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Boga & Associates
50/3 Sylejman Vokshi Str.
10000 Pristina

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The regional presence of Albanian law firm, Boga & Associates, is cemented by its strong multidisciplinary Pristina office. Country manager Sokol Elmazaj has established a good reputation with international clients, particularly for major project financings, privatisations, energy and infrastructure work. The team also offers strong support in tax, banking, corporate, IP, and employment law to clients from across a wide range of industries. Associate Delvina Nallbani is also noted for her corporate and banking expertise.

Practice head(s):

Sokol Elmazaj

Other key lawyers:

Delvina Nallbani


‘The team is highly engaged into the client’s business cases, providing high quality legal advice and is an indispensable business partner. The people  pay close attention to the needs of the client, thus providing personalized and high quality legal advice.’

‘Boga & Associates is one of the leading local law firms in Kosovo, with a great knowledge of the local matters and international financing. They are responsive and able to find solutions in a practical and professional manner. Their presence in the market for many years, and numerous projects they were helping us with is to acknowledge how they are reliable and dedicated team.’

‘Sokol Elmazaj is truly professional and dedicated. He has a meticulous approach which assures that all aspects of the transactions are handled professionally. He has great ability to grasp complex matters and come to practical solutions. I highly appreciate his availability to answer any urgent matter.’

Key clients

International Finance Corporation “IFC”

Enlight Renewable Energy Solutions. Ltd

Kosovo Company for Supply of Energy (KEDS)

TEB Holding (bank)

Limak Kosovo International Airport JSC.

Teknoxgroup Kosovo LLC

Unifree Kosovo

Banka Kombetare Tregtare – National Commercial Bank Kosovo

JT International Luxembourg S.A. Branch in Kosovo

Sanofi Aventis Groupe S.A.

Mars Overseas Holdings d.o.o

International Maarif Schools of Kosova Shpk

Payten sp. Zoo sp.k


Procter & Gamble Marketing Romania SRL

Koncern za proizvodnju i promet konditorskih proizvoda Bambi AD

PKN ORLEN Polish subsidiary

Boga & Associates has emerged as one of the premier law firms in Kosovo, earning a reputation for providing the highest quality of legal, tax and accounting services to its clients.

Our firm’s particularity is linked to the multidisciplinary services it provides to its clients. Apart from the wide consolidated legal practice, the firm also offers significant expertise in tax and accounting services with a keen sensitivity to the rapid changes in the Kosovo business environment.

The firm maintains its commitment to quality through the skills and determination of a team of attorneys and other professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. The extensive foreign language capabilities of the team help to ensure that its international clientele have easy access to the expanding Kosovo business environment.

With its diverse capabilities and experience, the firm acts for leading businesses in most major industries, including banks and financial institutions, as well as companies working in insurance, construction, energy and utilities, professional services, real estate, technology, telecommunications, transport, infrastructure and consumer goods sectors.

The firm offers its clients every legal, tax and accounting service they may need to do business in Kosovo. Over the years, the firm has advised on privatization transactions, concessions, real estate transactions, setting up businesses, credit facilities and customs and tax issues, all with a keen sensitivity to developments in the Kosovo business environment.

Department Name Email Telephone
Country Manager Sokol Elmazaj +383 38 223152
Country Legal Manager Delvina Nallbani +383 38 223152
Photo Name Position Profile
 Sokol Elmazaj  photo Sokol Elmazaj Partner & Country Manager for Kosovo



At Boga & Associates, we are firmly committed to diversity and inclusion. As a business law firm, we work with a diverse client base, representing their communities, culture and markets. During all these years, we have pursued strategies to retain, promote and develop our women lawyers. We believe that our approach to diversity and inclusion enables us to build the most effective teamsattract the best talent, and deliver the highest level of client service. 

For us, diversity is not just about visible differences, it is the unique blend of talents, skills, experiences and perspectives that makes each of us an individual and we strive to create an environment where these differences are valued and celebrated. 

Our policies in both jurisdictions Albania and Kosovo are tailored to the legal, regulatory and cultural requirements of each country. 

