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London Bar > Employment Tier 1

Littleton Chambers is 'the pre-eminent employment set'. Gavin Mansfield QC represented the claimant in Rutnam v Home Office, a major whistleblowing case involving the constructive dismissal of the former Permanent Secretary of the Home Office and allegations of bullying by the Home Secretary Priti Patel. David Reade QC, Niran de Silva QC (who took silk in 2021 alongside Carol Davis QC) and rising star Georgina Leadbetter successfully represented the charity in Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson-Blake, a Supreme Court case concerning the application of the National Minimum Wage to sleep-in shifts; if the claimants were successful the case would have created back pay liabilities of £400m across the care sector. Former head of chambers, Naomi Ellenbogen QC, joined the High Court Bench in November 2020.

Rising stars

Grahame Anderson - Littleton ChambersObviously very clever, knows his stuff, and really cares about doing a good job. Approachable and responsive, with absolutely no airs and graces, and generous with his time and well prepared for hearings.
Ranked: Tier 1
Joseph Bryan - Littleton ChambersJoseph is very personable and easy to talk to, which makes him great with clients and other lawyers alike. He is always keen to help and goes the extra mile when something is urgent. Joseph is also very quick at picking up on both the legal and commercial issues, pragmatic in his approach, and has an excellent knowledge of employment law - certainly one to watch.
Ranked: Tier 1
Georgina Leadbetter - Littleton ChambersA star of the future, who is exceptionally bright but personable. Fantastic client skills, while at the same time being able to produce high-quality work, particularly written submissions.
Ranked: Tier 1
Kieran Wilson - Littleton ChambersKieran strikes the right balance between being detail-oriented and able to see the big picture of a matter. Kieran is also very articulate, and able to communicate complex legal points in a clear and logical way - exceptional on his feet.
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Silks

Gavin Mansfield QC - Littleton ChambersFearsome cross-examiner, with a great strategic feel for cases and how to shape the evidence. First rate with clients - very straightforward and inspires confidence.
Ranked: Tier 1
David Reade QC - Littleton ChambersDavid is very friendly and approachable. He is responsible and accessible, his technical knowledge of equal pay is strong, he is very happy to be used as a sounding board when things crop up, and he understands the need for advice to be pragmatic.
Ranked: Tier 1
Selwyn Bloch QC - Littleton ChambersHis eye for detail and appetite to explore every possible angle of the case and the evidence are absolutely incredible.
Ranked: Tier 2
Adam Solomon QC - Littleton ChambersAdam is a very energetic practitioner, with a positive and bullish approach. He is excellent in court, very good with clients, and always willing to discuss matters offline in a collaborative way that is very helpful.
Ranked: Tier 3
Daniel Tatton Brown QC - Littleton ChambersA really excellent barrister.
Ranked: Tier 4
Jonathan Cohen QC - Littleton ChambersJonathan is technically brilliant, shrewd, incisive and a formidable advocate. He is a real team player.
Ranked: Tier 4
Dale Martin QC - Littleton ChambersVery bright and hard-working, thoughtful, and strong on equal pay. 
Ranked: Tier 4
Mohinderpal Sethi QC - Littleton ChambersA hard-working and energetic advocate, who is able to deal with claims ranging from discrimination and restrictive covenants to complex jurisdictional points with a punchy and clear advocacy style. Great client care skills and easy to work with.
Ranked: Tier 4
Nicholas Siddall QC - Littleton ChambersTechnically excellent, with the ability to digest complex facts of the case and apply to the relevant law in a user-friendly way. Always willing to take a call and very client friendly.
Ranked: Tier 4

2020 Silks

John Mehrzad QC - Littleton ChambersHe is incredibly knowledgeable, client friendly, and deals with matters efficiently and promptly. John also provides sound commercial advice to clients. I can't identify any weaknesses, as I have always been 100% happy with the work that John has done, as have our clients.

2021 Silks

Carol Davis QC - Littleton ChambersExcellent - she combines calmness, clarity and experience, clearly analyses complicated issues and facts well, and inspires confidence.
Niran de Silva QC - Littleton ChambersAn excellent choice for employment/commercial cross-over work.

2022 Silks

Jeremy Lewis QC - Littleton ChambersAmong the brightest barristers one can instruct, immensely hard-working, and gives 100% of himself every time. Jeremy always demonstrates a mastery of high-level legal concepts that he articulates with precision and in a manner that does not lose sight of the commercial issues in the case and the arguments that the opposing party are likely to employ. Consistently offers an exceptional level of service and attention to detail, in order to attain the best outcome possible.

