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Criminal Law


Barry Grennan is the Head of Kenworthy’s Chambers. As a Barrister he practices in

Criminal Law

Administrative and Public Law

Public Access


Year of call: 1977.


“Head of Chambers and a highly respected criminal advocate who attracts plaudits for his work ethic and jury advocacy skills.” Chambers and Partners








Barry Grennan lectures on Ethics and all new areas of the law. He has conducted many successful and well-received CPD accredited lectures at Kenworthy’s Chambers.


Criminal Law

Barry Grennan has been Top Ranked in both Chambers and Partners and the Legal 500 for his Criminal Practice since 2012.

Barry Grennan has practiced heavyweight and white-collar crime for over 40 years. He is one of the most sought-after Barristers in Criminal Law and he is regularly involved in crime cases of the utmost severity and complexity.

He also has vast expertise in complex multi-handed serious fraud and involved regulatory offences.

Criminal Barrister Barry Grennan has a strong background in all aspects of fraud. He possesses a high level of expertise in serious criminal fraud, asset recovery and forfeiture.

He has a lot of regulatory experience and is widely experienced in the three main statutory regimes, namely: the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, the Criminal Justice Act 2003, and the Drug Trafficking Act 1994.

His work encompasses gangland and other murders, death by dangerous driving, child destruction, firearm offences, drug conspiracies, gross and historic sexual offences.

Barry Grennan’s Criminal Law practice includes:

  • Business crime and regulatory law
  • Child abuse and child destruction
  • Criminal fraud and proceeds of crime
  • Death by dangerous or careless driving
  • Drugs offences and drug conspiracies
  • Firearms and other offensive weapons
  • Gangland and violent crime
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder
  • Rape and sexual offences
  • White Collar and organised crime

If you have a Crime case you need advice or advocacy for, call our Criminal Clerk Paul Mander on 0161 832 4036, email, or fill out our contact form.


Administrative and Public Law

Barry Grennan has substantial expertise in judicial review matters, particularly in the field of police conduct and prisoners’ rights.

Barry’s Prison Law practice deals with mandatory life and tariff setting, in addition to parole review of long-term and life prisoners. His passion for justice enables him to pursue cases with merit and he regularly attends the Administrative Court.

If you have an Administrative and Public Law case call our Clerk Courtney Soden on 0161 832 4036, email, or fill out our contact form.


Public Access

For appropriate Crime cases, Barry Grennan will accept instructions from the general public on a direct access basis.

Please refer to the below pricing range for Public Access Barrister services. Prices are subject to case type, complexity and seniority or experience of the Barrister. Accurate quotes will be provided before work on the case begins.


  • Advice and Preparation (Hourly Rate): £75 to £200 + VAT
  • Court Attendance (Day Rate): £300 to £1000 + VAT
  • Conferences (Hourly Rate): £100 to £125 + VAT

Crown Court

  • Advice and Preparation (Hourly Rate): £100 to £250 + VAT
  • Trial Attendance (Day 1): £1000 to £4000
  • Trial Attendance (Additional days) £500 to £1500 + VAT
  • Conferences (Hourly Rate): £125 to £250 + VAT
  • Pre-Trial and Post-Trial hearings: £300 to £1000 + VAT

Court of Appeal & High Court

  • Advice and Preparation (Hourly Rate): £150 to 300 + VAT
  • Court Attendances (Day Rate): £1000 to £4000 + VAT
  • Conferences (Hourly Rate): £125 to 250 + VAT

*These price ranges are based on local courts; other courts will incur a travel charge.

Please contact our Senior Criminal Clerk, Paul Mander ( for further information.


