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Fraud: crime

2019 Silks

Edmund Burge QC - 5 St Andrews Hill Incredibly user friendly. He is able to make very complex facts appear very simple and straightforward. Fantastic draftsman. Juries like him; judges trust him.
Kevin Dent QC - 5 St Andrews HillHis attention to detail and brilliant presentation skills are legendary. His trademark is his ability to simplify very complex law and facts cases such that the Jury are able to grasp the real issues and remain engaged all through out the several weeks of trial. Kevin has well developed legal instincts and ability to work collaboratively with different partners.

Leading Juniors

Ini Udom - 5 St Andrews HillShe is extremely clever, hardworking, a good team player, excellent on difficult legal issues, a fabulous, fearless advocate, dedicated and passionate about her work. She really cares about her cases and fights hard for her clients. She is adept at dealing with voluminous material, quickly identifying the core issues, simplifying difficult concepts and scenarios and explaining them with clarity and precision.
Ranked: Tier 4

Professional disciplinary and regulatory law

Rising stars

Alecsandra Manning-Rees - 5 St Andrews HillShe is a fantastic member of the team, and is great with clients and tribunals alike, who value her open, engaging and practical style.
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Juniors

Wendy Hewitt - 5 St Andrews HillAn outstanding advocate with well-honed interpersonal skills. Tribunals admire her attention to detail and her approach is always borne of complete preparation, focussed and concise: when Wendy speaks, tribunals listen.
Ranked: Tier 3

International crime and extradition Tier 2

5 St Andrews Hill is 'well known for extradition work', with 'a strong cadre' of 'talented and experienced extradition lawyers'. Recent instructions include the 'first-classDavid Josse QC and 'passionateBen Keith representing the appellants in Yilmaz and Yilmaz v Government of Turkey, which involved issues concerning Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights and prison conditions in Turkey. Keith is said to have 'unrivalled knowledge' when it comes to Russian and CIS state extradition requests. A 'great tactician', Natasha Draycott is particularly strong in cases with human rights or political issues as well as complex Part 2 cases. Gemma Lindfield's family law expertise gives her 'a greater advantage to many of her peers when dealing with extradition cases that have a family element to them'. Also of note, Danielle Barden is a rising star who has particular expertise in modern slavery cases as they relate to extradition law.

Rising stars

Danielle Barden - 5 St Andrews HillAn up-and-coming and very capable Barrister. She has an impressive grip on issues at hand and is very thorough in her preparation, regularly achieving fantastic outcomes for her clients.
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Silks

David Josse QC - 5 St Andrews HillOne of the leading silks when it comes to extradition law and someone that I would not hesitate to instruct whenever there is the opportunity to instruct a QC. He is extremely personable, and first class in guiding clients.
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Juniors

Ben Keith - 5 St Andrews HillHe has an indomitable court presence, with the tactical acuity to match. Ben brings a wealth of experience and contacts across not just Europe, but many jurisdictions around the world, including India and the Russian Federation.
Ranked: Tier 1
Louisa Collins - 5 St Andrews HillLouisa is an advocate who instinctively and persuasively compels the court to agree with her. She is also fantastic with vulnerable clients and has an deep awareness of the nuances of communication.
Ranked: Tier 2
Natasha Draycott - 5 St Andrews HillAn outstanding barrister and a dream to work with; collaborative, very diligent and clients love her. She is also a charming and compelling advocate who is tremendous on her feet and impresses the bench. Highly intelligent with an incisive mind she has a fantastic ability to win cases which initially don't appear winnable.
Ranked: Tier 2
Rebecca Hill - 5 St Andrews HillRegarded amongst the best in the field. A robust advocate who brings a high level of technical expertise to any case.
Ranked: Tier 2
Gemma Lindfield - 5 St Andrews HillExcellent advocate and very persuasive on her feet. She is never phased by often difficult and demanding judges and will steadfastly argue on behalf of her clients.
Ranked: Tier 3
David Williams - 5 St Andrews HillFantastic advocate; concise, engaging and articulate. Very knowledgeable in his field and always willing to help with pursuing novel lines of challenge.
Ranked: Tier 3


Leading Silks

Mark Cotter QC-5 St Andrews HillHas grown as a relatively new QC into an absolute foundation for any high-profile or complex criminal case. Throws everything into the case, and it consumes him for that period. He is easy to work with and is excellent on his feet, with jurors, judge and opponent. I have seen juries eat from his palm.

