Survey Results - Trainee feedback on 1 Crown Office Row

The lowdown - Pupils (in their own words) on 1 Crown Office Row

We sent The Legal 500 Future Lawyers Pupil and Junior Barrister survey to pupils and juniors up to two years in tenancy at 1 Crown Office Row. Here is what they had to say:

Why did you choose these chambers over any other? 

‘Quality of work, reputation, specialisms, friendliness, atmosphere, supportiveness’, ‘variety and strength of areas of work, and the human side of the work’ 

How does your training compare with what you have heard from pupils/juniors at other chambers? 

‘Better because: more structured, more scope to make mistakes, more targeted feedback, emphasis on keeping track of progress in relation to certain types of work (i.e., particulars of claim, schedules of loss etc.) and ensuring access to various areas of law’, ‘friendlier – more involvement from junior tenants, somewhat more informal’ 

Best thing about chambers? 

‘Atmosphere and collegiality’, ‘friendliness and quality of work’ 

Worst thing about chambers? 

‘Many members haven’t fully returned to Chambers since Covid such that it can be very quiet at times’ 

Best moment? 

‘Ready and available support from junior juniors in run up to my first case in second six’, ‘winning my first unled trial’ 

Worst moment? 

‘Worrying about feedback on difficult work’ 

How would you rate the availability of pro bono and/or CSR-related opportunities in your chambers? 

‘Good – we have a clerk pro bono champion and there is involvement with charities such as AVMA and Inquest’ 

What is your chambers’ remote/hybrid working policy? What are your thoughts on these arrangements? 

‘Pupils are generally expected to be in everyday, which suits me. For tenants – flexible’, ‘decent – it’s very flexible for junior tenants. A good arrangement’