We promote a culture in which everyone feels respected, valued and included, where everyone has the opportunity to grow their career and where pathways to career progression are transparent. 




We recognize that, as a firm, supporting our people to take better care of their mental health, and improving our workplace health and wellbeing overall, is extremely important. We recognize World Mental Health Day every year through online wide communications, reminding people of the steps they can take to improve their health in general.  


Flexibility and agile working are seen by the firm as key business tools to help drive individual, team and firm productivity, and are crucial to attracting and retaining talented staff. We are continuing to embed innovative technologies and flexible working practices within the business and are focusing on career development opportunities for agile workers. 

We are committed to providing our employees with a safe and secure working environment that safeguards their health and promotes physical and mental wellbeing. 

To meet this commitment and to ensure a consistent approach across our both offices and areas of operation, we maintain a robust health and safety management system on par with international codes of practice and industry requirements. Through the process of continuous improvement, we strive to uphold the highest performance standards and promote a positive health and safety culture throughout the firm. 

We also view our workplace environment as one of the most important opportunities to achieve transformational change and to reflect on our pursuit of excellence. To support this strategic approach, our office has invested in an in-house gym available to all working staff. Our approach continues to evolve reflecting the latest design concepts, standards and related technologies. Among other important aspects, the firm focuses on the quality of our workplace environment, innovative technologies, amenity spaces and staff wellbeing. 

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Boga & Associates is strongly committed to corporate social responsibility. Boga & Associates activities can have impacts, both large and small, outside the firm and it continually demonstrates its commitment to supporting the communities of which it is a part. Individually and collectively, Boga & Associates partners and employees contribute to strengthening communities, enhancing the environment and creating a sustainable business future. 

Our CSR program is reflected in: 

Community involvement: Pro – bono program underlying the CSR initiatives of Boga & Associates  

Pro – bono services are offered to foundations, associations and various organizations, such as Albanian Children Foundation “Domenick Scaglione”; YAPS (Youth Albania Parcel Service); Albanian National Olympic Committee; International Lawyers and Legal Accountants; Edital (Ipat); French Embassy; American Chamber of Commerce; Hellenic Chamber of Commerce; International Chamber of Commerce in Albania; Global Share Plans/Solium; World Bank in partnership with Freshfields pro – bono projects. 

The Pro – bono Legal Services Program is at the core of our contribution to the community, given that as an advisory firm we have a responsibility to improve the approach to the justice system and public administration for all members of society. 

Also our CSR initiative is the support of charitable programs, financial support for initiatives benefiting the community, donations and volunteer work. 

EnvironmentBoga & Associates is committed to environmental protection practices to ensure sustainable use of resources and creates waste recycled. 

Practice for Environmental Protection: We believe it is our responsibility to protect the environment by ensuring sustainable use of resources and thus, we are engaged as to reduce the maximum impact and improve the performance of CSR promoting environmental practices among employees such as: 

  1. Shutdown electrical equipment when not in use.
  2. Printing of documents in hard copy only if it is absolutely necessary.
  3. Purchase of materials which cause as little environmental pollution.
  4. Recycling waste (paper, toner) using known centers for recycling.

Green Recycling, a company that assists businesses in becoming greener by collecting their waste turning it into resources useful to the community and environment, issued its recycling reports where Boga & Associates is praised for its efforts to contributing to the safeguard of the environment.  

According to their data during the past 3 years Boga & Associates has provided approximately 1200 kilograms of paper for recycling, thus avoiding the slaughtering of trees and savings of other resources that are increasingly scarce in nature such as water. Thanks to the separate collection of waste, Boga & Associates has contributed to the reduction of CO2 emissions for a total of 1,52 tons equivalent to 0,6 TOE (Tons of Oil Equivalent). Regenerating a laser cartridge saves about 3 liters of oil. This means that with 30 empty cartridges collected and prepared for regeneration, Boga & Associates has produced oil savings for nearly 99 liters of oil or 0,6 barrels.