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'Stellar family set' 1 Hare Court is ‘totally solid and reliable from top to bottom', and is praised as 'a Rolls-Royce set for financial remedies work'. Nigel Dyer QC recently represented the wife before the Court of Appeal in a case concerning her legal status in occupying a property owned by the husband pending its sale post-divorce; following the delay of the sale, the key issue centred on whether the wife was a trespasser during this period, depending on the interpretation of a consent order. The Court ruled that the wife's presence in the property, until the property was sold, was permitted. In recent news for the set, the senior end was recently bolstered by the elevation of Nichola Gray QC to silk in March 2021.

Leading Silks

Deborah Bangay QC - 1 Hare CourtDeborah is an exceptionally talented advocate. She is fearless on her feet and always able to deliver the killer punch during cross examination. Her clients are in no doubt they have someone who will fight tirelessly for them.
Ranked: Tier 1
Nicholas Cusworth QC - 1 Hare CourtOne of the top financial silks at the money Bar. He is the complete package: outstanding judgement; first class advocacy skills; a powerful, authoritative court presence; and a great bedside manner with clients.
Ranked: Tier 1
Nigel Dyer QC - 1 Hare CourtHe is an excellent advocate: polished, calm, measured, and always has the ear of the judge.
Ranked: Tier 1
Richard Todd QC - 1 Hare CourtA very intelligent and very able silk.
Ranked: Tier 1
Timothy Bishop QC - 1 Hare CourtAn exceptional silk, who stands out for his great clarity of thought. He really goes the extra mile.
Ranked: Tier 3
Justin Warshaw QC - 1 Hare CourtA silk who combines strong forensic skills with the ability to argue any point from any angle. He has the ear of the judge.
Ranked: Tier 3
Ann Hussey QC - 1 Hare CourtA tough negotiator and a gifted communicator. Clients have complete confidence in her.
Ranked: Tier 4
Stephen Trowell QC - 1 Hare CourtStephen is an excellent tactician, who is always looking ahead to issues that may arise on a case.
Ranked: Tier 4
Nicholas Yates QC - 1 Hare CourtNicholas is calmness personified. He is strategically excellent, and can explain complex legal concepts to lay clients in a clear and effective way.
Ranked: Tier 4

2020 Silks

Rebecca Carew-Pole QC - 1 Hare CourtA fabulously thorough silk. She is pragmatic when it is needed, and has a great client manner.
Simon Webster QC - 1 Hare CourtHe has a brilliant ability to present the most difficult arguments in an effective, eloquent and persuasive way.

2021 Silks

Nichola Gray QC - 1 Hare CourtShe is a determined advocate, who reads everything and misses nothing.

Leading Juniors

Richard Sear - 1 Hare CourtA stalwart senior junior who is respected by the judiciary.
Ranked: Tier 1
Phillip Blatchly - 1 Hare CourtExtremely hardworking, super thorough, sensible and excellent with clients, because his dedication is clear to them, and to the solicitors who instruct him.
Ranked: Tier 3
Emma Sumner - 1 Hare CourtShe has an incredible grasp on complex facts, and her written work is flawless.
Ranked: Tier 3
Jude Allen - 1 Hare CourtA junior who presents cases in a succinct, compelling manner and works magic with judges. She is firm but supportive with clients and gets to the key issues of a case. A fantastic advocate.
Ranked: Tier 4
Rebecca Bailey-Harris - 1 Hare CourtAn outstandingly bright junior.
Ranked: Tier 4
Kyra Cornwall - 1 Hare CourtKyra has a very sharp mind and is completely unflappable, which reassures her clients.
Ranked: Tier 4
Joshua William Viney - 1 Hare CourtHe is tenacious, extremely personable and has an excellent rapport with clients, who appreciate his determination to do the best for them.
Ranked: Tier 4
Nicholas Wilkinson - 1 Hare CourtHe is a charming and intelligent barrister, brilliant at cross-examination, and is great with both the details and the bigger picture.
Ranked: Tier 4



‘A very strong family set.’

‘1 Hare Court has unmatched depth and quality in financial remedy work from top to bottom.’

‘1 Hare Court is a premier set, with an incredible quality of barristers and an incredible clerking team.’


Very experienced clerking team. Steve McCrone and Michael Lay have seen and done it all.’

‘Steve McCrone and Michael Lay offer an excellent, responsive service.’

The clerks are always available and my entire team enjoys a great relationship with them. Steve McCrone is a brilliant head clerk. ‘


The outstanding specialist family law set (The Legal 500). Chambers prides itself on having been the family law market leader in every legal guide for every year since those guides were first published. It is a position earned and retained by an unrivalled expertise in relationship generated disputes. A large proportion of the specialist matrimonial money Silks in England and Wales are at 1 Hare Court. They have an array of talent at every level among the juniors. The annual Chambers Seminar is an important fixture in the family law year which all the top professionals attend, providing up-to-date analysis of the law from the sets expert barristers.

