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Zenith Chambers

Commercial, banking, insolvency and Chancery law

Chancery specialist Nicola Phillipson of Zenith Chambers focuses on contested probate and Inheritance Act claims, and is highly experienced in mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Leading Juniors

Nichola Phillipson - Zenith ChambersClever, down-to-earth, practical and collaborative.
Ranked: Tier 2


Tom Storey remains a notable criminal practitioner at Zenith Chambers, with experience in serious violent, sexual and drug-related cases, primarily for the prosecution an often as a leading junior. Nicholas Worsley is notable for his experience in cases involving children, either as defendants or victims. The set has also seen several recent departures with Simon Kealey QC, Geraldine Kelly, Ashleigh Metcalf, and Jessica Strange moving to New Park Court Chambers .

Leading Juniors

Tom Storey - Zenith ChambersApproachable, polished and effective in court
Ranked: Tier 2
Nick Worsley - Zenith ChambersHis practice includes complex fraud and serious violent crime.
Ranked: Tier 4

Family and children law

Regarded as one of the leading sets for family law work on circuit, Zenith Chambers is praised by clients for its 'wealth of experienced barristers', 'good junior counsel', and strong private law experience. In addition to private Children Act cases, members are also active in public law proceedings and financial remedy cases.

Leading Juniors

Marisa Allman - Zenith ChambersA very sensible and calming presence on children law and financial remedy.
Ranked: Tier 1

Personal injury

Zenith Chambers has a strong presence in personal injury work, acting for both claimants and defendants in a wide range of matters. Members of the 'very strong' team are praised by clients for their ability to 'feed off each other's expertise'. In a recent work example, Mark Henley was instructed on behalf of the Ministry of Justice to defend a mesothelioma claim that was initially pleaded at over £1m.

Leading Juniors

Simon Ross - Zenith ChambersEverything that a personal injury barrister ought to be.
Ranked: Tier 1
Helen Rutherford - Zenith ChambersA first-rate advocate.
Ranked: Tier 2

Mark Henley - Park Square BarristersHighly experienced in industrial disease cases.

Ranked: Tier 3

Ruwena Khan - Park Square BarristersExperienced in both claimant and defendant work.

Ranked: Tier 3


Zenith Chambers is particularly notable for its housing practice, with members capable of acting on either side in landlord and tenant matters, including possession claims. Of recent note, Peter Marcus acted for Kirklees Council in a possession claim brought against an absentee tenant.

Leading Juniors

Vilma Vodanovic - Zenith ChambersA razor-sharp advocate.
Ranked: Tier 1
Peter Marcus - Zenith ChambersHighly experienced in both defending and bringing possession claims.
Ranked: Tier 2
Nicola Phillipson - Zenith ChambersAn exceptional advocate who puts clients at ease.
Ranked: Tier 2

Set overviews: England and Wales

Zenith Chambers is particularly well-regarded for its family law expertise, with a strong focus on private children law, but its members are also active in housing, personal injury, and crime. Chambers has appointed its first leadership management team, relinquishing the need for a CEO – a role previously held by Shelagh Kirkby and Simon Coatsworth – and aims to eliminate ‘the long-standing "silos” that have previously existed in chambers’. The new team comprises senior family clerk Rebecca Hartley; senior criminal clerk Stephanie Hunt; senior civil clerk Paul McNab; head of business development Debra Hinde; barristers Bronia Hartley, Tom Tyson, and Elliot Kay, along with David Bradshaw and John Boumphrey head and deputy head of chambers respectively. Offices in: Leeds


Staff at this well-established and progressive set demonstrate a genuine commitment to providing a client-focused, quality service. Zenith Chambers provides substantial expertise across a wide spectrum of specialist areas, with barristers operating within five core practice groups: chancery, commercial and property; crime; family; housing; and personal injury. Zenith Chambers benefits from the leadership of a very experienced chief executive and three senior clerks leading the family, civil and criminal teams. Together, they ensure that Zenith is firmly established as one of the major sets on the North Eastern circuit.

The set: Within the five core practice groups operate a number of dedicated sub-groups, enabling Zenith to adopt a highly focused and informed approach to its delivery of expert advice and advocacy. The more unusual of their specialist sub-groups include court martial, adult care, and construction and engineering. Others include employment, family finance, children and industrial disease.

Chambers has over 75 barristers, many of whom hold judicial appointments, dual qualifications, or are trained arbitrators and mediators. Barristers develop strong client relationships through good communication and quality legal advice and advocacy to ensure that they are truly regarded as an essential part of the clients legal team.

Zenith has the benefit of having three senior clerks who oversee the clerking in the areas of family, crime and civil law. This enables them and their team to provide an in-depth, knowledge-led clerking service to both clients and barristers.

Chambers excels in the area of CPD training, holding around 100 seminars a year (SRA accredited), including large-scale conferences which attract high-profile speakers. Clients value this resource which allows them to keep abreast of key legal decisions and legislative changes.

Types of work undertaken:

Chancery, commercial and property: the large, versatile team delivers robust legal representation that recognises commercial realities. It applies business acumen to the work it does. Work done by the team includes: construction; engineering; commercial litigation; planning; professional negligence; property disputes (including ToLATA); tax; trusts; wills; and estate and tax planning.

Crime: the large team comprises a number of gifted and experienced practitioners, as well as a large number of successful, hard-working junior counsel. Expertise ranges from the most serious, complex and high-profile criminal cases; through to criminal matters dealt with in the magistrates court. Team members undertake both prosecution and defence work in relatively equal proportions. Areas of expertise include: murder, manslaughter and violent crimes; sexual offences; drug offences; major fraud; Proceeds of Crime Act; and regulatory offences.

Family: home to some of the most talented and approachable family practitioners on the North Eastern circuit, the team operates three sub-groups: family finance, children and adult care, thereby providing extensive expertise under one roof. Barristers in the family finance specialist group represent high-net-worth clients, some of whom have appeared in the Sunday Times Rich List. The team has a proven track record in handling children law matters, which has developed following years of providing consistent quality advice and representation. Particular strengths lie in the areas of: financial remedies; civil partnerships and dissolution; forced marriages; care proceedings; domestic violence and harassment; psychological issues; and international child cases and child abduction.

Housing: chambers is widely recognised as pre-eminent in this field, being home to over 15 members with experience in acting for both public and private landlords, as well as tenants, applicants and other occupiers of housing. The team provides comprehensive advice, drafting and advocacy services and is instructed by solicitors, local authorities, housing associations, law centres and other advice agencies.

Personal injury: with over 20 barristers in the team, Zenith provides a comprehensive selection who handle all aspects of personal injury work. Senior members of the team specialise in catastrophic injury claims, particularly spinal and brain injury cases. Several barristers are authors and editors of leading legal publications. Particular areas of expertise include: fatal accidents; fraudulent claims; industrial disease; limitation; occupational asthma; and WRULD.


Department Name Email Telephone
Senior Clerks Rebecca Hartley
Senior Clerks Debra Hinde
Senior Clerks Paul McNab
Junior Clerks Laura Myers
Junior Clerks Joshua Duree
Junior Clerks Vicky Ross
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