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Chambers of Ruth Henke QC
30 Park Place Chambers
CF10 3BS

30 Park Place is a multi-disciplinary chambers offering expert legal advice and representation at all levels of call across a comprehensive range of practice areas. It has steadily grown into one of the most significant sets in Wales with members routinely instructed in the most high-profile and complex cases in Wales and beyond. 30 Park Place now shapes the legal landscape with head of Chambers, Ruth Henke QC, at the forefront of rolling out and implementing the Social Services and Well-being Act (Wales) 2014. It also houses a number of accredited mediators and arbitrators who assist disputing parties to reach settlement prior to court. 30 is a people first chambers and with its high standard of client care there is a refreshing approach to tenders, contracts and fee negotiations.

The set: The set comprises 65 full-time barristers, including seven QCs. A significant number of former members have attained judicial office; in the past 12 months three members were appointed to the Circuit Bench. Many members sit in a part-time judicial capacity.

Types of work undertaken: The family team, led by James Tillyard QC, has four silks and a range of practitioners from the very junior to those with greater than 30 years experience. Family@30 is known for the excellence of its individual practitioners, the friendly nature of its clerks and its team ethos. The team has a deserved reputation as a leader in the field of family law. It has unrivalled experience of family law in Wales and beyond, conducting complex and sensitive hearings at all court levels. The team represents local authorities, parents, children, CAFCASS Cymru and other parties, including prospective adopters and interveners in public law proceedings. The team has a strong cohabitee and matrimonial finance component offering expertise in all financial aspects of family law. The set has a dedicated family dispute resolution team available to assist in mediation, arbitration, collaborative law and early neutral evaluation. Family@30 accepts both publicly and privately-funded work.

Personal injury specialist Lloyd Williams QC heads the civil team. The personal injury team provides a comprehensive service with a very active group of practitioners dealing with fast-track claims throughout Wales and beyond as well as experts in catastrophic injury claims and asbestos disease litigation. At the high-value end practitioners have recently concluded a series of multi-million pound claims, including one of the largest lump-sum awards ever in Wales. Experts in capacity issues, chambers’ brain injury team works closely with professional deputies. Clinical negligence claims are undertaken on behalf of the claimant and defendant, from fast track to multimillion pound claims. The chancery and commercial team appears in all courts and the Lands Tribunal. It advises upon all aspects of commercial disputes, real property, landlord and tenant, company and insolvency, intellectual property, trusts and probate.

The public law team, led by Rhodri Williams QC, advises public bodies on the legality of decisions they want to take or advises people affected by those decisions on challenging them. The team includes members at all levels of seniority and with a wide range of experience, from tribunals up to and including the Supreme Court, the Privy Council and the CJEU. The team has expertise in these areas: administrative law; local government; community care and social services; education; health; housing; immigration and asylum; mental health and Court of Protection; planning and listed buildings; prisoners’ licence conditions; public procurement; and public enquiries.

The regulatory team consists of one silk and 5 juniors, all of whom are experienced in the major areas of regulatory work including corporate manslaughter, health and safety, environmental law, licensing and food safety.

The criminal team offers one of the largest selections of specialist criminal barristers in Wales and at all levels of call. Its members are consistently involved in the most complicated and high-profile cases and all three of its Queen’s Counsel have attracted national exposure. Caroline Rees QC now heads the team following her appointment as Queens Counsel in February 2018. 30 provided the lion’s share of the representation in the case of R v Mouncher and Others (Lynette White murder – police corruption allegations), which was one of the most significant case in Welsh legal history, and most of the team were involved in operation ‘Dino’, which is the largest conspiracy prosecuted (87 defendants) involving a ‘cash for crash’ operation and dishonesty of almost £1m. The experienced team covers all serious and complicated areas of work such as homicide, serious fraud, confiscation proceedings, serious sexual offences and large-scale drug conspiracies.