Leading Juniors

Edward Kemp - Littleton ChambersVery thorough, a quick thinker, really has a hold of how to deal with cross-jurisdictional issues that come up, easy to deal with, and always on hand - swiftly becomes part of the team.
Ranked: Tier 1
Sam Neaman - Littleton ChambersA razor-sharp mind with an ability to take in huge volumes of facts, remember them and condense them down into practical advice. Never, ever makes you feel stupid, even when the answer is hidden in plain sight once he has explained it. Ability to communicate with everyone, no matter their seniority - incredibly humble for such a talented and clever barrister.
Ranked: Tier 1
Matthew Sheridan - Littleton ChambersFantastic to work with. He absorbs large amounts of detail very quickly, and is always available at short notice, responsive, calm, measured and sensible. He is also excellent with clients, who listen and respect what he says, and he is able to persuade the more gung-ho clients of the merits of more measured approaches without appearing weak - a particular talent!
Ranked: Tier 1
Lucy Bone - Littleton ChambersLucy's approach was superb - she was collaborative, thorough, very knowledgeable, technically strong and good at strategy. Works very effectively with instructing solicitors and clients, and is flexible and supportive, delivering advice clearly and concisely - honest but reassuring to clients. 
Ranked: Tier 2
Antony Sendall - Littleton ChambersWonderful to work with. He is hard-working, bright, and has a real feel for what judges want. As an advocate, he is one of the best - solicitors would hate to have him on a case against me.
Ranked: Tier 2
Charlotte Davies - Littleton ChambersA go-to junior for complex matters, good with clients and very detail focused - an asset to any team.
Ranked: Tier 3
Martin Fodder - Littleton ChambersProdigiously hard-working and thorough, and he has a great manner with clients.
Ranked: Tier 3
Ming-Yee Shiu - Littleton ChambersMing-Yee is great to work with and very good at technical jurisdiction issues, including permission to serve out of jurisdiction in the ET.
Ranked: Tier 3
Nicholas Goodfellow - Littleton ChambersExtremely reliable, quick to respond and excellent to work with. He grasps complex issues quickly and takes a sensible but firm approach. Nicholas is one a go-to junior and he will be a highly regarded silk one day.
Ranked: Tier 4
James Bickford Smith - Littleton ChambersJames is fiercely intelligent, commercially astute, and has an easygoing but disciplined style with clients and the court alike. He knows when to seek specialist input on cases of his, and works diligently and rigorously in everything he does - an excellent lawyer.
Ranked: Tier 4
Lydia Banerjee - Littleton ChambersA highly experienced barrister.
Ranked: Tier 4
Charlene Ashiru - Littleton ChambersTenacious, brave, cares about clients, creative and responsive.
Ranked: Tier 5
Benjamin Gray - Littleton ChambersHis strengths include his meticulous attention to detail. He is extremely thorough and prepares for all eventualities that may emerge in the course of litigation, and his level of preparedness is reassuring for clients and instructing solicitors.
Ranked: Tier 5
Alexander Robson - Littleton ChambersFiercely intelligent, fantastically strategic, and also always (without fail) perfectly polite. This makes his advocacy a force to be reckoned with as his arguments are precise and powerful, but they are delivered in a very sophisticated and charming manner. Clients and solicitors cannot help but like Alexander.
Ranked: Tier 5



We regularly instruct members of Littleton Chambers, from the QCs to the juniors -they have real strength in depth. They are the pre-eminent employment set – due to the breadth of expertise, they are able to cover almost all types of cases.

Littleton is of course noted for its strength and depth in employment law. All its members, silks, senior juniors and junior juniors are equally accommodating, and they are fast and responsive.

We only use Littleton and this is down to the quality of the service we receive. There is always someone available who can help, and the quality of the employment team is second to none.

I have always found Littleton to offer the highest possible quality across the board. They are always my first (and last) port of call.

A very good team with many good people to choose from.


All of the clerks I have dealt with have been excellent – highly responsive and understanding of our needs in respect of particular cases. They have been really good at identifying alternatives where a first choice might not be available – head and shoulders above other employment sets, it makes going back to them an easy decision.

