Survey Results - Trainee feedback on 5 Stone Buildings

The lowdown - Pupils (in their own words) on 5 Stone Buildings

We sent The Lex 100 Pupil Barrister survey to pupils and juniors up to two years in tenancy at 5 Stone Buildings. Here is what they had to say:

Why did you choose these chambers over any others?

‘It has a very welcoming and collegiate environment’, ‘specialised practice areas, as well as the friendliness of members at mini-pupillage and otherwise’, ‘they did exactly the sort of work I wanted to do (lots of human interest), they had an excellent reputation, and I really liked the members of chambers I had met (they were all clever, funny, and didn’t take themselves too seriously)’

How does your training compare with what you hear from pupils at other chambers?

‘It compares well – I am given a good mix of responsibility and opportunity to learn’, ‘much less intense, more relaxed, greater focus on learning rather than assessment’, ‘my pupillage was pretty chilled out compared to pupillage at other chambers – assessment was kept to a minimum; it was more about how we learnt and performed over the year in general. My pupil supervisors were very attentive and kind and took real trouble to teach me. I felt very included when it came to social events. I had a really nice year – I even miss pupillage sometimes now!’

What is the best thing about the chambers?

‘The supportive atmosphere – everyone is happy to be asked questions and help’, ‘how supportive and generous with their time everybody is; there is always somebody available to answer your questions and to help you if you are stuck on a piece of work’ ‘it’s a tie between how interesting the work is and how much I get to have a laugh with the other members on a daily basis’

What is the worst thing about the chambers?

‘It is small and the practice areas are niche – some people might prefer a large and more diverse set’, ‘occasionally lonely when everybody is working from home’, ‘there is sometimes a moth problem, so your wool is in danger!’

What has been the best moment of your training to date?

‘Hard to pick one – going to the Supreme Court and having my own work sent out to clients’, ‘aside from obviously getting tenancy, in terms of pupillage training it was really fun being able to go to the Victoria & Albert art library to do research for a member’s art case (tracing the provenance of a painting by a famous old master). It was also very satisfying writing a tricky tax opinion at the end of pupillage (instructed in my own right) and having it looked over by senior members and being told that I had got it right’

What has been the worst moment of your training to date?

‘When I didn’t understand a difficult issue even when it was explained to me over and over again. It was the first time I hadn’t understood something. But when I looked at it the next day with fresh eyes, I understood’, ‘there have not been any bad moments!’