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AlZayat Law Firm is a leading international law firm based in Egypt for almost 20 years. And since then, with the hard work and commitment of its employees, the Firm has succeeded in gaining the trust of its clients, as well as new clients. Our Law Firm has a reputation for being one of the leading international law firms in Egypt, with a wide range of partners and clients abroad.

Continuing our success, and trying to even be closer to our clients abroad, Alzayat Law Firm has opened its first branch in 2017, in Switzerland; to make sure that we are closer to our clients in Europe.

With the two branches working together and fully functioning, we are handling cases, dealing with clients, providing many services in different areas of practice, which allows us to expand our business and gain more experience to assist our current and future clients to reach their legal goals.

Our main areas of practice include:

1. Inheritance Law

If sadly, you lost a close person, we can be available to help by applying for a decree of distribution, advise on the way the inheritance can rightfully be divided, and even execute a will, if there is one. We are also available to assist in case there is a dispute between inheritors on each individuals’ rights, in that case, we are able to solve the issue amicably or through litigation, whichever is most convenient at the time.

Or, in the case, a person would like to leave a will for their expected inheritors, Alzayat Law Firm will be available for the drafting of the will as well as its legalization, to make sure that it will be executable.

2.  Family Law

Alzayat Law Firm has many employees that are experienced in the field of family law; as, nowadays, it is common for two persons from different nationalities to decide to get married, our team can counsel any couple on the documents and procedures needed for this purpose, as well as drafting prenup agreements based on their requests.

For any couple that wishes to be separated or divorced, our team can help with finalizing the procedures for them and on their behalf, whether they are from different countries or both Egyptians. Also, one of the main areas of practice Alzayat Law Firm is experienced at is resolving custody issues between a divorced or a separated couple, whether amicably or through litigation depending on the need of our client.

Our team has also assisted several clients in finalizing adoption procedures, for any couples whether they are in Egypt or abroad who wish to adopt a child in Egypt.

3. Corporate, Commercial law, M&A, and Due Diligence

We provide a wide range of services in the area of corporate law, we were pleased to help several clients create new companies, or establish new branches for their companies inside Egypt, as well as obtaining all relevant authorizations and finalizing all registration procedures, to make sure that our clients are on the right track.

To ensure that our clients are comfortable, they will have to provide us with a Power of Attorney for our Law Firm, so we can act on their behalf, this way, they will not be required to attend physically any governmental entity, and we can do all the work while they wait until the procedures are finalized and the company/branch is created. If the client, however, wishes to be present during the process, a focal point will be assigned to constantly accompany the client to finalize all procedures and make sure there are no complications to be faced.

4. Oil & Gas and mineral resources

With the great experience and knowledge of the Oil & Gas and Mineral resources laws and regulations our team has, our Law Firm will be the right choice for you if you wish to start a company, get legal advice, or conduct due diligence in Egypt.

5.  Litigation

The Litigation team at AlZayat Law Firm has excellent case management skills to handle every aspect of a claim involving an insurer.

We represent different clients: Companies, firms, and individuals, from different nationalities, such as Spanish, Russian, Swiss, Greek, as well as many other nationalities, and their litigation cases concern different areas of the law; i.e. Family Law, Inheritance Law, Debt Collection,…etc., amongst other areas, they do, however, have something in common, which is the level of satisfaction.

Alzayat Law Firm ensures the satisfaction of their clients and partners in many ways, including our availability 24/7 to answer any questions or to address any concerns our clients may have. Once a client approaches us for a service, their file is assigned to a lawyer who is highly experienced in the relevant area of practice, and a focal point is assigned to be available to constantly follow-up on the case, to ensure that no scenario is left out, including all documents or actions the adversary may present or take.

6. Immigration service

For the non-Egyptians wishing to work or migrate to Egypt, our law firm will help with finalizing the required documents and procedures necessary, our law firm provides advice and counseling on the necessary documents, procedures, cost, and timeframe required for such purpose, this includes obtaining residence permits, work permits, work visa for the main applicant as well as his/dependents.