London Bar > Company and partnership Tier 2

Littleton Chambers continues to impress in high-stakes litigation and arbitration in the partnership space, sitting in parallel with the set's notable employment strength. Head of chambers Gavin Mansfield QC’s diverse practice is deployed on senior partner exits and lateral move disputes, whereas Jonathan Cohen QC represents international professional services firms in sensitive misconduct claims carrying significant reputational risk. Sophia Berry is a junior with a growing reputation, including in regards to whistleblowing claims. On the company law side, David Lascelles specialises in shareholder, boardroom and M&A disputes.

Partnership - Leading silks

Jonathan Cohen QC - Littleton ChambersJonathan is a strong advocate and has a fierce intellect. He is impressive in front of the client and a strong strategist.
Ranked: Tier 2
David Reade QC - Littleton ChambersA superb captain of the ship, absolutely on side with first-class advice, drafting, strategic and tactical input all given in a friendly manner.
Ranked: Tier 2
Gavin Mansfield QC - Littleton ChambersI would instruct him on every one of my matters if I could. Gavin is complete quality.
Ranked: Tier 3

Company - Leading Juniors

David Lascelles - Littleton ChambersIncredibly bright, very responsive, very personable and affable, able to articulate complex issues in a very user-friendly way to clients.
Ranked: Tier 2

Partnership - Leading juniors

James Bickford Smith - Littleton ChambersAn intelligent and knowledgeable barrister with a good sense of how a matter is likely to play out.
Ranked: Tier 3



Littleton Chambers is a fantastic set for partnership and employment matters. From the most senior to junior barristers they are our go-to set for our contentious matters; we always know we will find an interested and experienced barrister, even at the last minute.

The set is very user friendly and has excellent available support from juniors when required.

They are top of their game and a pleasure to work with.

Littleton are fast becoming one of our favourite chambers for their specialism in litigation with a company element.

One of the top sets for employment and LLP work.


Fantastic clerk support and can always find us the right barrister.

London Bar > Sport Tier 3

An ‘excellent team for sports’, Littleton Chambers places a high degree of emphasis on sporting investigations and reviews in addition to contentious financial, disciplinary and regulatory issues. Members are particularly active in terms of footballing matters, often appearing before FIFA, UEFA, FA, Premier League and EFL arbitrations, though are also adept in rugby, cricket, tennis, motorsport and Olympic sports. At silk level, Paul Gilroy QC recently provided representation in two high-profile EFL disputes, namely Richard Keogh v Derby County FC and Barnsley FC v Stoke City FC; the former concerned a claim of wrongful dismissal in respect of a footballer while the latter pertained to allegations of a breach of contract and confidentiality in respect of a player transfer. Also reputed for its ‘excellent juniors’, Lydia Banerjee and David Reade QC appeared in Varnish v British Cycling, a claim of sex discrimination and unfair dismissal centering around issues of if funded Olympic athletes are considered workers or employees of their relevant governing body.

Leading Silks

Paul Gilroy QC - Littleton ChambersThe leading name in acting for individuals in football whether they are managers, executives, backroom staff or players.
Ranked: Tier 2
David Reade QC - Littleton ChambersHe has unrivalled knowledge of the football world and regulations, and is a superb advocate.
Ranked: Tier 2

2020 Silks

John Mehrzad QC - Littleton ChambersGets right to the heart of the problem very quickly. Due to his work as an arbitrator, he knows the rules and procedure in relation to football arbitration inside out.

Leading Juniors

Lydia Banerjee - Littleton ChambersFirst and foremost, Lydia understands that sport is a people business and her advice is rooted in a real appreciation of that. She has a calm and measured authority and expertise, based on demonstrable experience.
Ranked: Tier 2
Sam Neaman - Littleton ChambersSam is very personable, able to communicate very well to the client, but also very bright. He does not have the stuffiness of some London barristers.
Ranked: Tier 2
Ranked: Tier 4
Ashley Cukier - Littleton ChambersHe knows the football regulatory landscape well, which is invaluable when considering insolvency issues in that context given the extent of football-specific provisions in the area.
Ranked: Tier 4



‘Littleton offers deep technical experience and value for money for top tier legal advice. My go-to set for sporting-related employment affairs.’

‘We have also accessed wider support from Littleton Chambers, particularly around selection and appeals procedures for sports teams and competitions. Again, we have experienced a diligent attention to detail and good response times.’

‘Littleton, as a set in the sport sector which has very good strength in-depth. In addition to more experienced operators, there are some very capable juniors coming through.’