Ranked: Tier 2

Leading Juniors

Dominic Connolly - 5 St Andrews HillHe presents cases of complexity in a clear and comprehensible way so the I and the jury understand what the issues are. He is a very effective cross-examiner who will bring a witness who is wandering off subject back to the real issues in the case. His submissions to jurors are always clear and well supported by the evidence in the case. He has a very pleasant manner which seems to go down very well with the jury.
Ranked: Tier 3
Jose Olivares-Chandler - 5 St Andrews HillA level-headed barrister who commands the respect of clients, judges and juries. A particular strength Mr Olivares-Chandler has is that he is able to absorb the case in his mind at an incredible speed. His turnaround in providing advice to solicitors is also extremely beneficial.
Ranked: Tier 3
John Warrington - 5 St Andrews HillJohn is a highly experienced barrister who has a great practice prosecuting and defending in criminal cases. Technically impressive and incredibly thorough in his preparation on cases. He has a light touch in court.
Ranked: Tier 3

Business and regulatory crime (including global investigations)

Leading Juniors

David Stern - 5 St Andrews HillHe has a first-class brain and is able to quickly identify the critical issues in complex cases. He has the ability to win any jury with exceptional advocacy skills.
Ranked: Tier 3

Proceeds of crime (POCA) and asset forfeiture Tier 3

The 'excellent5 St Andrews Hill houses 'highly regarded barristers for POCA work', according to instructing solicitors. In a recent highlight, James Fletcher acted for the National Crime Agency (NCA) in its first contested account forfeiture orders against three bank accounts, with an aggregate value of £500,000, held in the name of Vlad Filat. The court permitted the forfeiture on finding that the money was derived from Filat's father, the ex-Moldovan prime minister convicted of bribery and corruption offences in 2016 for his role in the disappearance of $1bn from three Moldovan banks. The court also took into consideration the possibility that the funds were derived from money laundering.

2021 Silks

Andrew Bird QC - 5 St Andrews HillHe combines hands-on expertise with detailed legal knowledge to provide insightful advice.

Leading Juniors

James Fletcher - 5 St Andrews HillHis knowledge of and familiarity with how POCA powers are deployed across the range of enforcement authorities is invaluable.
Ranked: Tier 1
Sarah Wood - 5 St Andrews HillShe is a superb lawyer and sees points of admissibility that others do not. The best of her generation in terms of effort and ability. As an advocate she is direct, calm and makes the point really effectively.
Ranked: Tier 2
Gary Pons - 5 St Andrews HillExcellent analytical mind able to condense vast quantities of complex material and provide timely and top quality advice. Outstanding advocate.
Ranked: Tier 3

Family (including divorce and financial remedy)

Leading Juniors

Maria Scotland  - 5 St Andrew's Hill  'Her drafting is outstanding and her advocacy persuasive.'
Ranked: Tier 4

Set overviews: England and Wales

5 St Andrews Hill is a go-to chambers for international crime and extradition matters, as well as regulatory, general crime, and POCA cases. Boosting the set's core practice areas, Sharmistha Michaels has joined from Drystone Chambers. Also of note, Ben Keith  has been elected chair of the Defence Extradition Lawyers Forum and appointed a Deputy Judge of the Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber).



Clerks are helpful and efficient and are prepared to go ‘extra mile’ to ensure that client and barrister are supported.

Clerks have always provided a good quality service under the able leadership of Dave Scothern.

Dave Scothern, director of clerking is superb.

Dean Cook is an asset to chambers, always helpful, never needs chasing and a safe pair of hands.

Excellent clerking across the board and Chambers Director Dave Scothern brings a wealth of experience to the role.

First-class clerks room – always willing to go the extra mile!

Gary Norton is excellent and the clerking team are always straightforward to deal with and provide quick turn around times.

Chambers are client-focused and will try to work to provide representation for those clients struggling to afford representation.

The clerks are all very dependable and can be counted on to give honest answers which is a quality not all chambers possess.

The Clerks are always eager to assist and have a detailed understanding of extradition work, meaning they can recommend appropriate counsel. Dean Cook, in particular, is excellent at maintaining relationships with instructing solicitors

The clerks are friendly and approachable. They are willing to go the extra mile for their instructing solicitors.

The clerks will always go out of their way to assist and arrange suitable cover even at the last minute. They are quick to respond to any queries and come across as pleasant and professional.



5SAH are our go to set for counsel in the south of England. With lawyers peppered around Essex, Greater London, the Home Counties and the South Coast their reach is unmatched.

5SAH have a huge pool of talented and experienced extradition lawyers.

