Interview with: Miguel Ribeiro Telles, Managing Partner

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What do you see as the main points that differentiate CTSU-Sociedade de Advogados, SP, RL, SA from your competitors?

We have a presence globally, as member of the Deloitte Legal Network, where our clients need us, with more than 1,600 lawyers in over 70 countries. “Business knowledge, innovation global and integrated approach” is our main reference for rendering legal services to clients.

Our teams bring together different groups of skills which enables them to propose several diversified and adequate solutions to each client, seeking to promote the provision of legal services with innovation and knowledge of the business, adding value to the clients’ projects, in an integrated and global manner.

CTSU´s Lawyers have a wide range and in depth experience and skills in several areas of the Law, covering different sectors of business activity, national and international, promoting global challenges and solutions. The lawyers of CTSU seek to follow dynamically and closely their clients, promoting teamwork with them, in order to add value to their projects and businesses activities, providing strong trust and confidence in the innovative solutions presented, acting as a strategic close adviser.

CTSU defends and promotes, among its Lawyers, accountability, specialisation, research, innovation, adjustment to new realities, optimizing the coverage provided, the quality, the efficiency and the effectiveness within the scope of the legal services provided to the clients, complying with the highest ethics and deontology standards.

Which practices in your member firm do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

We predict growth in the areas of M&A and corporate, real estate, employment and pensions, banking and finance. Growth will be driven by recovering and increasing levels of foreign investment into Portugal.

What is the main change you have made in your firm that will benefit clients?

We have invested in technology, including new and updated software solutions that create efficiencies and bring us closer to our clients to work more effectively together. We have also recruited some of the best legal talent in Portugal.

How is technology changing the way you interact with your clients and the services you can provide them?

We have recently updated our website in accordance with the refreshment made to CTSU’s image to align it with the global legal network of which CTSU became part of. We use the website to provide the clients with updated legal news. The next step shall be to add the Debriefings and news from the Global Legal network.

We are currently improving a software interactive tools recently acquired for Clients that have files on going in the litigation area in particular, and which enable such clients to have direct access to the main information and the relevant current status of each of those on-going litigation suits.

We are improving such tools in order to extend its use to other clients including other areas different from litigation, such as commercial contracts, enabling clients that on a regular basis are entering in to contracts and amendments to monitor namely the contract’s expire date and the deadlines for eventual renewals or notices as well as any eventual delays in the fulfilment of obligations such as payment.

Several clients are previously notified of the expire date foreseen for their main contracts for carrying on their business activity enabling them to decide, for instances, if they intend to avoid the automatic renewal such contracts.

We try to carefully matching the strengths and weaknesses of the available tools with the concrete task that the client is facing and promoting an interactive relation with clients with this technologies tools improvements.

Can you give us a practical example of how you helped a client add value to their business?

Following the conclusion of complex due diligence related to the purchase of a Portuguese telecom company (initiated during the closing process by our client, a potential buyer), the telecom regulatory framework changed.

This change would have significantly affected the company’s activity. In order to guarantee that our client was purchasing a company in full compliance with applicable law and regulations, CTSU had to anticipate the effects of this new legislation and present an approach to implementation of the new legal obligations.

CTSU also assisted the client with the initial approach to the telecom regulator (ANACOM), providing a regulatory overview and analysis of developments in the Portuguese telecoms market.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three year’s time?

Our firm, as part of a global legal network, can offer clients a wide range of services as well as broad geographic reach. We are growing organically, recruiting the best talent, and working to become one of the best legal employers offering opportunity for advancement and achievement of career goals.

Our goal is to improve the way legal services are delivered, to be regarded as the leader in this respect. We will continue to strive to address clients’ needs with efficiency, quality, competence and excellence, always maintaining close relationships with our clients.