‘The sports team at Littleton has the market sewn up with John Mehrzad and Paul Gilroy. They also have an excellent team of juniors.’

‘An excellent sports team which includes the brilliant John Mehrzad QC.’


‘An excellent service by Ian Smethurst and the team.’

London Bar > Commercial litigation Tier 4

Littleton Chambers has 'a significant number of excellent counsel' at senior and junior level with strong expertise in commercial litigation and civil fraud claims. The set's traditional strengths in employment law provide an extra twist to its broader offering, making it an increasingly popular alternative to some of the more established commercial litigation sets. Senior silks such as Charles Samek QC are regularly sought out for major banking and commercial disputes, such as Deposit Guarantee Fund of Ukraine and JSC Finance & Credit Bank v Zhevago and others. Junior silks such as Jonathan Cohen QC are rapidly making a name for themselves and represented footballer Lionel Messi in Olswang LLP v Messi, which concerns the enforcement of a judgment for unpaid legal fees. Other key members include Russian speaker Rupert D’Cruz QC, who took silk in 2021, and highly rated junior David Lascelles.

Leading Silks

Charles Samek QC - Littleton ChambersPowerful advocate with a memorable turn of phrase. A great tactician capable of navigating a path through to the desired final goal.
Ranked: Tier 3
Jonathan Cohen QC - Littleton ChambersA hugely accomplished and popular barrister, who manages to combine thorough intellectual analysis and charm with fundamental toughness. He will fight for the client every step of the way and he is very, very good in court.
Ranked: Tier 5
David Reade QC - Littleton ChambersVery personable and down to earth with the ability to get on well with clients and work with the team to get a result.
Ranked: Tier 5

2021 Silks

Rupert D'Cruz QC - Littleton ChambersA great team-player and extremely knowledgeable in particular in the CIS space. Also very good judgement

Leading Juniors

David Lascelles - Littleton ChambersHe is a stellar black-letter lawyer, as well as immensely hard-working - a great team-player. He will go the extra five miles for the client and find the main road, not an irrelevant bye-way.
Ranked: Tier 2
Marc Delehanty - Littleton ChambersVery approachable, courteous and personable. Also incredibly thorough and comprehensive on paper.
Ranked: Tier 4
Alexander Halban - Littleton ChambersAn incredibly able advocate who quickly and succinctly identifies and deploys the salient points in a very effective and engaging manner which always has the ear of the court.
Ranked: Tier 4
Sam Neaman - Littleton ChambersVery charming. Clients and solicitors enjoy working with him. Extremely hard working and generous with his time. He is such a team player and a skilled barrister.
Ranked: Tier 4
Ming-Yee Shiu - Littleton ChambersIncredibly articulate and precise, she has the detail of the case nailed down and is able to assimilate all the information and turn it into practical and detailed advice.
Ranked: Tier 5



‘Littleton is an extremely well-structured chamberd with a lot of experts in multiple areas of the field.’

‘Littleton Chambers is one of my main chambers of choice, I have instructed a number of barristers from Littleton over the years and have always been impressed with the quality of the barristers and their client friendly approach. ‘

‘The set has developed considerable expertise at all levels in commercial and civil fraud work, and they are earning a well-deserved reputation in these fields.’

‘Our experience of the set as a whole has been extremely positive – strength in depth is excellent on the sports side for example and Littleton have been flexible and responsive when we have had potential instructions and/or queries; Very impressed.’

‘A good all round set. They have become one of my “go to” Chambers for commercial litigation work, especially anything with an employment dimension.’


‘Dan Woodbridge is responsive and goes above and beyond the call of duty and unlike some is very willing to adopt sensible commercial and practical approaches to instructions.’

Northern Circuit > Employment

Leading Juniors

Daniel Northall - Littleton ChambersDan is a fantastic all-rounder. He is a brilliant advocate with an amazing ability to remain calm under pressure. He has excellent interpersonal skills, alongside the ability to think on his feet and express his arguments and ideas clearly. Clients/witnesses often comment that they find him extremely approachable and at ease in his company. His written advice is equally impressive and logical. I would also applaud Dan for his attention to detail and ability to see the complete picture. He is a 100% reliable, always responsive and a pleasure to work with.
Ranked: Tier 1

