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San Jose, Costa Rica
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Team Services

Consortium Legal’s real estate practice is recognized for providing advice on complex and sophisticated transactions with short and long-term development. With a strong focus on purchases, sales, and leases, as well as residential, horizontal property, corporate, and tourism real estate developments, including financing structuring.

Together with other practice areas of our firm at the local and regional level, such as banking and finance, environmental, corporate, and taxation, we provide comprehensive advice, particularly in real estate financing, buying and selling transactions, project development, capital market matters, and tax advisory.

Our portfolio of services, tailored to meet your regional business needs, includes:

  • Analysis and formalization of shareholders’ agreements.
  • Structuring, negotiation, and documentation of real estate transactions.
  • Confidentiality agreements.
  • Land registry and cadastre investigation.
  • Land and property acquisition for development.
  • Legal and tax strategy planning for real estate projects.
  • Urban planning, financial, corporate, and tax advisory.
  • Advisory services for commercial, touristic, industrial, and residential real estate projects.
  • Coordination and administration assistance in real estate development projects.
  • Negotiation and drafting of real estate contracts.
  • Advisory on financing and real estate guarantees.
  • Advisory on urban and rural real estate transactions.
  • Asset risk control and reduction advisory.
  • Design of corporate structures for investment and real estate development.
  • Legal audits for real estate matters.
  • Litigation and dispute resolution in real estate.
  • Administrative support for licensing and authorizations.
  • Formalization of agreements with project contractors.
  • Formalization of bridge loans and escrows.
  • Establishment of horizontal property regimes and regulations.
  • Compliance with anti-money laundering regulations in real estate transactions.
  • Management of fiduciary contracts for real estate planning and fund handling.


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