5SAH is one of the leading extradition sets and has a real depth of counsel, at every level. They are great at engaging with instructing solicitors and are active in providing legal update seminars and blog posts.

5SAH provide a number of training sessions which are very beneficial to the profession. The barristers are very approachable and often take their own time to offer additional support and training to solicitors.

A long standing criminal set known for high end prosecution work. Over the years have produced a number of silks and judges.

A top Proceeds of Crime set. Chambers educational events are interesting, entertaining and through provoking.

A very good set with a breadth of experience in crime, fraud, regulatory , extraction and asset forfeiture.

A very good set with some real all round strength. They run excellent seminars and training and have some excellent barristers. A go to set in order to instruct counsel to find a solution to a problem for a client.

Highly capable set mostly known for prosecuting work and also capable defenders.

This is an extremely professional chambers which makes our cases its biggest priority via its great staff. Every barrister we have used on our cases, which haven’t been straightforward, have always been well informed and confident advocates.

Quick to respond, always available, never late.

The Chambers staff are always very professional and helpful at all times.

The set are dynamic. They are mixed practice of defence prosecution, civil and family.

The set as a whole are excellent. There are a great deal of excellent barristers which leave you assured that even if your brief is returned for a hearing there will be another counsel available of equal calibre to assist.

They are deservedly well known for extradition work with a strong cadre of available counsel.

This is an excellent set of chambers. They have an excellent team and provide a superb service. The barristers are all approachable and experts in their field.


5SAH Chambers is a specialist multi-practice set of barristers with a national and international reputation for excellence in advocacy and representation at all levels. Chambers barristers provide cutting-edge legal advice and innovative and pragmatic solutions to a client base of professionals, organisations, and members of the public. Our practice areas are complementary, enabling us to provide advice and representation in overlapping jurisdictions and proceedings.

“This is an excellent set of chambers. They have an excellent team and provide a superb service. The barristers are all approachable and experts in their field.” The legal 500: 2021.

5SAH barristers specialise in the following areas of law:

  • Crime: Both defence & prosecution in serious and complex criminal litigation.
  • Private Prosecutions: Market leaders & experts at bringing and defending private prosecution cases.
  • Business Crime: a demonstrable track record in representing the interests of individual and corporate clients in pre and post-charge financial and regulatory offences.
  • Extradition & International: ranked as one of the leading sets, we work with teams of UK solicitors, foreign extradition lawyers and government authorities.
  • Interpol: extensive experience of removing INTERPOL red notices, advising on best tactics when faced with an INTERPOL red notice or diffusion notice and dealing with subsequent asylum and extradition proceedings.
  • Family, Children & International Family: All areas of family law with a strong emphasis on practical advice, effective court advocacy and a focus at all times, on the outcome for the client.
  • POCA & Asset Recovery: a market-leading team. We are instructed by the leading government authorities and private clients in overlapping criminal/civil litigation as well as multi-jurisdictional asset tracing.
  • Professional Discipline & Regulatory: instructed by leading defence firms and regulators with specialisms in the health, legal and transport sectors.
  • Public Law & Immigration: we are involved in major public enquiries and have significant experience in Judicial Review. In immigration we conduct high profile cases for the Home Office and High Net worth individuals.
  • Inquests & Inquiries: We have considerable experience and expertise across the team acting in high profile and sensitive public inquiries and inquests.
  • Civil Litigation: Our civil litigation team of barristers have specialist knowledge in all areas of chancery litigation & modern commercial chancery & company law. They advise and appear for clients both in the UK and overseas in a variety of business, trade and finance related disputes.
  • Insurance: Settlement Counsel: Unlike most specialist insurance lawyers, we only ever act for policyholders. We are dedicated to solving complex problems simply and efficiently, ensuring the most commercially successful outcomes for our clients.

Diversity and well-being:

We are a friendly and approachable set, committed to diversity at all levels and promoting equality, including supporting the work of key organisations in this area, Bridging the Bar and 10000 Black Interns Scheme. Alexandra Wilson is nominated by Chambers & Partners as a ‘future leader’ for the Diversity & Inclusion Award 2021.

The well-being of members and staff are a priority in these times of changing working environment and pressure, with access to professional support and policies in place, particularly for those with parental and caring responsibilities.

