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Spain’s leading labour law boutique Sagardoy Abogados, member of Ius Laboris fields ‘highly specialised teams‘ from across the country to assist with the full range of contentious and advisory matters. Collective bargaining agreements are a particular strength, a recent example seeing Iván Gayarre assist Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMW) with what would be its first. Managing partner Martín Godino is focused on collective restructuring and litigation; he co-leads the practice with José Manuel Martín and the firm’s executive chairman Iñigo Sagardoy. Román Gil is another key partner contact, while Ana Goerlich is well regarded as one of the market’s rising stars in employment litigation.

Practice head(s):

Iñigo Sagardoy; Martín Godino; José Manuel Martín

Other key lawyers:

Román Gil; Ana Goerlich; Raquel Muñiz; María del Mar Ropero; Manel Hernández


‘For me, the Sagardoy labour practice is the best in Spain. Its strengths are: highly specialized teams with high performance capacity, reference partners with high knowledge and professional background in specific areas of labor law, geographic diversity of its offices, constant updating through notes and newsletters with practical and critical vision. Much value to the revision of the regulations and new sentences, and also its study center, which I think always prepares seminars and conferences with good speakers and on current issues.’

‘Martin Godino: in my humble opinion he is the best labour lawyer in Spain. He has many years of experience behind him and is a specialist in labour law. It stands out in key aspects such as collective bargaining, pension commitments, restructuring measures, litigation and especially in collective conflicts, being a benchmark in practical vision and application of innovative solutions to the challenges that arise.’

‘Raquel Muñiz: She is a professional who aligns herself with the client’s objectives, and seeks practical solutions that are adjusted to the law. She is characterized by being persuasive, and by applying an executive analysis of the issues raised, always seeking to achieve its objective. We have obtained very good judicial results in matters that she has supervised, and I also highlight her ability in court, as she is an excellent litigator.’

‘María del Mar Ropero: Partner and director of the Sagardoy de Canarias office, she is an excellent professional, very assertive, who applies a practical vision and executive approach in her legal approaches, she is a good litigator and also a negotiator.’

‘Manel Hernández dominates his work. They are very professional.’

‘Great involvement of all levels of professionals, with a very adequate distribution and complementarity of tasks between them.’

‘The practice and reputation of the firm in collective bargaining makes it especially valuable in the Spanish market.’

Key clients

Banco Santander

La Caixa


ING Bank

Johnson & Johnson


NH Hoteles

Barclays Bank



Since 1980 Sagardoy Abogados has been a specialized law firm fully dedicated  to the labour and employment law practice.

Practice areas: Employment, labour, immigration, employee benefits, pensions and social security. We are based all over Spain with six offices.

We provide a wide range of legal services in the area of human resources, both in advisory work and in litigation for corporate clients. Sagardoy Abogados has developed a wide range of legal services in Spain, mainly in litigation but also on restructuring and collective negotiation procedures. Iñigo Sagardoy is the chairman. Together with other partners, they lead a team of over 60 lawyers across Spain. Sagardoy Abogados also specialises in providing advice on employment and labour law to foreign companies established in Spain.

Sagardoy Abogados is a founding member of Ius Laboris, an alliance specialising in employment and social security law with more than 1,300 lawyers providing local human resources law expertise across the globe, with 44 member firms in 44 countries and coverage in more than 100 countries.

A key aspect of the firm is its exclusive focus on employment matters (only for companies) with most of the lawyers cooperating in academic areas (universities and institutions) thus giving the clients a practical approach to matters but with a continuous and profound update on the current employment trends.

In 2013, we created the Employment and Labour Relations Institute in order to create a think-tank to promote new changes in employment legislation as well as to analyse the impact of the labour reforms in the labour market and companies.

In 2015, we were elected as the European Specialized Law Firm of the Year by the prestigious publication The Lawyer.

In 2016, 2017 and 2018, we were elected as the Best Firm in Spain for Employment matters by the leading Spanish financial newspaper Expansión. This is the first three years of the awards granted by Expansión for the legal market.

Iñigo Sagardoy was elected as one of the Top Ten leading Employment Lawyers of the world by Who’s Who.

Martín Godino (managing partner) was elected as the top employment lawyer in Spain by the Client Choice Award.

In 2014, Iván Gayarre (partner) was awarded as one of the 40 leading lawyers in Spain under 40 years old.

Sagardoy Abogados has always had a strong educational interest and remained closely linked to academia. Almost all of the professionals in our firm are also lecturers, and many of them hold PhDs. Both our founding partner, Juan Antonio Sagardoy, and our current chairman, Iñigo Sagardoy de Simón, hold the Chair of Employment and Social Security Law at two different universities.

Our interest in research took material form with the creation in 2019 of the Sagardoy Business&Law School. The school’s foundations lie on the well-established educational activity of the Sagardoy Study Centre, which in recent years has been a constant source of sectoral studies on the latest trends in collective bargaining, barometers and observatories on the labour reform, as well as numerous analyses on specific aspects of employment relations.

Labour and employment law Iñigo Sagardoy
Labour and employment law Martin Godino Reyes
Labour and employment law José Manuel Martín
Employee benefits and pensions Martin Godino Reyes
Employee benefits and pensions Montserrat Alonso
International employment contracts Román Gil Alburquerque
International employment contracts Manel Hernandez
Executive employment contracts Ana Godino Reyes
Executive employment contracts Román Gil Alburquerque
Restructuring plans and collective labour law Martín Godino Reyes
Sports law Jose Luis Fraile
Immigration Ana Garicano
Public employment law Iván Gayarre
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