Firms in the spotlight: Lundsgaard & Partnere

The firm: Lundsgaard & Partnere is a litigation boutique specialising in litigation and arbitration. This specialisation is a unique characteristic of the firm, as no other law firm in Denmark has a similar profile or strategy.

The firm represents clients in some of the largest and most complicated cases currently heard by the Danish courts and conduct cases at all levels of the judicial system, including the Supreme Court. It specialises in conducting commercial cases of high complexity and often of great or general public importance.

Lundsgaard & Partnere has experience with cross-border cases involving, among other things, post M&A disputes, W&I Insurance, professional liability and D&O liability. The firm advises on the institution and handling of legal proceedings abroad, including limitation periods, conflict of laws rules and rules on jurisdiction, often in close co-operation with lawyers from the respective countries.

Areas of practice: Lundsgaard & Partnere is devoted to the practice areas of dispute resolution and insurance.

Dispute resolution: Lundsgaard & Partnere specialises in litigation and arbitration. The firm has extensive experience with litigation before the Danish Supreme Court, the Danish high courts, the Maritime and Commercial Court and the district courts, as well as with all types of arbitration.

Lundsgaard & Partnere offers a dedicated team providing a full range of advisory services, including analysis of the litigation risk, assessment of the financial implications of initiating a lawsuit compared to alternative dispute resolution methods, etc.

Lundsgaard & Partnere also attracts appointments as arbitrator in arbitration cases before the Danish Institute of Arbitration.

Insurance: Lundsgaard & Partnere provides legal assistance to several leading Danish and foreign insurance companies, businesses and insurance brokers. The firm is recognised for its high-quality work and deep insight, especially with regard to professional liability insurance, D&O insurance, W&I insurance, crime insurance and insurance relating to construction projects.

Lundsgaard & Partnere acts as coverage and monitoring counsel for insurance companies in a number of high-profile cases. Furthermore, the firm assists several insurance companies with the interpretation and preparation of insurance products, as well as with drawing up new insurance products.

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