The set: Chambers traces its history back more than 200 years. Its former members include Law Lords and Lords Justice of Appeal. Recent past members include Baroness Butler-Sloss and Sir Nicholas Wall, former presidents of the family division, Lord Justice Thorpe, High Court Judges, Nicholas Mostyn and Philip Moor and former High Court Judge Mary Hogg.

Members write or contribute to the leading text books and leading periodicals. It is the home of the leading practitioners work Rayden & Jackson. Chambers now numbers 12 Silks, 31 juniors and an 11 strong clerks team.

Types of work undertaken: Chambers provides cutting edge expertise at every level. Recent important Supreme Court private family law cases have been dominated by members of chambers; whether in international divorce (where Nigel Dyer QC and Eleanor Harris were for the successful Mrs Agbaje), the nine Justice Supreme Court decision in Radmacher v Granatino (where Richard Todd QC and Geoffrey Kingscote were pitted against fellow member of chambers, Nicholas Mostyn QC) or before seven Justices in the case of Petrodel v Prest (where Richard Todd QC and Stephen Trowell acted for Mrs Prest). Martin Pointer QC was also recently in the cases of Sharland and Vince v Wyatt in the Supreme Court. Martin Pointer QC and Nigel Dyer QC have also been involved in cases in the Privy Council and Tim Bishop QC and Nicholas Cusworth QC have just been against each other in Work v Gray, a case concerning special contribution.

Members of chambers have had an active part as advocates in all the most celebrated divorce cases of recent years: White, Cowan, Lambert, Miller, McFarlane, Charman and McCartney. 85% of the hundreds of reported cases referred to in At a Glance have had involvement by members of chambers. Obviously the higher court cases attract greater publicity but chambers maintains a strong representation at every level of litigation and, increasingly alternative dispute resolution.

The majority of Chambers work takes the form of resolving disputes on divorce, both financial and regarding arrangements for children. The breakdown of civil partnerships or property disputes arising from unmarried parties cohabitation also represents an important part of Chambers work. Hare Court has an excellent reputation in drafting nuptial agreements. 1 Hare Court also deals with a large number of international jurisdiction disputes and members of chambers have acted in many of the leading authorities in this field.

In addition to traditional court work, Chambers has a strong offering in private dispute resolution services. 1 Hare Court offers private mediation services through a large and expert team of specialist barrister-mediators. Chambers has been at the forefront of the new family arbitration movement and has the largest number of family law arbitrators under one roof. Senior members of Chambers regularly act as evaluators in private FDR hearings, and some members are also associates of collaborative law pods.

Chambers also has an impressive international presence with its members providing representation or expert evidence in many other jurisdictions. In the last ten years members of Chambers have acted in 30 foreign jurisdictions. In recent years members of Chambers have been found advocating in cases as geographically far apart as the Cayman Islands and Hong Kong.

Members are supported by a highly efficient clerks room run under the supervision of Steve McCrone. They won the Clerks Team of the Year award in 2015.


