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London Bar > Intellectual property Tier 1

11 South Square is well known for housing a team that regularly appears in high-profile IP cases. In a recent highlight for the set, the ‘powerful advocateIain Purvis QC successfully represented the appellant before the Supreme Court in the case of Regeneron v Kymab, a dispute concerning patent issues of sufficiency. In another matter, Michael Silverleaf QC defended musician Steve Harris against a claim for copyright infringement over six songs recorded and performed by the band Iron Maiden in the 1980s, while Benet Brandreth QC, leading David Ivison, successfully represented the claimant in Fisher & Paykel Healthcare v Flexicare Medical, concerning alleged medical device patent infringement.

Rising stars

Adam Gamsa11 South SquareA thorough junior who is easy to work with.
Ranked: Tier 1
David Ivison11 South SquareDavid has a formidable intellect, and approaches cases with a highly proactive and commercial focus which is also goal-oriented and practical, so as to get the best result for the client.
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Silks

Iain Purvis QC11 South SquareA brilliant strategic thinker.
Ranked: Tier 1
Michael Silverleaf QC11 South SquareMichael is brilliant to work with. A good strategist with great knowledge and expertise, and an excellent advocate.
Ranked: Tier 1
Mark Vanhegan QC11 South SquareA strong performer.
Ranked: Tier 1
Piers Acland QC11 South SquareA silk with a first-rate mind and excellent judgement.
Ranked: Tier 2
Benet Brandreth QC11 South SquareBenet is an excellent litigator, and a counsel who impresses clients and solicitors alike.
Ranked: Tier 3
Hugo Cuddigan QC11 South SquareA clever and very able silk.
Ranked: Tier 3
Brian Nicholson QC11 South SquareBrian is a very strong advocate. He is astute and quick to grasp the technical and legal issues within a case.
Ranked: Tier 4

Leading Juniors

Anna Edwards-Stuart11 South SquareA strong junior – she is a very safe pair of hands.
Ranked: Tier 1
Kathryn Pickard11 South SquareKathryn thinks outside the box and can spot issues that have not yet crystallised. She is a great asset to the team and an absolute gem to work with.
Ranked: Tier 1
Chris Aikens11 South SquareChris delivers authoritative advice in a measured way, bringing a welcome calm to high-powered litigation. As a trial advocate, he effectively uses an engaging yet robust manner to get results.
Ranked: Tier 2
Heather Lawrence11 South SquareShe prepares very thoroughly, and has a calm and understated advocacy style that achieves results.
Ranked: Tier 2
Tom Alkin11 South SquareAn absolutely excellent junior.
Ranked: Tier 3
Jacqueline Reid11 South SquareJacqueline is a strong performer.
Ranked: Tier 4
Christopher Hall11 South SquareA highly proficient junior.
Ranked: Tier 4



The set is a centre of excellence for IP litigation.

Easy to work with and provides a reliable service.

One of the go-to sets for IP disputes.

Specialist IP chambers with good depth.


Senior clerk Ashley Carr understands the whole legal system thoroughly, and he goes out of his way to be helpful.

Very good – ably led by Ashley Carr, they are a paradigm of straightforward interaction, and you know what you are going to get both in terms of barrister availability and sensible pricing.

London Bar > IT and telecoms Tier 3

A small set with a high profile, the experienced barristers at 11 South Square take a dual-pronged approach, acting for major clients involved in intellectual property disputes concerning the very fundamentals of telecoms networks.  In the Court of Appeal case IPCom v Vodafone, Michael Silverleaf QC appeared on behalf of the Secretary of State for Defence, who sought to intervene in the appeal, as the first instance judge found the usage of a patent of a method to give emergency responders priority access to its fell within the provisions of the Patents Act 1977, and would make the Crown liable for compensation. In Facebook v Voxer, a patent revocation action sought by Facebook of a live telecommunications messaging patent, he is opposed by Brian Nicholson QC, acting for the defendant.

London Bar > Media and entertainment (including art and cultural property) Tier 3

With ‘deep and reliable expertise in the IP area,’ the experienced barristers at 11 South Square act for musicians, film studios, and songwriters in matters involving copyright and trade mark infringement, royalty disputes, and contractual breaches. In Columbia Pictures Industries & Others v BT & Others, Mark Vanhegan QC has been instructed to advise motion picture studios on a costs point concerning injunctions ordering ISPs to block websites used for piracy. In another high-profile matter, Hugo Cuddigan QC is representing the songwriter defendants in a High Court claim for negative declaratory relief brought by Ed Sheeran and his creative collaborators, who say they did not infringe the defendants’ copyright with the composition of the song “Shape of You”.

