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Lindsay practises in all areas of child law, both public and private. She specialises in representing parents in public law proceedings, and has a particular empathy with parents with mental health problems and learning difficulties. Lindsay has represented parents in several cases involving ‘shaken baby syndrome’, which has led to a specialised knowledge of the medical terms and procedures used in such cases. She has also represented trans-gender parents and many gay men seeking contact with their children from previous relationships. Lindsay regularly gives training seminars in child and family law to various organisations. Reported cases: R v Pennington 16 Cr App R(S) 409 CA – this was the test case for sentencing under S2(2)(b) CJA; R v Connell and others, the Bolton Seven case, which involved the prosecution of seven men for buggery and acts of gross indecency in the bad old days when, in the same set of circumstances, no heterosexual would have been guilty of an offence – Channel 4 made a docu-drama about the trial; R v El-Hannachi (1998) 2 Crim App R 266 – this case became pivotal in ID cases; R v Aston (1993) 14 Cr App R (S).


Year of call: 1987

Lindsay joined One Pump Court in 1988 upon the completion of her pupillage. For many years practised in both criminal and family law. Co-author of Blackstone’s Guide to the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004; contributor to the General Council of the Bar and Criminal Bar Association’s Response to the CJA White Paper ‘Justice for All’. Lindsay has been head of both the crime and family teams in Chambers.


FLBA, CBA, Amnesty International, Human Writes.