Department Name Email Telephone
Clerking Team Main Contact +44 (0) 207 332 5400
Photo Name Position Profile
 Danielle Barden  photo Danielle Barden Danielle Barden is a specialist barrister instructed in business crime, general crime and…
 Georgia Beatty  photo Georgia Beatty Georgia is a barrister practising in all areas of criminal law. She…
 Charles Bennett  photo Charles Bennett Charles Bennett practises in all main areas of chancery, commercial and company law, landlord…
 Roger Birch  photo Roger Birch Roger Birch has a multi-disciplinary practice which combines chancery and commercial, family…
 Andrew Bird  photo Andrew Bird Andrew Bird QC is a specialist in white-collar crime, civil and criminal…
 Edmund Burge  photo Edmund Burge Edmund is a specialist criminal advocate, ranked in both Chambers & Partners and the Legal…
 Benjamin Burge  photo Benjamin Burge Ben is a criminal practitioner. In recent years, he has developed a…
 Louisa Collins  photo Louisa Collins Louisa is a barrister specialising in extradition, international crime and human rights…
 Dominic Connolly  photo Dominic Connolly An experienced criminal practitioner whose practice principally concerns serious and large-scale organised…
 Claire Cooper  photo Claire Cooper Claire practices in all areas of crime, with a particular focus on…
 Mark Cotter photo Mark Cotter Mark’s principal specialisms are in business and financial crime (including asset recovery…
 John Crawford  photo John Crawford John is a door tenant at 5SAH and accepts instructions in relation…
 Alexandra Davey  photo Alexandra Davey Alexandra has developed a busy practice specialising in all aspects of criminal and…
 Kevin Dent  photo Kevin Dent Kevin Dent has built up a wealth of experience over 20 years…
 Bernard Devlin  photo Bernard Devlin Bernard has practised continuously at the Bar since 1980 in the fields…
 Natasha Draycott  photo Natasha Draycott   Natasha is a leading extradition barrister who acts for both foreign…
 Andrew Evans  photo Andrew Evans Andrew Evans is an experienced criminal practitioner, specialising in the prosecution of…
 Sarah Fairbairn  photo Sarah Fairbairn Sarah is a barrister practising in all areas of criminal law, with…
 James Fletcher  photo James Fletcher James practises in both civil and criminal law. He is a specialist in…
 Ian Foinette  photo Ian Foinette Ian Foinette has been a member of chambers since 1987, having been…
 Philip Galway-Cooper  photo Philip Galway-Cooper Philip Galway-Cooper is a property barrister appearing before all tribunals including the…
 Eve George  photo Eve George Eve was called to the Bar in 1997.
 James Harris  photo James Harris James Harris is a barrister with very wide experience at the Bar,…
 David (Harry) Hewitt  photo David (Harry) Hewitt Harry specialises in prosecuting and defending heavyweight financial crime cases.  Harry has…
 Wendy Hewitt  photo Wendy Hewitt Wendy practices exclusively in professional discipline and regulatory work. Wendy is Head of…
 Rebecca Hill  photo Rebecca Hill Rebecca Hill is a leading practitioner in extradition and international crime who…
 Barnaby Hone photo Barnaby Hone Barnaby’s international asset recovery and financial crime practice includes experience of dealing…
 Jonathan Ingram  photo Jonathan Ingram Jonathan Ingram is a specialist criminal barrister who prosecutes and defends serious…
 Daniel Jones  photo Daniel Jones Dan is a specialist criminal lawyer. He prosecutes and defends a wide…
 Nicholas Jones  photo Nicholas Jones Nick is an experienced criminal advocate who also provides advice and representation…
 David Josse photo David Josse Since taking silk he has specialised in extradition work encompassing the full…
 Jaqueline Julyan S.C.  photo Jaqueline Julyan S.C. A graduate of Stellenbosch and Cambridge Universities, Jaqueline was called to the…
 John Keal  photo John Keal John Keal is an experienced criminal barrister who both prosecutes and defends…
 Ben Keith  photo Ben Keith Ben Keith is a barrister specialising in Extradition, Immigration, Serious Fraud, Human Rights…
 Caroline Knight photo Caroline Knight Caroline was called to the Bar in 1985.
 Alexa Le Moine (Pupil)  photo Alexa Le Moine (Pupil) Alexa was called to the Bar in 2018.
 Francesca Levett  photo Francesca Levett Francesca Levett is a criminal practitioner who has developed a significant practice…
 Gemma Lindfield  photo Gemma Lindfield Gemma Lindfield is an experienced extradition barrister and has been involved in…
 Alecsandra Manning-Rees  photo Alecsandra Manning-Rees Solicitor Advocate from January 2016 and called to the Bar in 2018.
 Christopher May  photo Christopher May Chris May is a heavyweight criminal barrister instructed in some of the…
 John McNamara  photo John McNamara John McNamara is a barrister practising in criminal law and all related…
 David McNeill  photo David McNeill David McNeill is a barrister with a strong practice in fraud and…
 Mark Mullins  photo Mark Mullins Mark Mullin’s practice is split between crime and immigration. He is a…
 Joe O'Leary (Pupil) photo Joe O'Leary (Pupil) Joe was called to the Bar in 2019.
 Jose Olivares-Chandler  photo Jose Olivares-Chandler Jose Olivares-Chandler has been ranked in the Legal 500 for Crime (London…
 John Oliver  photo John Oliver John Oliver specialises in crime and extradition. John has particular experience in…
 Gary Pons  photo Gary Pons Gary Pons is a talented and dedicated barrister. His approach to cases…
 Don Ramble  photo Don Ramble Don Ramble is instructed in the most serious of criminal cases and…
 Alex Rooke  photo Alex Rooke Alex maintains a busy 50/50 defence and prosecution practice, and believes this…
 Gemma Rose  photo Gemma Rose Gemma is a barrister practising in all areas of criminal law. She…
 Maria Scotland  photo Maria Scotland Maria Scotland practices exclusively in family law with a specialism in high…
 Richard Scott  photo Richard Scott Richard Scott is a courteous, conscientious and confident advocate. He returned to 5…
 Eleanor Scott-Davies  photo Eleanor Scott-Davies Eleanor’s practice covers criminal, prison and extradition work. Eleanor regularly appears in…
 Mark Smith  photo Mark Smith Mark Smith is a barrister specialising in crime, extradition, family and civil…
 David Stern  photo David Stern David Stern‘s practice focuses on corporate regulation, business crime and serious fraud…
 Bridgett Todd  photo Bridgett Todd Bridget is an experienced criminal barrister who practises in all areas of…
 Ini Udom  photo Ini Udom Ini Udom is a barrister specialising in regulatory work and complex criminal…
 Paul Valder  photo Paul Valder Paul Valder is an experienced barrister who prosecutes and defends crime at…
 James Vine  photo James Vine James Vine is an experienced criminal barrister who prosecutes and defends in…
 Allister Walker  photo Allister Walker Allister Walker has twenty five years’ experience as a barrister in independent…
 Vivian Walters  photo Vivian Walters Vivian has over twenty-five years experience in prosecuting and defending serious crime.…
 John Warrington  photo John Warrington John is a barrister specialising in professional disciplinary proceedings, regulatory and criminal…
 Abigail White  photo Abigail White Abigail White has extensive experience prosecuting and defending in a wide range…
 David Williams  photo David Williams David practices in Extradition, Human Rights, Public Law, Sports Law / Regulation…
 Alexandra Wilson  photo Alexandra Wilson Alexandra is a barrister specialising in criminal and family law.  In her…
 Sarah Wood  photo Sarah Wood She is an experienced and highly accomplished practitioner who specialises in criminal…