London Bar > Fraud: civil

Leading Silks

Jonathan Cohen QC - Littleton ChambersAn excellent advocate and very good tactician. He is also good with clients.
Ranked: Tier 3
Charles Samek QC - Littleton ChambersA superb advocate. Extremely supportive. Very positive in his advice, whether good or bad. A real fighter who it is an enormous advantage to have on your team.
Ranked: Tier 3

Leading Juniors

Marc Delehanty - Littleton ChambersA very good strategist and tactically astute. An impressive advocate and very good on his feet.
Ranked: Tier 2
Alexander Halban - Littleton ChambersA real all-rounder - extremely bright and versatile, with excellent drafting skills.
Ranked: Tier 3
Nicholas Goodfellow - Littleton ChambersThorough, calm and brilliant. His attention to detail is first-class and he really is a hidden gem.
Ranked: Tier 3

London Bar > Offshore

Leading Silks

Adam Solomon QC - Littleton ChambersHe is commercial minded and is able to come up with incredible strategies for litigation matters.
Ranked: Tier 4

London Bar > Professional disciplinary and regulatory law

Leading Silks

Adam Solomon QC - Littleton ChambersHis written work is well presented balancing being thorough with being clear . In court his advocacy is calm, firm and persuasive.
Ranked: Tier 4

2021 Silks

Carol Davis QCLittleton ChambersShe is a very personable, excellent advocate, with a pragmatic approach.

London Bar > Banking and finance (including consumer credit)

Leading Silks

Charles Samek QC - Littleton ChambersA powerful advocate with a memorable turn of phrase. A great tactician capable of navigating a path through to the desired final goal.
Ranked: Tier 5

Leading Juniors

Andrew Maguire - Littleton ChambersPersonable and easy to use. Solicitors get on with him very well. He is very commercially minded.
Ranked: Tier 3
Sam Neaman - Littleton ChambersSolicitors cannot speak highly enough about him. The clients love him.
Ranked: Tier 4

London Bar > International arbitration: counsel

2021 Silks

Rupert D'Cruz QC - Littleton ChambersAn excellent barrister. Very considered, pleasant and efficient. A great team-player and extremely knowledgeable in particular in the CIS space.

London Bar > Financial services regulation

Leading Juniors

Andrew Maguire - Littleton ChambersA very personable and very commercially minded barrister.
Ranked: Tier 2

Middle East: The English Bar > Commercial Tier 3

Leading juniors

Ranked: Tier 1
James Bickford SmithLittleton ChambersTechnically strong and not afraid to stick his neck out and give percentage changes of success of various arguments and similar. A good operator.’
Ranked: Tier 1

Regional Bar > Northern Circuit > Employment

Leading Juniors

Daniel Northall - Littleton ChambersDan is a fantastic all-rounder. He is a brilliant advocate with an amazing ability to remain calm under pressure. He has excellent interpersonal skills, alongside the ability to think on his feet and express his arguments and ideas clearly. Clients/witnesses often comment that they find him extremely approachable and at ease in his company. His written advice is equally impressive and logical. I would also applaud Dan for his attention to detail and ability to see the complete picture. He is a 100% reliable, always responsive and a pleasure to work with.
Ranked: Tier 1

The set: Littleton is a leading employment and commercial chambers. The set’s highly regarded team of 50 barristers includes 15 silks, all of whom provide exceptional advice and advocacy to its clients.

Work undertaken:  Littleton members’ practices cover a wide spectrum of work in a number of jurisdictions, including: employment law; business protection (both statutory and High Court); commercial law, incorporating fraud, insolvency, financial services, banking, commercial contracts, share and business sale agreements, shareholder disputes, company and partnership law, disciplinary and regulatory; sports law; injunctions; and mediation and arbitration, civil investigations, international and offshore disputes.

Recruitment: Members of Chambers fund two pupils per year. Chambers are members of the Pupillage Gateway. Placing value not only on the skills of its tenants as advocates and lawyers, but also on their practical and friendly approach, Littleton aims to take on pupils who, in addition to an excellent academic record, show a flair for advocacy and have the strong interpersonal skills necessary to succeed at the modern day Bar. We are proud to support underrepresented groups in their applications to the Bar through our collaborations with Rare, the Bar Council e-mentoring scheme, the Bar Placement Scheme, 10,000 Black Interns, Bridging the Bar and our own Inspire Sports Law Initiative.

