Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Brick Court Chambers

The lowdown - Pupils (in their own words) on Brick Court Chambers

We sent The Lex 100 Pupil Barrister survey to pupils and juniors up to two years in tenancy at Brick Court Chambers. Here is what they had to say:

Why did you choose these chambers over any others? 

‘The mix of work’, ‘there is a wide range of practice areas and no pressure to specialise’, ‘balance of work. Also, it was the only mini-pupillage during which members of chambers casually told stories about socialising together out of choice’ 

How does your training compare with what you have heard from pupils at other chambers? 

‘Excellent training’, ‘there is more formal assessment and formal feedback’, ‘much more transparent, structured and flexible in response to personal circumstances. I have never felt uncomfortable approaching either my supervisors or relevant/designated senior members of chambers for guidance with work or schedule adjustments due to personal circumstances’ 

What is the best thing about the chambers? 

‘Quality of work and impressive people’, ‘the quality of work’, ‘the combination of excellent work and friendly people’ 

What is the worst thing about the chambers? 

‘More diversity is needed’, ‘one of my supervisors was very traditional and difficult to work with’, ‘having to wear a suit during pupillage. Also the assessment periods are intense’ 

What has been the best moment of your training to date? 

‘Drafting written submissions that went to the Privy Council largely unaltered within the first couple of months’ 

What has been the worst moment of your training to date? 

‘The first written assessment’