David Josse Q.C.

David Josse Q.C. David Josse Q.C. is Head of Chambers at 5SAH. He is a Silk specialising in extradition, human rights, international war crimes and serious crime, both nationally and internationally. David explains how 5SAH continues to strive for excellence and how the Bar must modernise.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate 5SAH from its competitors?

Our clients are central to everything that we do at 5SAH.  We offer and provide each and everyone a bespoke service.  The barristers they instruct will be experts in their field and provide realistic advice. They are client focused and results driven.

In addition, we want our members and staff to be happy and to be part of and proud of 5SAH because we offer a unique and welcoming workplace and environment. We are flexible with our working practices for both our staff and members.  We offer a generous package for anyone on parental leave. As a result, we retain our barristers and clerks, many of which have been with us throughout their years at the Bar.  We offer a generous pupillage package and we always aim to retain our pupils in order to grow our talent from the bottom up.  We do not believe it benefits the individual or 5SAH as a whole, to take on pupils if we cannot accommodate them as tenants.

Which practices do you expect to grow over the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

Business Crime: This team is a busy and successful group of expert barristers.  We expect this group to grow over the next 12 months due to the upsurge in financial based crime.  Our team receives some of the biggest cases in the market in this area and we are confident this will continue.  Much of the work has become advisory on pre-charge and investigation stage and this has significantly increased instruction in this area.