For more detailed CVs and information about members, news, comments, case reports, webinars, podcasts and contributions to publications, please visit

Chambers Director Liz 797 8600
Senior Clerk Jason (0) 20 7797 8623
Head of Chambers MANSFIELD QC, Gavin (2013) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers BOWERS QC, John (1998) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers BLOCH QC, Selwyn (2000) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers READE QC, David (2006) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers GILROY QC, Paul (2006) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers SAMEK QC, Charles (2009) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers TATTON-BROWN QC, Daniel (2016) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers COHEN QC, Jonathan (2016) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers SOLOMON QC, Adam (2018) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers SETHI QC, Mohinderpal (2019) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers MARTIN QC, Dale (2019) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers SIDDALL QC, Nicholas (2019) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers MEHRZAD QC, John (2020) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers D'CRUZ QC, Rupert (2021) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers DAVIS QC, Carol (2021) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers de SILVA QC, Niran (2021) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers FODDER, (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers SENDALL, Antony (1984) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers NEAMAN, Sam (1988) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers MAGUIRE, (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers LEWIS, Jeremy (1992) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers QUINN, Chris (1992) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers BONE, Lucy (1999) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers SHERIDAN, Matthew (2000) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers SHIU, Ming-Yee (2000) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers WYNNE, James (2002) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers LASCELLES, David (2003) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers PALMER, Martin (2003) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers NORTHALL, Daniel (2004) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers KEMP, Edward (2005) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers ROBSON, Alexander (2006) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers DAVIES, Charlotte (2006) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers BANERJEE, Lydia (2007) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers BICKFORD SMITH, James (2008) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers ASHIRU, Charlene (2008) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers HALBAN, Alexander (2009) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers GOODFELLOW, Nicholas (2009) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers GRAY, Benjamin (2011) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers DELEHANTY, Marc (2011) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers HUMPHREYS, Mark (2012) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers BERRY, Sophia (2012) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers ANDERSON, Grahame (2013) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers CUKIER, Ashley (2013) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers LEADBETTER, Georgina (2013) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers BRYAN, Joseph (2015) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers GREEN, James (2015) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers WILSON, Kieran (2016) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers SANDERS, Stuart (2017) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers MATHUR, Anirudh (2017) (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers BRESLIN, Blathnaid (2019) (0) 20 7797 8600
Grahame Anderson  photo Grahame Anderson Grahame is an expert trial and appellate advocate in employment and equalities…
Charlene Ashiru (nee Hawkins)  photo Charlene Ashiru (nee Hawkins) Charlene has extensive experience of all aspects of statutory and contractual employment…
Bianca Balmelli  photo Bianca Balmelli Bianca joined Littleton in October 2019 on completion of her pupillage. She…
Lydia Banerjee  photo Lydia Banerjee Lydia practises in commercial law, sports law and employment law. In the…
Sophia Berry  photo Sophia Berry Sophia has also been instructed on injunction applications in the High Court…
James Bickford Smith  photo James Bickford Smith Commercial, Commercial Chancery, Partnership & Employment law. In particular: 1) international commercial…
Selwyn Bloch photo Selwyn BlochSelwyn Bloch QC is a leading Silk, specialising in business protection (in…
Lucy Bone  photo Lucy Bone Employment and commercial law specialist with substantial experience in complex and high…
