Firms in the spotlight: KILINÇ LAW & CONSULTING

Kılınç Law & Consulting, provides legal services in domestic and international areas to nationally and worldly renowned clients operating in multiple sectors. On the field of Energy law has a unique significance for Kılınç Law & Consulting. The Firm specialises in pursuing the application process before public authorities, such as the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and EMRA, as well as finalising the preparation of general agreements and the agreements regarding the project finance in this area and carrying out the negotiations in the field of energy law. Our client portfolio in the field of Energy Law includes SOCAR, TANAP, STAR Refinery, PETKİM and other significant companies in the sector.

The firm constantly provides consultancy services for clients in the field of Energy Law through their commercial activities in the sector; by drafting contracts, preparation of responses to possible objections; maintenance of relevant negotiations; preparation of legal memorandums and provided legal counsel. Moreover; the firm assists its client in disputes arising from energy law related matters, M&A projects in the sector and corporate law related day to day matters where experience in the sector is critical in overcoming the complex problems.

Compliance to regulatory changes, limitations and prerequisites are focal for a firm operating in the energy sector; therefore, we assist our clients on fulfilling the regulatory requirements through daily, weekly and monthly regulation sector-specific updates.

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