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Your comments will be treated as strictly confidential, and will not be attributed to you in any editorial or disclosed to the firm. I would be grateful if you could provide the following:

The team Barrister

How long have you instructed or worked with the barrister in question, and in relation to what types of work?

Please describe what makes this practice unique, what do you think potential clients would wish to know about the team's strengths and key capabilities, and how it compares to other firms. Please describe any innovations (eg. people, billing, diversity, technology, collaboration, etc.) the practice has introduced where relevant. What would you say are the individual strengths and qualities and/or weaknesses of this barrister? (Commentary on this barrister's advocacy is particularly helpful)

Individuals Chambers

Are you able to offer any views on the set as a whole, in the area in question? (Factors may include strength-in-depth, availability of counsel, training programmes)

What are your views on the service and the clerks’ room? Can you comment on the strengths of any particular clerks, however senior?

How do you think the set could improve its service?

Please describe what makes the individuals you work with stand out, what makes them different from competitors, and what qualities have you valued in them (please give mention to specific stand-out partners and associates where appropriate). What observations, if any, do you have about this barrister's chambers?

Do you have any observations on this set's pupils and most junior members (below four years call)?

Move the sliders to the position on the spectrum that reflects your view of the service you have received from the firm, for each of the listed criteria.

Partner availability and engagement

Any comments?

Quality of partners

Any comments?

Quality of associates

Any comments?

Appropriate resourcing

Any comments?

Efficiency in delivering the legal product

Any comments?

Billing: transparency (Barristers - please leave slider untouched if unable to answer)

Any comments?

Billing: value for work done (Barristers - please leave slider untouched if unable to answer)

Any comments?

Communication & case/matter management

Any comments?

Profile within the industry/sector

Any comments?

Commercial knowledge of the industry/sector

Any comments?

By what % do you expect the amount your business spends on legal fees to increase or decrease over the next 12 months?

By how much do you anticipate that your external legal advisers will increase or decrease their fee rates over the next 12 months?

Is the way in which a law firm treats its employees (eg at associate or junior level) a factor in choosing to use a law firm?

On a scale of 0 (not at all likely) – 10 (extremely likely), based on your overall experience, how likely are you to recommend this firm to anyone?

Have you recommended this firm to anyone?


Have you discouraged anyone from using this firm?


The market

Are there any other firms/lawyers in this sector you have worked with that deserve recommendation? What observations, if any, do you have about other barristers in this area?

Please check this box if you are content to be contacted by phone by our research team if necessary (your phone number will not be used by us for any other purpose or shared with any other parties). Note that this does not guarantee that The Legal 500 will contact you by phone. If we do not use your phone number it will not be stored after the research process is complete.

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