John Bowers photo John BowersBarrister specialising in employment law (individual and collective); discrimination law; pensions law…
Joseph Bryan  photo Joseph Bryan Ranked as a rising star (tier 1) in employment law (The Legal…
Jonathan Cohen photo Jonathan CohenA QC at just 38 years old, Jonathan Cohen has built his…
Ashley Cukier  photo Ashley Cukier Barrister specialising in commercial work, particularly general commercial litigation, arbitration, insolvency, company,…
Rupert D’Cruz  photo Rupert D’Cruz Barrister specialising in corporate and shareholder disputes; banking and finance; fraud and…
Rupert D’Cruz  photo Rupert D’Cruz Barrister specialising in corporate and shareholder disputes; banking and finance; fraud and…
Charlotte Davies  photo Charlotte Davies Charlotte specialises in employment law and commercial litigation. Her employment practice includes…
Carol Davis  photo Carol Davis With a strong practice covering every area of employment law, Carol has…
Matthieu De Boisséson  photo Matthieu De Boisséson Door tenant at Littleton Chambers and partner at Darrois Villey Maillot Brochier;…
Niran De Silva  photo Niran De Silva Employment law: all contentious and non-contentious employment matters, in particular in the…
Marc Delehanty  photo Marc Delehanty Marc represents corporate entities and individuals in civil fraud and asset recovery…
Martin Fodder  photo Martin Fodder Principal area of practice is employment, all areas including wrongful dismissal/unfair dismissal,…
Alex Francis  photo Alex Francis
Paul Gilroy  photo Paul Gilroy Paul Gilroy QC has acted for a stellar list of clients, including…
Nicholas Goodfellow  photo Nicholas Goodfellow Nick specialises in commercial litigation, and is regularly instructed in high-value, complex…
Ben Gray  photo Ben Gray Benjamin is an employment, public and commercial law practitioner. He acts for…
James Green  photo James Green Barrister
Douglas David Hacking  photo Douglas David Hacking Commercial arbitration; extensive experience in litigation and arbitration for 40 years, latterly…
Alexander Halban  photo Alexander Halban Alexander specialises in commercial dispute resolution, civil fraud and asset tracing, and…
Mark Humphreys  photo Mark Humphreys Barrister specialising in employment and discrimination matters.
Edward Kemp  photo Edward Kemp Ed is a trial and appellate lawyer specialising in employment law, discrimination…
David Lascelles  photo David Lascelles David specialises in litigation arising from high-value commercial contracts, the sale of…
Georgina Leadbetter  photo Georgina Leadbetter Georgina specialises in tribunal and High Court litigation arising out of the…
Jeremy Lewis QC photo Jeremy Lewis QC
Andrew Maguire  photo Andrew Maguire Barrister
Gavin Mansfield photo Gavin MansfieldHead of Littleton Chambers. Practice covers employment and discrimination law, partnership disputes…
Dale Martin photo Dale MartinDale Martin QC is one of the UK’s leading specialists in employment…
Anirudh Mathur  photo Anirudh Mathur Anirudh has a broad practice across commercial, employment and discrimination, sports, international…
John Mehrzad  photo John Mehrzad
Sam Neaman  photo Sam Neaman Employment lawyer ‘with a strong commercial leaning’. ‘A real fighter’, best known…
Daniel Northall  photo Daniel Northall Daniel is an advocate and adviser in his core practice areas of…
Martin Palmer  photo Martin Palmer Transferred to the Bar after nine years practising as a solicitor, latterly…
Richard M Perkoff  photo Richard M Perkoff Barrister specialising in general commercial and company law, arbitration and conflict of…
Chris Quinn  photo Chris Quinn High Court, Employment Tribunal and Arbitration: Employment, Commercial,  Data Protection/ GDPR, Partnership/…
David Reade photo David ReadeEmployment: all areas of both contentious and non-contentious employment law (including EU…
Alexander Robson  photo Alexander Robson Employment and commercial. Employment: High Court claims relating to contractual duties, employee…
Mauro Rubino-Sammartano  photo Mauro Rubino-Sammartano Associate member.
Charles Samek photo Charles SamekCharles Samek is a renowned QC specializing in the fields of general…
Stuart Sanders  photo Stuart Sanders Commercial and employment law barrister 
Antony Sendall  photo Antony Sendall Employment law: all aspects including TUPE, discrimination, whistleblowing, equal pay, working time,…
Mohinderpal Sethi photo Mohinderpal SethiBarrister specialising in domestic and cross-border company/commercial, employment, partnership and arbitration. Substantial…
Matthew Sheridan  photo Matthew Sheridan Matthew’s practice is heavily focused on business competition disputes in the High…
Ming-Yee Shiu  photo Ming-Yee Shiu Ming-Yee Shiu specialises in commercial litigation, civil fraud, company and employment law,…
Nicholas Siddall photo Nicholas SiddallSpecialises in employment and industrial relations law. His practice includes significant employment…
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Littleton Chambers is committed to principles of equality, diversity and social mobility in our provision of legal services, our recruitment and in our internal management of both staff and members.