Notable Cases

  • Passenger opens fire from the window of a BMW 4×4
  • Marin Joyce and Ors [2022]: Multi-handed serious firearms case
  • Wellington and Ors [2022]: Multi-handed class A drugs conspiracy
  • Paul Fleury [2022]: Multi-million-pound fraud concerning modelling agency scams over a period of 7 years with approximately £13.5 Million taken from victims across England.
  • Demeter and Ors [2022]: Multi-handed sexual exploitation case
  • *OPERATION SILENTPOOL* R v Voja, Qumran, Wright, Prince, Taylor, Fesenko, Knighton, Morgan, Oxtoby [2022]: 11-week drugs conspiracy trial involving a metric ton of Class A drugs valued over £35 Million
  • Multi-handed drugs supply [2021]: Involving one metric ton of class A drugs
  • Encrochat multi-handed drug supply [2021]: Cases in Preston, Nottingham, and Manchester
  • Multi-million-pound white collared fraud [2021]: Involving multiple defendants
  • Multi-million-pound defendant class A supply [2021]: Derby
  • Sexual grooming, rape and sexual assault in Stafford [2021]
  • Serious possession of firearms [2021]: Cases in Manchester
  • R v Pelce [2017]: People trafficking conspiracy
  • R v Nugent [2016] – Historic Sexual Abuse Press coverage
  • R v William Black [2016] – Conspiracy Press coverage
  • R v Connerton [2016] – Rape Press coverage
  • R v Robinson [2015] – GBH (S18) Press coverage
  • R v Harper [2014] – (Acquittal) – Historic Sexual Abuse – Linked to the trial of Ray Teret & Ors
  • R v Mohammed [2014] – Murder Trial
  • R v Michael Thorpe [2012] – Aggravated burglary – The Law Pages report case here
  • R v Smith [2012] – Gangland Murder
  • R v Brodie [2012] – Conspiracy to Supply
  • R v Deejan [2012] – Rioting
  • R v Thorley [2012] – Murder
  • R v Massett [2012] – Conspiracy to Armed Robbery
  • R v Brooks [2011] – Death by Dangerous Driving
  • R v Muzzafer [2011] – Conspiracy to Rape
  • R v Doyle [2011] – S18
  • R v Tomlinson [2011] – Child Destruction
  • R v Ellor [2011] – Car ring
  • R v Little [2011] – Conspiracy to Supply
  • R v Foster [2011] – Murder
  • R v Wayte [2011] – Murder, acquitted
  • R v Thorpe [2011] – Burglary resulting in murder
  • R v Brown [2011] – Conspiracy to Supply
  • R v Carroll [2011] – Murder
  • R v Blower & Others [2009] – Death by kicking
  • R v McMunn & Others [2009] – Drugs conspiracy
  • R v Donaldson & Others [2009] – Gangland
  • R v Cikaj [2009] – People Trafficking
  • R v Wayne Bryan [2008] – Client was charged with GBH and possession of firearm without certificate –  The Law Pages report case here
  • R v Parry [2008] – Manslaughter
  • R v Wilson [2007] – Child Cruelty
  • R v Uddin & Others [2007] – Sex Trafficking
  • R v Renke & Others [2006] – Importation of Firearms
  • R v Jacobs & Others [2006] – Murder
  • R v Mack [2006] – Attempted Murder
  • R v Khan & Others [2006] – Murder
  • R v Holmes [2006] – Murder
  • R v Stringfellow & Others [2006] – Violent Disorder
  • R v Evans & Others [2006] – Perverting the Course of Justice
  • R v Masters [2006] – Murder
  • R v Flanagan [2005] – Importation
  • R v O’Hara & Others [2005] – Possession of Ammunition
  • R v Loughman & Others [2005] – Murder
  • R v Hughes & Others [2005] – Murder
  • R v Bromley & Others [2005] – Possession of Drugs
  • R v Gallagher & Others [2005] – Importation
  • R v Read [2005] – Murder
  • R v Lydiate & Others [2000] – Salford Gangland, 3 month trial
  • R v Dudson (the Suzanne Capper case)
  • London City Bond Importation Pit Bull Fraud:
  • R v Hassan & Others [2009] – Money Laundering & Carousel Fraud Sexual Offences: Court of Appeal
  • R v Hudson [2009] – Rape, conviction quashed
  • R v Garside [2006] – Rape
  • R v Vesey [2006] – Rape
  • R v Turmaz [2006] – Rape
  • R v Craggo [2005] – Multiple Rapes
  • R v Batkin [2005] – Rape
  • R v Suddons [2005] – Multiple Rapes
  • R v Qadir [2005] – Rape


To check the availability of Criminal Barrister Barry Grennan for your Crime case call our Criminal Clerks Paul Mander and Greg Highton on 0161 832 4036, email, or fill out our contact form.

To find out the availability of Barrister Barry Grennan for your Administrative and Public Law case call our Clerk Courtney Soden on 0161 832 4036, email, or fill out our contact form.


Lawyer Rankings

Regional Bar > Northern Circuit > Crime (general and fraud)

(Leading Juniors)Ranked: Tier 1

Barry Grennan – Kenworthy’s ChambersBarry is committed, thorough and always has an excellent grasp of his brief. He is excellent with clients and an outstanding advocate. Particularly effective at addressing the jury.’

The members of Kenworthy’s Chambers have significant expertise across a wide range of criminal matters, including multi-handed defence and prosecution cases involving drug-related conspiracies, mortgage fraud, murder, baby-shaking and gangland crimes, as well as serious sex and historic sex offences and regulatory crime. Barry Grennan specialises in criminal defence and has acted on cases involving death by dangerous driving, firearms and multi-handed fraud cases. Patrick Cassidy also has a defence-based practice, handling inner city gun crime and police misconduct cases. The set is also home to Denise Fitzpatrick, who has an established practice and is active in cases of fraud and sexual offences.