Firms in the spotlight: Motei & Associates

We do understand that litigation and business disputes are costly, time-consuming, stressful, and may cause mental and emotional strain for our clients, whether you are running a private business or managing a local or multi-national company, a shareholder, an employee, an investor, or an individual seeking justice.

Drawing on our expertise of over two decades handling cases within the UAE’s unique multiple legal systems, we have developed deep understanding and on ground knowledge and experience of local laws and business culture, enabling us to navigate through legal complexities and deliver value, efficiency, and results.

Initially, we focus on resolving the dispute amicably to the benefit of the client through direct negotiations. However, if a legal action becomes inevitable, our strategy is to prepare cases thoroughly and litigate them in a determined fashion.

Our team is multilingual, and provide services in English, French and Arabic at equal proficiency. We handle cases before all local courts in the UAE, Dubai International Financial Courts (DIFC Courts), Abu Dhabi Global Market Courts (ADGM Courts), and diverse International Arbitration Centres.

We do have a strong track record of winning cases in the UAE and will ensure that you have the most effective representation possible.

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