Our equality and diversity policies have been developed in accordance with The Bar Standards Equality and Diversity code and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of equal opportunities best practice. Our Chambers policies include the following: maternity, paternity, and flexible working; equal opportunities, diversity, and harassment; anti-harassment; and reasonable adjustments. We have a dedicated Equality and Diversity Committee who oversee our initiatives and seek new opportunities for us to promote access to the Bar.

Littleton is easily accessible for wheelchair users and those with mobility issues. Our reception area and conferencing facilities can be accessed from street level by an automatic door and lift. Most of our accommodation for tenants is accessible via an internal lift. Chambers also has a dedicated disabled parking space directly outside its main entrance.

Our recent diversity data shows the variety of individuals we have in Chambers: of those who have attended university, 35% were first generation attendees; over 10% are from BAME backgrounds; and 46% of those who attended school in the UK went to a state school. We support the Bar Council’s “Women in Law” pledge and are committed to greater equality across the profession.

Chambers is keen to promote access to the Bar. We will always try to accommodate requests for information and will consider un-assessed mini pupillages from those of less advantaged backgrounds who want to gain an understanding of the Bar, if these form part of our organised initiatives. Our barristers are committed to supporting schemes such as mentoring, visits to schools and sponsoring Bar schools with a higher representation of BAME and underrepresented students. Chambers is proud to participate in the Bar Placement Scheme and some of our members support the Bar Council e-mentoring scheme to aid those seeking to enter the profession who require assistance. Candidates for pupillage and recruitment are assessed solely on grounds of merit and we welcome applicants from all backgrounds and sectors of the community.

Littleton is one of the first few Chambers to work in conjunction with Rare, whose contextualised recruitment system is used by us to review applicants for pupillage in respect of a candidate’s social economic background. Such initiatives are all part of our commitment to improve diversity at the Bar in the longer term and to ensure it is more reflective of the society we live in. We understand that not every candidate’s achievements look the same on paper. At Littleton, our aim is to recruit the best people from every background.

CLIENT: Nick Ralph
COMPANY/FIRM: Kingsley Napley
TESTIMONIAL: I have been working with Littleton Chambers for over 20 years. I continue to be impressed by the level of service and willingness to go the extra mile. There are some very good barristers at Littleton – “horses for all courses” whether it’s tough advocacy or advice that you feel is the highest authority on a point. In lockdown, Chambers have been very good at providing online training. But I am looking forward to restrictions being lifted and being able to attend one of Littleton’s very enjoyable learning/networking events in person.

CLIENT: Elizabeth Lang
TESTIMONIAL: Littleton Chambers is my first port of call when I need counsel. The clerks are efficient and very helpful in getting us the right support. Many of the barristers are well known to us and provide excellent support at all levels, from the most complex issues to more straightforward cases and we very often work as a team from an early stage. They are always willing to support us by collaborating in client events such as mock injunctions and debates and we are often offered training in difficult legal matters which is highly appreciated.

CLIENT: Hamish Cameron Blackie
TESTIMONIAL: Littleton Chambers should be regarded as the best, friendliest, client focussed, solicitor focussed, chambers undertaking civil, and particularly employment, work in London. Led by example by Jason Drakeford, the clerking team is communicative, ever-helpful and obliging. They understand what busy solicitors require. The clerks’ excellence and approach to work is matched by the personality and expertise of the barristers they serve. At the lower end, the barristers are keen to impress without any display of arrogance. At the upper end, they are all acknowledged experts, confident, but charming to deal with. Couldn’t be bettered.

CLIENT: Catriona Watt
COMPANY/FIRM: Fox & Partners
TESTIMONIAL: Littleton Chambers is our “go to” Chambers for employment work, particularly business protection and senior level employment and partnership disputes. From the first point of contact with the clerks, we consistently receive responsive, prompt and specialist service tailored to the particular needs of the matter. The clerks are always interested in finding the right barrister at the appropriate level with the particular specialism for the job. Across the board, the barristers we instruct at Littleton feel like an extension of our team and understand the requirements of our clients which is often specialist, nuanced, sensitive and time critical advice. They make themselves available when we need them and give top notch advice and service every time.

CLIENT: Clare Murray and Sarah Chilton
TESTIMONIAL: Littleton are our first choice for all matters with complex employment and partnership law aspects. They have a unique crossover expertise and commercial understanding in both areas, with an extremely collaborative and down-to-earth approach.

We regularly work with Jonathan Cohen QC, Gavin Mansfield QC, David Reade QC, Selwyn Bloch QC and Mohinderpal Sethi QC, Ming-Yee Shiu, Charlotte Davies, Nicholas Goodfellow, Grahame Anderson and James Green. They are consistently superb at all levels.

The Littleton clerks go out of their way to meet the needs of our clients and firm. They are proactive and responsive, ensuring that we are fully supported at all times.