Survey Results - Trainee feedback on 7 King’s Bench Walk

The lowdown - Pupils (in their own words) on 7 King’s Bench Walk

We sent The Lex 100 Pupil Barrister survey to pupils and juniors up to two years in tenancy at 7 King’s Bench Walk. Here is what they had to say:

Why did you choose these chambers over any others?

‘The nature of the work aligned with my interests. Mini-pupillage was enjoyable’, ‘the best place for insurance law’

How does your training compare with what you have heard from pupils at other chambers?

‘Less stressful than some’, ‘I had four fantastic pupil supervisors who were immensely generous with their time’

What is the best thing about the chambers?

‘You can develop your own practice in the way that you like. There is no pressure to do a particular kind of work’, ‘that the work is top class but without the egos that might be present at a magic circle set’

What is the worst thing about the chambers?

‘Sometimes quite quiet as many people work from home’, ‘Covid has made getting to know other members hard’

What has been the best moment of your training to date?

‘Assisting with a Supreme Court case during pupillage’

What has been the worst moment of your training to date?

‘Preparing certain pleadings in cases that I’m not led’

How have you found the pro bono or other CSR-related opportunities available within your chambers?

‘Good – we get lists of pro bono cases sent round regularly’