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Headline news

The Legal 500 Latin America will launch on the 7th of October.

This year’s edition will be The Legal 500 Latin America 2021 – see more on this, below.

The new edition includes:

  • 35 new Country sections
  • 6 new City Focus sections
  • 1 new International section
  • 1 new Jurisdiction.

Updated submission guidelines, forms and deadlines will go on line on Monday 2nd November.

A little detail and looking forward…

I’m delighted to confirm that new edition of The Legal 500 Latin America will be published on the 7th of October. That’s a couple of weeks later than originally planned… I’m not sure whether to shout force majeure or just say, mea culpa!

The new edition will also identify itself as the 2021 guide. No, this is not an attempt to forget this annus horribilis – a year that has been horrendous for many and -at the very least- difficult for pretty much all of us in one way or another (one Central American colleague suggested, playfully, that we include an ‘undertook parallel home-education’ ranking table – I empathise completely!). Rather, having prided ourselves on undertaking our research, writing and publication in the same calendar year, I’ve simply had to bow to the commercial reality that we were doing ourselves a disservice: compared to our competitors, we always appeared a little out-of-date – as if it were last year’s product. Well, no longer: from here on in, the guide will face forward.

Ultimately, however, the date is irrelevant if the guide itself lacks detail, accuracy, depth and a comprehension of the markets we discuss. You, our readers, will be the final judge and jury as regards quality, but I hope the efforts of this, the first year of an expansion of the guide we hope to complete next year, will illustrate our intention to further deepen and refine our Latin American market analysis. As noted above, the guide features a number of new sections: locally (by country), there are some 35 new sections, many in the competitive cauldron that is the Chilean market. ‘Sub-nationally’, we’ve introduced six City Focus sections – two in Colombia and four in Brazil; hopefully conditions going forward will allow us to add to this, particularly in México, next year. At the other end of the spectrum, at the regional level, responding to the evolving regulatory and compliance environment, we’ve added a ‘Compliance and investigations’ table. Finally, we’ve also welcomed Puerto Rico to the Latin America guide. Discussions as to whether this unincorporated territory would sit better in our Caribbean or US guides notwithstanding, the important step was to plug this gap in our global coverage. Suffice to say, we look forward to refining our coverage of this idiosyncratic market going forward and -conditions permitting- visiting to meet firms in person.

Before I close, a couple of observations:

i. To my mind, the new look editorial coverage gives additional emphasis to client feedback. I would encourage all of you to please adopt both our submission forms and -critically on this front- our client contact spreadsheets, so as to ensure we can maximise coverage received.

ii. Peppered through the guide you’ll find references to gender parity (and, as yet to a lesser degree, other diversity and inclusion issues). There will of course be critics who question the relevance of this, but such concerns are client-driven. Please keep an eye out for changes on our submission form that will allow us to engage with the issue in a more profound manner. Updated submission guidelines, forms and deadlines will go on line on 2nd November 2020.

Lastly, I’d like to especially thank all those who’ve contributed to this year’s guide: on the one hand, our researchers (operating from Lisbon, Madrid, Mexico City and Rome, as well as London; and on the other the hand, all the partners and BD teams whose engagement and diligence has ensured that this edition would reach the light of day. To all the consultants who have also gone that extra mile to ensure information reached us in a timely manner, my thanks.

As ever, I welcome all feedback and commentary – the more so if offered in the same critically-positive spirit with which the guide is assembled.

Tim Girven
Editor – The Legal 500 Latin America