  • Extradition & International: Whether we like it or not – a remainer or a leaver – Brexit will have a huge impact on our legal landscape. This applies to a great an extent in the area of Extradition Law.  No one knows quite how it will impact both legally and practically, but our barristers will be ready to tackle the challenges that leaving the EU will throw at them.  This will be a very busy time for our Team, almost certainly providing real and interesting opportunities for legal challenges.

How has direct public access changed the work of your chambers? Is this a growth area for your set?

Direct public access work has changed the work of 5SAH.  We still receive the majority of our work from traditional streams, however direct public access is an important provider and is growing.  It is a brilliant way for members of the public to directly access and instruct a barrister in appropriate cases where there is less need for litigation support.  It cuts the costs for them and any duplication of work. It also shows how the Bar is modernising for the needs of our clients, which is always a good thing.

It is a growth area for 5SAH.  We have our Public Access barristers listed on the website for ease if clients wish to find them for this service.  We are likely to expand these pages on our website as it is such a growth area.  We have to follow the needs of our clients.  If the public are showing more interest in instructing our barristers directly, 5SAH needs to adapt in order to provide a more streamlined service for the client in this respect.  Let’s watch this space!

What other issues are driving change at the modern Bar? How are you adapting to such change?

The modern Bar is adapting, however it still has a way to go before we can say that it accommodates all.  We need to be better at accommodating members of the Bar who want to engage to a greater extent in a family or personal life.  The unpredictable hours, travel and last minute nature of disclosure and paperwork all need to be managed in a better way.  Of course funding in some practice areas has a huge impact on how a case is managed. The legal profession cannot provide a family friendly working environment if the legal system we use does not support this.

5SAH offers a generous parental leave package for its members and we have a high retention rate of barristers coming back to work after they have had children.  Other sets also need to offer its members better incentives to stay within the profession so that we do not lose talented members of the Bar unnecessarily.

As a profession we also need to encourage members from non-traditional legal backgrounds to join and stay within the profession.  We have many members that are from non-legal backgrounds.  We have had members appear in the press publicising their own journey in order to encourage others.  We support the #IAmTheBar campaign from the Bar Council and think that this is a great campaign and hope this will continue.

What’s the biggest change you’ve made in chambers that you believe will benefit clients?

Chambers has always supported Pro-Bono work and it is something that on a personal level I have been keen to encourage. Its value to both Chambers and independent development is something that I always emphasise. It affords a real opportunity to work in new and, at times, interesting and challenging areas of practice. I can vouch for this on a personal level.  As a result of some gentle encouragement, more members of chambers now undertake pro-bono work and we are proud of Natasha Shotunde’s recent award in this area.  Clearly this benefits our clients, our barristers and Chambers as a whole.

  • A general growth in international work. This goes well beyond extradition as an area of practice and now encompasses advisory work in both business crime, family law and importantly in Rule Of Law matters. On a personal level, I am delighted to see that many of our juniors are keen to make their mark in the world of International Criminal Law. Having spent five years defending in War Crime trials at an International Tribunal I can vouch for how stimulating and fascinating such cases are and how on return to domestic practice they make an individual a far better and more rounded lawyer.

What technology has chambers recently invested in?

Chambers has for years been using cloud-based case management software and this has dramatically decreased the need for paper-based cases.  This is across a broad range of our practice areas. The cases that do come in paper form are quickly converted into electronic format, which allows barristers to work securely and remotely wherever they are.

How has this tech changed the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

We use our skype and video conference facilities far more than five years ago for local, national and international clients.  We can even have conferences directly with people in detention.  This has cut down travelling times and enabled us to provide faster client service.

What other chambers’ facilities are a benefit to clients?

We have outstanding seminar facilities and a regular programme of educational events for solicitors, investigators and government lawyers to help keep us at the forefront of our practice area. Our people are our asset and our team of clerks aims to provide the highest service to all types of client.

What are clients looking for from a modern chambers?

Clients do not want to instruct a stuffy set of barristers.  Our clients expect an approachable counsel who is open to new ideas and collaborating towards the agreed end point of their case.  Clients also expect a Chambers not only to provide quality legal services but also be up to date with current news items, political topics and how they will impact a particular practice area or legal issue. They expect an all round service and at 5SAH that is what we aim to deliver.

Where do you see your set in three years’ time?

We want to improve our market position by receiving interesting and important work across a range of fields.  We want to educate and mentor our junior barristers to progress their careers and encourage more of our members to become QC’s.

We have recently had 2 silks appointed (Kevin Dent Q.C. and Edmund Burge Q.C.) .