Firms in the spotlight: KILINÇ LAW & CONSULTING

Kılınç Law & Consulting provides legal services across both domestic and international areas. M&A department is one of the more active departments our firm and due to the extent of the work we do in the field, the multinational aspect of our work and our overall expertise in other areas, such as energy law, project finance, capital markets etc., puts us in a unique position to cover every aspect of any M&A transaction. Therefore, our M&A / Corporate department, covers every corporate need of our clients, including but not limited to Legal Due Diligence reports, negotiation processes, closing of the M&A deals, share transfers, restructurings as well as daily corporate necessities of the clients such as establishment of companies, providing consultancy services for the General Assembly and Board of Directors resolution processes, capital increases and relevant registration processes.

Our client portfolio in Kılınç Law & Consulting is made up of well-respected domestic firms, including venture capital investment funds and predominantly, foreign investors from Austria, Azerbaijan, Germany, Gulf Region and many other places over the world. Therefore, due to the nature of our portfolio we are experienced in acting for the buyer-side in M&A transactions as well as mandates on joint ventures. For different projects; our clients prefer different economical approaches with different control mechanisms and checks and balances systems. Therefore, in the M&A transactions we provide services in a wide range differing from establishment of new companies, partnerships, consortiums or clients becoming shareholders at running companies through share transfers and restructuring of the company’s Article of Associations to ensure either full or partial control for the buyer-side as well as merger procedures.

Due to working with foreign investors in the majority of our deals, compliance of the firms to the foreign investment regulation in the country is essential in order to ensure the client benefits from the best possible outcome in terms of taxation and incentives the regulation offers to the foreign investors. As part of consultancy services provided to the venture capital investment funds, our firm represents the clients in the fund formation and compliance of fund to the Capital Markets regulation. Moreover, in order to ensure our clients, stay up to date in regards to the ever-changing legal environment, we provide daily updates for the clients that prefer this service; on the daily changes to the Turkish legislation through our regulation department.

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