Survey Results - Trainee feedback on College Chambers

The lowdown - Pupils (in their own words) on College Chambers

We sent The Lex 100 Pupil Barrister survey to pupils and juniors up to two years in tenancy at College Chambers. Here is what they had to say:

Why did you choose these chambers over any others? 

‘I was offered this pupillage before other applications were determined and did not want to risk losing this and not gaining a pupillage. I then chose to remain at this Chambers for tenancy due to the people in Chambers and the quality of work I was getting’, ‘the reassurance I was given when considering my pupillage offers’, ‘I was looking for somewhere I’d fit in and with lovely people to work alongside’ 

How does your training compare with what you hear from pupils at other chambers? 

‘I think mine is the same if not better. I had a lot of support from my supervisors and they made sure that I had all the opportunities possible’, ‘I am very well supported by my chambers and other pupils have much less positive experiences’ 

What is the best thing about the chambers? 

‘The people and support you have from the other tenants’, ‘the collegiate nature – you can pick up the phone to anyone and they’ll help your learning’ 

What is the worst thing about the chambers? 

‘It can be a little chaotic in terms of getting papers late’ 

What has been the best moment of your training to date? 

‘The opportunity to attend some cases unusual and cases and see them through from start to finish’, ‘actually starting as a pupil when I didn’t think I’d get pupillage’ 

What has been the worst moment of your training to date? 

‘Possibly being overworked at times and working the whole summer with two days off and in those two days being contacted by chambers or feeling I had to work’, ‘the travel from home in the dark in winter’