Department Name Email Telephone
Senior clerk Phillip Griffiths
Members of Chambers HENKE QC, Ruth (1987)
Members of Chambers BISHOP QC, Malcolm (1968)
Members of Chambers GRIFFITHS QC, Peter (1970)*
Members of Chambers PHILLIPS QC, David (1976)*
Members of Chambers CROWLEY QC, Jane (1976)
Members of Chambers TILLYARD QC, James (1978)
Members of Chambers WILLIAMS QC, Lloyd (1981)
Members of Chambers CLEE QC, Christopher (1983)*
Members of Chambers WILLIAMS QC, Rhodri (1987)
Members of Chambers COTTER QC, Mark (1994)*
Members of Chambers REES QC, Caroline (1994)
Members of Chambers PARSLEY, Charles (1973)
Members of Chambers DAVIES, Meirion (1975)
Members of Chambers HARTLEY-DAVIES, Paul (1977)
Members of Chambers ALLEN, Mark (1981)
Members of Chambers REES, Ieuan (1982)*
Members of Chambers EVANS, D Huw (1985)
Members of Chambers BARNETT, Joanne (1989)*
Members of Chambers PHILPOTTS, John (1990)*
Members of Chambers HEYWORTH, Catherine (1991)
Members of Chambers WITHERS, Michelle (1991)
Members of Chambers JONATHAN-JONES, Gareth (1991)
Members of Chambers CRITELLI, Nick (1991)*
Members of Chambers JOHN, Catrin (1992)
Members of Chambers HUGHES, Kate (1992)
Members of Chambers JONES, Gareth (1992)
Members of Chambers EGAN, Eugene (1993)
Members of Chambers THOMAS, Stephen (1993)
Members of Chambers McGAHEY, Elizabeth (1994)
Members of Chambers GIBBON, Juliet (1994)
Members of Chambers FOULSER McFARLANE, Jane (1994)
Members of Chambers HANCOCK, Maria (1995)*
Members of Chambers JONES, Andrew (1996)
Members of Chambers TAYLOR, Rhys (1996)
Members of Chambers KINNIER, Andrew (1996)*
Members of Chambers HARRISON, Carl (1997)
Members of Chambers EDMONDSON, Harriet (1997)
Members of Chambers HUGHES, David (1997)
Members of Chambers DOUGLAS, Colin (1998)
Members of Chambers LODGE, Hugo Daniel (1998)*
Members of Chambers DAVIES, Ben (1999)
Members of Chambers PICKTHALL, Claire (1999)
Members of Chambers FRYER, Nigel (1999)
Members of Chambers JOWETT, Christian (1999)
Members of Chambers KIRBY, Rhian (2000)
Members of Chambers MORSE, Andrew (2000)
Members of Chambers MCLEESE, Stuart (2000)
Members of Chambers MORGAN, Katy (2002)
Members of Chambers BROADSTOCK, Byron (2002)
Members of Chambers JONES, Jeffrey (2003)
Members of Chambers HARRINGTON, Rebecca (2004)
Members of Chambers JOSEPH, Andrew (2004)
Members of Chambers WILLIAMS, Claire (2004)
Members of Chambers GARRETT, Luke (2005)
Members of Chambers DAVIES, Max (2005)
Members of Chambers PUAR, Mikhael (2006)
Members of Chambers DIEU, Hoa (2006)
Members of Chambers HOWELLS, Christian (2007)
Members of Chambers HEAVEN, Kirsten (2007)*
Members of Chambers JONES, Nathan (2008)
Members of Chambers JONES, Rhian (2008)
Members of Chambers EVANS, Rhys (2008)
Members of Chambers AL-KHAYAT, Joe (2008)*
Members of Chambers DUNCAN, Gareth (2010)
Members of Chambers SHEPHERD, Samuel (2009)
Members of Chambers TOMOS, Ffion (2011)*
Members of Chambers DONNISON, Peter (2012)
Members of Chambers GOWMAN, Nia (2014)
Members of Chambers O'CALLAGHAN, Abla (2011)
Members of Chambers HARRIS, Oliver (2015)
Members of Chambers SHEPHERD, Laura (2016)
Members of Chambers PAYNE, Suzanne (2014)
Members of Chambers MURPHY, Joseph (2017)
Members of Chambers JONES, MELISSA (2017)
Member of Chambers EVANS, HYWEL (2018)
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Phillip Griffiths : Senior Clerk
Kayleigh Jefferies : Lead Civil & Public Law Clerk
Tony Naylon : Lead Criminal Clerk