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The firm: 

Dr. Ghada M. Darwish Karbon Law Firm is an entrepreneurial, exemplary creation that strives to seek excellence in all of its activities. As a flourishing Qatari law firm, it has gained extensive experience in the various fields of legal consulate services, and become home for an exceptional group of experienced counsels in the most important areas of legal practice.

Dr Ghada M Darwish Karbon is the Founder and Managing partner of the firm. Dr Ghada, who is currently pursuing another Masters in Sports Law with Qatar Olympics Academy and University of Lleida, graduated from Qatar University with a Bachelor of Law degree and attained a Master of Law degree in public law from Cairo University. Recently, Ghada has achieved her executive masters in sports law from Qatar Olympics Academy.

Following graduation and having gained experience at Khalid Al Attiyah Law Firm, Dr Ghada worked with the National Human Rights Committee as Head of Investigations and Legal advice and Qatar Chemical Company as Legal Counsel.

In the meantime she worked with the legal department of Qatar University as a legal researcher and was also a member of the tenders and auctions committee and committee to develop and modify procedures and policies for the University of Qatar.

Ghada M. Darwish Law Firm features a group of advisers and lawyers from different legal cultures. Since its inception, the firm has been keen to integrate the civil legal system with the Anglo-Saxon culture system to achieve a harmonious legal environment to provide the best legal services.

Areas of practice: The firm has developed to its present mid-sized form and offers legal services in all major areas such as arbitration, litigation, energy/ construction and infrastructure, M&A, corporate/commercial, sports law, banking and finance, intellectual property, aviation, maritime, dispute resolution, media, insurance, healthcare, hospitality, real estate, labor and sponsorship laws, family law and criminal law.

Ghada M. Darwish Law Firm has launched an international arbitration division to help clients resolve disputes arising from their international commercial agreements and other international relationships.

The firm’s arbitration team members are happy to provide clients with in-depth legal views related to arbitration cases and to prepare all requests of arbitration before the leading international arbitration institutions and the firm is proud to have a vigilant team that does not leave an enquiry pending, or waste a client’s precious time. The firm’s lawyers possess a wealth of experience in representing clients before the leading arbitration courts and tribunals. Moreover, the firm’s activity encompasses all the regional arbitration centres in Qatar and the GCC.

As the firm understands the needs of its clients, it provides innovative solutions that suits their needs. Its ‘instant legal advice programme’ is a great example of its adaptation to its clients’ needs. This programme is now adopted by international agencies as well as Qatar-based companies as a part of their employees assistance programmes’ (EAP), which enables the referred clients to directly discuss with the firm their personal legal issues, and they can hire the firm for its services related to the laws of the land, and hence, improve their loyalty levels, and boost their employee satisfaction. The firm has experienced lawyers in the drafting of loan/finance documentation, project financing and in ensuring that all such documents comply with Qatari laws. It also prepares general services contracts and confidentiality agreements in various domains.

As it retains a multicultural team on board, all of its services can be bilingual, to serve its clients’ needs, and it offers to facilitate legal translation of documentation whenever required to a wide range of languages through its extensive network of legal and approved translation agencies.

The firm is structured to ensure that all clients are served by practitioners whose training and experience relate to the specific legal issues which they are handling. As for the firm’s clientele group, it has been providing high-quality services to various clients including public institutions, private companies and government entities.


Administrative law; cancellation and compensation judiciary
Air, sea and land transportation (passenger and goods)
Civil law, contracts and civil transactions
Corporate and commercial matters and contracts
Criminal cases and criminal law
Dispute resolution, litigation and arbitration
Intellectual property
Labour, sponsorship and human rights
Oil, gas and mining
Opinion laws, press and media; information sources
Sports; sporting clubs and academies
Taxation and customs
Number of lawyers : 20 (including partners)