Media and entertainment - Leading Silks

Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 3
Michael Silverleaf QC11 South SquareMichael contributes a huge amount of experience, is a tenacious advocate and is not deterred by difficult cases.
Ranked: Tier 4



’11 South Square have strength in depth for all IP matters, particularly TM disputes.’

‘Deep and reliable expertise in the IP area.’

‘Top ranking, go-to IP set, full of talent and ability at every level.’


‘The clerking is excellent, led from the from by Ashley Carr, who is always highly professional and a pleasure to work with.’

‘Jordan Foley is fantastic as a clerk. Very easy to deal with and very transparent on issues such as costs.’

Dispute resolution > Mediators Tier 5

Michael Silverleaf QC – 11 South Square  11 South Square‘s Michael Silverleaf QCgets parties to focus on practical resolution by taking firm management of the mediation process‘. An accredited specialist IP mediator since 2004, he is regularly instructed to act as a mediator in IP-related disputes.


11 South Square is a leading set, specialising in intellectual property law, additionally well-known for its media and information technology work. With many recent cases setting precedents in all areas of IP law, 11 South Square has continued to be highly regarded in the field. Members are often singled out for the excellent quality of advice and advocacy provided.

The set: 11 South Square was founded in 1923 by Sir Stafford Cripps. Chambers currently has 16 members, five of whom are Queen’s Counsel, headed by Iain Purvis QC. In 2015 Henry Carr was appointed as a High Court judge sitting in the Patents Court. He joins the long list of former members recently called to the Bench including current Patents Court judge Mr Justice Arnold, presiding judge of the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court Richard Hacon, current Court of Appeal judge Lord Justice Floyd, as well as the late Lord Justice Pumfrey.

Types of work undertaken: Members of 11 South Square regularly appear before the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and the High Court as well as the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court and the UK Intellectual Property Office. In addition, barristers from 11 South Square have appeared before the European Patent Office in Munich and also the General Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Representation and advice in patent matters is an important part of chambers’ work. The command and conduct of such cases requires a thorough understanding of the science and technology involved. Due to their technical expertise, many members act in complex computer software and IT disputes.

11 South Square has been involved in many of the recent important cases in the areas of performers’ rights, copyright, trade marks, confidential information and also the developing law of privacy, personality and celebrity endorsement. The creation of an unregistered design right and database right has greatly expanded the work in this area, with members frequently appearing in leading cases.

Some members have particular expertise in disputes which involve the Data Protection Act and have appeared extensively in cases before the Information Tribunal.

Recent cases include: Wobben Properties GmbH v Siemens Public Ltd Company & Ors, Teva (UK) Ltd v Gilead Sciences Inc, Property Renaissance Ltd (t/a Titanic Spa) v Stanley Dock Hotel Ltd (t/a Titanic Hotel), Victoria Plum Ltd (t/a Victoria Plumb) v Victorian Plumbing Ltd, Generics (UK) Ltd (t/a Mylan) v Warner-Lambert Co LLC, Nicocigs Limited v Fontem Holdings Limited, Meter-Tech Llc & Anor v British Gas Trading Ltd, Koninklijke Philips NV v Asustek Computer Incorporation & Ors, Cartier International AG & Ors v British Sky Broadcasting Ltd & Ors, Napp Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd v Dr Reddy’s Laboratories (UK) Ltd and Sandoz Ltd, Sony v SSH, Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc v Gilead, Abraxis Bioscience LLC v Comptroller General of Patents, Ap Racing v Alcon Components, IPCom v HTC & Brightpoint, Edwards Life Sciences v Boston Scientific, Nicocigs v Fontem Holdings, British Gas v Meter Tech, Nap Pharmaceuticals v Dr Reddy’s & Sandoz, Varian v Elekta.


Members of Chambers PURVIS QC, Iain (1986)
Members of Chambers SILVERLEAF QC, Michael (1980)
Members of Chambers VANHEGAN QC, Mark (1990)
Members of Chambers ACLAND QC, Dr Piers (1993)
Members of Chambers CUDDIGAN QC, Hugo (1995)
Members of Chambers LAWRENCE, Dr Heather (1990)
Members of Chambers REID, Jacqueline (1992)
Members of Chambers BRANDRETH, Benet (1999)
Members of Chambers NICHOLSON, Dr Brian (2000)
Members of Chambers EDWARDS-STUART, Dr Anna (2002)
Members of Chambers PICKARD, Kathryn (2001)
Members of Chambers ALKIN, Tom (2006)
Members of Chambers AIKENS, Chris (2005)
Members of Chambers HALL, Christopher (2010)
Members of Chambers IVISON, Dr David (2014)
Members of Chambers GAMSA, Dr Adam (2015)
Members of Chambers VAVER, Prof David*
Members of Chambers BENTLY, Prof Lionel (2009)**
Members of Chambers * Associate member
Members of Chambers ** Door tenant
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