Firms in the spotlight: Quiroz Advisors – QA Legal

QUIROZ ADVISORS – QA Legal is a Dominican law firm that focuses its practice on tourism, real estate, foreign investment, construction, infrastructure, and corporate and commercial, among other business practice areas.

The firm is renowned because of its expertise in advising national and international investors in establishing their business and executing their development projects in the country offering a “one-stop shop” legal service approach and government permits solution; so far, the firm has counseled hotels, real estate residential complex, corporate buildings, and industrial development projects, valued altogether over US$3.0 Billion.

The team is led by the founding partner, José Quiroz, who has been praised for his 20 years of experience advising on all sorts of tourism and real estate projects as well as on corporate matters to local and foreign companies with operations in the Dominican Republic. In 2021, he was chosen by the United Nations Organization as the local specialized consultant in Foreign Investment responsible to draft the UNO’s Investment Guide of the Dominican Republic.

He has also been recognized numerous times by different legal rankings and business publications as one of the top Dominican lawyers in corporate, real estate, and tourism practice, mentioning his “great business leadership and legal knowledge;” highlighting “his dedication to solving challenges” and his experience in environmental matters and tourism industry. They have also highlighted his vast knowledge of international and complex transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, and financing.

QUIROZ ADVISORS – QA Legal is a member of various prestigious associations in the country, such as the (i) American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic (AMCHAMDR), in which the firm is a permanent member of the AMCHAMDR’s Legal Committee and currently Chair of the Real Estate Commission, (ii) member of the Expanded Legal Committee of the National Hotels and Restaurants Association (ASONAHORES), (iii) Member of the Board of Directors and Founding Member of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic.

QA-Legal is constantly involved in cross-border operations, interacting with colleagues in various jurisdictions (mainly the USA, Europe, and Latin America) and attending to all matters with a holistic vision
of the country’s business and investment climate, this makes us the go-to firm for clients seeking legal advice regarding any type of investment, regardless of its complexity or magnitude.

In 2022, the firm expanded its operation by opening a branch in Punta Cana, which is considered the most important tourism pole in the country and undoubtedly one of the world’s best-known destinations

Our top-notch client portfolio includes not only major local companies and economic groups in various sectors of the economy such as INICIA, GRUPO SENCIÓN, THERRESTRA, NESPLAS, CONTEMEGA, among others; but also major international players that have decided to invest in the Dominican Republic, including sophisticated investments groups such as CSI LEASING, IBEROSTAR, CEMEX, MOON PALACE, GRUPO POMA, JAMAICA PRODUCERS (Antillean Foods), PRONATEC (Yacao), TRAFIGURA, CORPORACIÓN SAN IGNACIO LOYOLA; just to mention a few.

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