Survey Results - Trainee feedback on 5RB

The lowdown - Pupils (in their own words) on 5RB

We sent The Lex 100 Pupil Barrister survey to pupils and juniors up to two years in tenancy at 5RB. Here is what they had to say:

Why did you choose this firm over any others?

‘Area of specialism’, ‘they specialised in my preferred area of practice (media law)’

How does your training compare with what you have heard from pupils at other chambers?

‘My sense is my training was more enjoyable than others: it was very practical, and I was brought in on live cases from the start’

What is the best thing about the chambers?

‘Down-to-earth atmosphere and colleagues’, ‘how open members of chambers are to being approached with questions, and to taking the time to share advice’

What is the worst thing about the chambers?

‘The pupillage award is relatively low compared to other sets, which can make first few months of junior tenancy financially challenging’, ‘there aren’t really any negatives’

What has been the best moment of your training to date?

‘I assisted in the preparation for a hearing in the Supreme Court’

What has been the worst moment of your training to date?

‘The Covid-19 pandemic breaking out halfway through my pupillage’