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Veralaw is a leading firm in the practice of shipping law, litigation, intellectual property law, corporate law, and immigration law. VeraLaw represents a diverse portfolio of clients, such as shipowners, P&I Clubs, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, banking, finance and insurance industry, courier services, automotive, software, hotel, media and entertainment, aviation, personal and household products, fashion, consumer products, footwear, cosmetics, telecommunications, and real estate, among others. Veralaw has the expertise in shipping law, dispute resolution, arrest and release of ships, and international arbitration. In addition, VeraLaw advises clients on corporate law in order to establish their Philippine presence and operations, and immigration law to ensure that the expatriate employees will have the proper working visa. VeraLaw is geared towards foreign business and investment.The firm has been in existence for 65 years and has a solid history on which it has built its reputation.

Our expertise
Maritime and Admiralty law: Maritime and Admiralty Law is one of VeraLaw’s core strengths. The firm has forged an international reputation in this field and continues to make inroads in transforming the Philippines as a leading maritime center.

VeraLaw acts for P&I Clubs, marine insurers, port operators, ship owners and charterers. Areas of practice include:

  • Maritime law
  • Admiralty jurisdiction
  • Charter party documents and disputes
  • Cargo claims and documentations
  • Marine insurance
  • Arrest and release of ships
  • Salvage
  • Marine casualties, collisions and injuries
  • Stevedoring
  • Applicable national legislation
  • Crew and shore labor disputes

Related areas include:

  • Freight forwarding
  • Multi-modal transportation
  • Import/export documentation and financing
  • Import and export of vessels
  • Ship finance
  • Ship building
  • Ship registration
  • Ship mortgages

Intellectual property: Another forte of VeraLaw is intellectual property. The firm’s intellectual property division is composed of dedicated and skillful attorneys-at-law, patent and trademark specialists. With the addition of state-of-the-art computer technology, patents can be researched thoroughly at a faster rate.

  • Advise on the selection, use, protection and registrability of an invention, utility model, industrial design patents, trademark, service mark or creative works
  • Search for prior conflicting marks or patents and analyzing the search results
  • Maintain registrations of trademarks and assist both foreign and local clients in responding to Office Actions
  • Record trademark assignments and licenses;
  • Assist clients in Madrid filings for international registrations
  • Search for prior art of invention, utility, model, industrial design patents
  • Prosecution of invention, utility, models and industrial design patents applications, including securing extensions of term, if applicable.
  • Preparation of specifications and claims
  • Prepare PCT applications and national phase prosecution
  • Prosecution of trademark applications, maintenance and renewal of their registrations
  • Secure copyright registrations
  • Secure registrations and/or compliance certificates of trademark licensing agreements and other technology transfer agreements
  • Represent clients in opposition and cancellation proceedings before the Intellectual Property Office (IPO)
  • Enforce the client’s intellectual property rights including but not limited to conducting and implementing seizure proceedings before the regular courts, litigating infringement, unfair competition, cancellation of business names and other actions involving intellectual property rights before the regular courts and appellate courts, IPO, quasi-judicial government agencies such as the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Videogram Regulatory Board (VRB) and other agencies.

Our clients operating in international markets enjoy an advantage because VeraLaw has solid experience in working for, and with intellectual property owners and practitioners all over the world, and with associates virtually everywhere, and can assist in the filing and prosecution of patent and trademark applications of most countries of the world.

Litigation: VeraLaw’s seasoned lawyers are principally responsible for litigation work on cases involving civil, commercial, construction, criminal and administrative law. Trial practice is mainly focused on cases under the jurisdiction of the regular judicial system, municipal and city courts, regional trial courts, the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court and the Construction Industry Arbitration Commission.

In handling the cases, the litigation department initially explores ways of dispute resolutions, such as conciliation and mediation, voluntary arbitration and commercial arbitration in order to spare clients from lengthy and costly litigation.

The department collaborates with other division lawyers when the venue or jurisdiction of the dispute shifts to the regular courts.

Corporate and business law: To address the influx of foreign investments into the country, we regularly advise foreign clients on the proper corporate structures to allow them to do business in the Philippines and maximize the tax benefits granted under the laws.

We also advise local and foreign clients how to utilize corporate special vehicles to maximize growth strategy, assist them in the acquisition of properties and other investments, and guide them through mergers, buy-outs and other divestitures. In connection with these activities, we draft and negotiate contracts and financing documents, organize the necessary business entity, and prepare the required papers to be filed with the proper government regulatory agencies.

In addition, we assist the client with their general corporate housekeeping requirements including maintenance of the licenses with the different government agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), Board of Investments (BOI), and Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) to maintain their good standing.

Immigration: Foreign nationals can enlist the comprehensive services of our immigration division. Our immigration lawyers count as their field of expertise matters relating to alien employment, temporary or permanent residency, investment requirements, acquisition of Philippine citizenship, recognition as Filipinos, working permits, registration of aliens, and change of admission status.

Among our services are:

  • Registration of aliens including securing issuance of immigration documents and travel clearances
  • Secure extension of stay for tourists and temporary visitors
  • File compliance with annual alien registration
  • Secure issuance of Study Permits, Special Work Permits, Special Industrial Training Permits, and Provisional Permits to Work
  • Secure change of states of Immigrant/Permanent Visa (TRV, Quota, 13(a), 13(e), 13(g), SIRV, SRRV)
  • Secure change of Status to Special Non-Immigrant Visa (9d, 9f, 9g, EO 226, 47(a) (2) )
  • Secure issuance/renewal of alien employment permits by DOLE
  • Secure issuance of authenticated civil registry documents from the National Statistics Office
  • Secure issuance of authenticated documents and handling visa matters before the Department of Foreign Affairs

To accomplish these services, we work with various government office such as the Department of Labor and Employment, Bureau of Immigration, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Justice, Philippine Retirement Authority, Board of Investments, Philippine Economic Zone, and other government offices involved in granting favorable endorsements to applications to remain and/or work in the Philippines for our multinational clients.

Labor law: With our labor law division, you can rely on sound counseling and all forms of legal services in areas of labor administration, labor standards (terms and conditions of employment, labor relations (grievance procedures, work stoppages and lockout, inter- and intra-union disputes, representation issues), pre-employment (hiring practices) and post-employment matters (dismissal, separation benefits).

Other specific services:

  • Drafting of employment contracts
  • Review, editing and/or drafting of Company rules on safety and discipline
  • Counseling/participating in collective bargaining negotiations and drafting of Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Handling and attending to conciliation and arbitration proceedings; dismissal cases, money claims, certification of election disputes
  • Representation in labor management grievance meetings
  • Rendering of advisory opinions on labor/employment legislation and implementing regulations
  • Collaboration with management in planning for, and handling of, work stoppages, strikes, slowdowns and other forms of mass concerted action

Taxation: Our services encompass all facets of business taxation for corporations, partnerships, individuals, cooperatives, trusts, decedent’s estate, and foreign investors doing business in the Philippines. Our tax practice includes securing rulings and handling controversies with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and other tax authorities at the administrative level and in the special tax courts and regular courts.

Department Name Email Telephone
Shipping, commercial litigation and arbitration, Corporate, Immigration, Vessel and mortgage registration Valeriano R. Del Rosario
Litigation, Construction arbitration, Labour and employment, Aviation Julius N. Raboca
Trademark prosecution and enforcement, Copyright registration and litigation, Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards/foreign judgments Maria Theresa C. Gonzales
Patent and industrial designs Prosecution, Mining, Crew claims Daphne Ruby B. Grasparil
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Asian Patent Attorneys Association
Maritime Law Association of the Philippines