And through our partners abroad, we are able to advise Egyptians and non-Egyptians equally, to apply for migration visas for other countries.

Furthermore, as an agent for the Egyptian Authorities, the firm provides a new service which is obtaining Egyptian citizenship by investments through an agency with competent governmental bodies, therefore, if you are an investor wishing to acquire the Egyptian Nationality you will have to meet our concerned qualified team.

7. Labor Law

As a Law Firm providing full services, Alzayat Law Firm provides services related to Labor Law and employment. As a part of the services we provide, our clients reach us to draft, review and amend employment contracts for their employees.

Our Labor and Employment lawyers provide innovative and strategic advice to employers in both unionized and non-unionized environments.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with insight into human resources issues and their effect on your business. We are also available to answer inquiries from individuals wishing to receive advice regarding an employment contract they are about to sign with their new employer.

8. Legalization service

Many Egyptians and foreigners who had work or education experience in the country would like to legalize their documents to be legalized in order to be able to present them in other countries abroad, if that is the case, Alzayat Law Firm’s team will intervene and finalize the legalization of the documents on your behalf. This assistance is also provided through coordination with our partners abroad.

If you have a document that you wish to stamp from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or any Embassy existing in Egypt, call us now and we will finalize the procedures for you.

9. Criminal law

In the field of criminal law, we have a highly skilled and experienced team of litigators who can provide effective solutions to any criminal law problem. As our team is dedicated and committed to what they do, they can assure you efficient service under pressure at any time.

10. Tax Law

The practice of tax law involves providing advice on the structure of a variety of commercial transactions, negotiating their terms, and assisting clients with tax-related controversies, including any that may arise out of those transactions.

11. Insurance law

The Insurance Law department of AlZayat Law Firm comprises a team of lawyers who are highly specialized in the insurance sector, with important experience especially in extraordinary transactions, analysis and impact of the regulatory framework, and advice on corporate and other insurance core business matters.

12. Banking and finance

We Provide advice on all issues that affect the financial industry: financial markets, financial institutions, and financial transactions.

Our Law firm is equipped to provide all legal services to banks and any other financial institutions, including drafting contracts, providing counseling regarding negotiations, or any deal the company is planning to take.

13. Dispute resolution

Alzayat law firm is available to represent the company or individual’s disputes, amicably; through Arbitration, Mediation or Conciliation, depending on our clients’ needs and what best suits the situation at hand.

The areas covered by the practice extend across all fields including corporate disputes, commercial disputes, regulatory disputes, tax disputes, domestic and international arbitration

14.  Real estate

We provide high-quality legal services for individuals, families, and companies dealing with a wide range of real estate and estate planning matters.

Our Law Firm is prepared to represent the real estate and development companies to draft relevant contracts, handle relevant procedures with the authorities, provide legal counseling, and even represent the company in litigation if found necessary

15. Media production

Setting up all kinds of media production companies, get the required authorizations for media production, and extracting or modifying cinema practice and art production license, is amongst the services, excellently, provided by Alzayat Law Firm.

16. IP

Amongst the wide range of the services provided by Alzayat Law Firm, we also provide services to companies and individuals in order to register a copyright, mark, or a patent.

In the unfortunate cases where the registration is denied, Alzayat Law Firm offers a team of experienced lawyers, that are able to present the case in an appeal to request the registration.

We work with successful companies and entrepreneurs who are concerned that competitors may try to copy their new products or branding.

17. IT and Telecoms

Alzayat law firm provides the legal framework for collecting, storing, and disseminating electronic information in the global marketplace.

Our attorneys practicing in this area of the law represent individuals and businesses from all different industries. They help structure information technology transactions in a way that maximizes the client’s economic benefit while ensuring regulatory compliance.

A great deal of emphasis is also placed on anticipating potential sources of dispute between the parties to a transaction and crafting agreements that address these concerns, thereby reducing the risk of litigation.

18. Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Alzayat Law Firm focuses on Bankruptcy and Restructuring Corporate and business-related insolvency issues, representing business and individual clients in all transactional and litigation aspects of out-of-court workouts, bankruptcy, business reorganizations, and debtor-creditor matters. In these matters, we seek practical solutions that minimize risks and expenses to our clients, while maximizing their return.

19. Capital Markets

Our teams lead on every transaction, backed by the support of the Firm’s truly international partnership. When needed, we act fast and deliver results.
If a simple solution is not enough, we dig deep. We think ahead and analyze businesses and the industries in which they operate to identify the issues before they become problems.

20. Administrative Law

The governmental Authorities have their own and specific rules and regulations, for individuals or companies who wish to benefit or enter into business with governmental authorities shall follow these rules and regulations, moreover, appealing any administrative authority decree requires also to exhaust all of the options provided by the administrative authority first.

Our experienced lawyers will properly advise & assist you when maneuvering through these complicated proceedings.

And to make sure that the highest level of satisfaction is reached by our clients, we provide them with different payment plans, and they can choose the most suitable for them, taking into consideration their needs and their situation.

All the goals that Alzayat Law Firm has reached wouldn’t have been possible without the support of its loyal, committed, hardworking employees, who are always available to make sure that their clients are completely satisfied with the service provided.
In order to remain close to current and future clients, our team can always be available to answer calls, text messages, Whatsapp, hotline,  Facebook messages, or reach us through our email.

Finally, our law firm is the right choice for you, whether you are an individual trying to solve a personal legal issue, or wishing to start your company, or if you are a company wishing to take any legal actions, or if you need legal reports in areas of Egyptian law

Department Name Email Telephone
General Information in Egypt Alzayat Law Firm +201006549485
General Information in Switzerland Alzayat Law Firm +41 41 552 20 66
Photo Name Position Profile
Dr Mahmoud Alzayat  photo Dr Mahmoud Alzayat Mr. Mahmoud is the founder of Alzayat Law Firm, and is currently…
Mr Mohamed Emad  photo Mr Mohamed Emad Mr. Mohamed Emad is the Head of the Media Law Department at…
 Abdelrahman Emad  photo Abdelrahman Emad Senior Associate and a Team Leader at Alzayat Law Firm
Ms Passeinte Hussein  photo Ms Passeinte Hussein Associate
Mr Sayed Mohamed  photo Mr Sayed Mohamed Mr. Sayed is a co-founder of Alzayat Law Firm as well as…
 Gamal Mohamed  photo Gamal Mohamed Senior Partner and Team Leader
 Mohamed Saeed Mohamed  photo Mohamed Saeed Mohamed Head Accountant
 Zeinab  Okasha  photo Zeinab  Okasha Senior Associate
 Georgii Safronov  photo Georgii Safronov Associate
 Mohamed Samy  photo Mohamed Samy Senior Associate
 Sherin  Sherif  photo Sherin  Sherif Senior Associate
 Ahmed Zaki  photo Ahmed Zaki Senior Partner
Mahmoud Alzayat : Managing Partner
Sayed Saleh : General Manager, Senior Partner
Mohamed Emad : Media Law, Senior Partner
Gamal Mohamed : Team Leader, Specialized in Court of Cassation procedures
Abdelrahman Emad : Team Leader, Criminal Law
Zeinab Adel : Team Leader, Family Law
Mohamed Samy : Team Leader, Corporate Law
Ahmed Mohsen : Team Leader, Administrative Law
Karim Seif Al-Nasr : Team Leader, Civil Law
Ahmed Mohyi : Team Leader, Intellectual Property Law
Shereen Sherif : Team Leader, Contracts
Noura Azzam : Specialized in Supreme Constitutional Court Procedures
Yosra Azzam : Team Leader, Tax Law
Mohamed Gamal : Head of Accounting
Egyptian Bar Association