Legal Developments by Karanovic & Nikolic .

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On 5th May, 2010 the Serbian Parliment enacted the new Law on Waters. The purpose behind legislative changes in this area was to harmonize the Serbian system of management of waters with the EU standards as well as with the national environmental legislation, to introduce a system of integral water management, and to generally adapt the existing regulations with the technical and other changes which occured in this area since the adoption of the old Law on Waters in 1991. In the energy sector, the new Law on Waters concerns energy producers which utilize public waters, such as primarily hydro-power plants and thermo-power plants. While the new Law on Waters retains the general licensing system for the use of public waters established under the old law, it introduces a certain level of liberalization and regulates the procedure for the issuance of these licenses in more detail.


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