Senior clerk Steven McCroneSteve@1hc.com02077977070
First junior clerk Michael LayMike@1hc.com02077977070
First Junior Clerk Daniel BarnettDaniel@1hc.com02077977070
Second Junior Clerk Ryan TitmarshRyan@1hc.com02077977070
Chambers administrator Sarah HardwickeSarah@1hc.com02077977070
Head Of Chambers BISHOP QC, Timothy (1991)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers BANGAY QC, Deborah (1981)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers DYER QC, Nigel (1982)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers HUSSEY QC, Ann (1981)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers CUSWORTH QC, Nicholas (1986)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers TODD QC, Richard (1988)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers WILSON QC, John (1981)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers DAVIDSON QC, Katharine (1987)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers TROWELL QC, Stephen (1995)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers WARSHAW QC, Justin (1995)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers KINGSCOTE QC, Geoffrey (1993)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers YATES QC, Nicholas (1996)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers WEBSTER QC, Simon (1997)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers CAREW POLE QC, Rebecca (1999)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers CARDEN, Nicholas (1981)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers SMITH, Gavin (1981)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers WOOD, Christopher (1986)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers GRAY, Nichola (1991)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers SUMNER, Emma (1999)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers BAILEY-HARRIS, Rebecca (2000)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers HARRIS, Eleanor (2000)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers CARTER, Tom (2001)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers SPICER, Rachel (2002)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers KENNY, Christian (2003)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers ALLEN, Jude (2004)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers SEAR, Richard (2005)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers WILKINSON, Nicholas (2006)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers COOK, Katherine (2007)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers KABRA, Madhavi (2008)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers CORNWALL, Kyra (2011)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers MOTTAHEDAN, Lily (2011)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers VINEY, Joshua (2013)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers HARVEY, Thomas (2013)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers WOOLDRIDGE, Ben (2013)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers WEBB, James (2015)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers HOWITT, Georgina (2016)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers REISER, Roxane (2017)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers STRANGE, Kate (2018)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers JONES, Florence (2018)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers BOYLE, Henrietta (2019)Clerks@1hc.com02077977070
Members of Chambers Associate members
Associate Member of Chambers THORPE, The Rt Hon Sir MatthewClerks@1hc.com02077977070
Associate Member of Chambers HOROWITZ QC, His Honour MichaelClerks@1hc.com02077977070
Associate Member of Chambers BLAIR QC, BruceClerks@1hc.com02077977070
Associate Member of Chambers BERRY, MartinClerks@1hc.com02077977070
Jude Allen  photo Jude Allen All areas of family law, with a focus on matrimonial finance, cohabitation…
Rebecca Bailey-Harris  photo Rebecca Bailey-Harris Barrister specialising in family law. Important cases include: Miller v Miller; McFarlane…
Deborah Bangay photo Deborah BangayBarrister specialising in money, private children work and pre-nuptial agreements. Cases include:…
Timothy Bishop photo Timothy BishopBarrister specialising in financial remedies and matrimonial jurisdiction disputes; cases include: Xydhias;…
Nicholas Carden  photo Nicholas Carden Barrister specialising in financial remedies, including cohabitation and pre-nuptial agreements; Inheritance Act;…
Rebecca Carew Pole  photo Rebecca Carew Pole Barrister specialising in divorce; ancillary relief; private law children disputes; cases include:…
Tom Carter  photo Tom Carter Barrister specialising in all areas of family law.
Katherine Cook  photo Katherine Cook Specialising in all areas of private family law, including financial remedy proceedings;…
Kyra Cornwall  photo Kyra Cornwall Family law barrister.
Nicholas Neville Grylls Cusworth photo Nicholas Neville Grylls CusworthChair of the Family Law Bar Association 2012-2013 and head of chambers…
Katharine Davidson photo Katharine DavidsonBarrister specialising in family law.
Nigel Dyer photo Nigel DyerBarrister specialising in financial remedy claims across a broad spectrum, ie big…
Nichola Jayne Gray  photo Nichola Jayne Gray Barrister specialising in matrimonial finance, family provision and property disputes between cohabitees.
Eleanor Harris  photo Eleanor Harris Barrister specialising in all areas of family law.
Ann Hussey photo Ann HusseyBarrister specialising in family law, primarily high-net-worth cases including farming.
Madhavi Kabra  photo Madhavi Kabra Family law (including divorce, ancillary relief and children law). Case includes Traversa…
Christian Edward Mackenzie Kenny  photo Christian Edward Mackenzie Kenny
Geoffrey Kingscote  photo Geoffrey Kingscote Barrister specialising in financial remedies applications, particularly those involving marital agreements and…
Lily Mottahedan  photo Lily Mottahedan Lily joined chambers as a tenant in October 2013 following the successful…
Richard Sear  photo Richard Sear
Roger Gavin Abbey Smith  photo Roger Gavin Abbey Smith Barrister specialising in financial remedies on divorce; domestic and international enforcement; jurisdiction…
Rachel Spicer  photo Rachel Spicer Barrister specialising in all areas of family law, including matrimonial finance, Private…
Emma Sumner  photo Emma Sumner Barrister specialising in ancillary relief and private child disputes.
Richard Todd photo Richard ToddBarrister specialising in matrimonial finance, Trusts of Land Act, Married Women’s Property…
Stephen Trowell photo Stephen TrowellBarrister specialising in financial relief ancillary to divorce, private Children Act work,…
Joshua Viney  photo Joshua Viney All areas of family law with a focus on financial remedies.
Justin Warshaw photo Justin WarshawBarrister specialising in all aspects of divorce work; cases include: MET v…
Simon Webster  photo Simon Webster Barrister specialising in all areas of private law family disputes with a…
Nicholas Wilkinson  photo Nicholas Wilkinson Practises in matrimonial finance; private law children; jurisdiction matters; TOLATA’96; FLA’96. High…
John Wilson photo John WilsonBarrister specialising in matrimonial finance, professional negligence, inheritance claims, trusts, and matrimonial…
Christopher Wood  photo Christopher Wood Barrister specialising in family law, mostly ancillary relief; cases include: A v…
Nicholas Yates  photo Nicholas Yates Nicholas specialises in financial remedy cases (including civil partnership and Schedule 1…
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