Firms in the spotlight: Miran Legal

Miran Legal is a law firm established in İstanbul, Turkey. Miran Legal has been providing legal consultancy services to our clients operating in more than 10 sectors both abroad and in the country, with our expert staff in more than 15 branches of law, since it was established.

We are as Miran Legal serving our clients under main headlines. Our legal consultancy section has expert lawyers more than 15 branches of the law. Our main focuses are “Commercial and Corporate Law, Real Estate and Construction Law, Law of Contracts, Administrative and Taxation Law, Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Insurance Law, Law of Banking and Finance, Public Procurement Law”.

We divided our service fields into 2 headlines, besides our legal consultancy services we are serving companies and individuals about receivables management.

Receivables management became as an international need. All commercial activities brings legal needs with them that is why we believe the importance the management of receivables in other term debt collection. B2B or individual if there is a delay in payment process, corporates or individuals needs legal assistance to collect their receivables. In that point as Miran Legal we help both local and foreign clients about their cases with our lawyers and field team.

Our clients can reach our multiple and complex services about their needs. We are detecting clients legal needs and according to that we are solving the issues from the fast way. It is important to understand the problem correctly and solve the problem but it is also important to report developments to clients. Our artificial intelligence based systems help track case easily.

As required by our service manner, we do not only provide legal consultancy services to our clients that they need; we also provide consultancy services to improve their business by analyzing our clients’ operation field to the letter, offering different perspectives together with our working experience in many sectors.

Miran Legal is aware of the requirements of the globalizing world; and is a member of many legal organizations abroad, in order to both provide better quality service to our clients and to acquire a reputable position in the global legal world.

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