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Specialising in criminal law, Diane joined Fenners Chambers in the summer of 2017. Her areas of practice include:
Offences of dishonesty: Theft, burglary, fraud and blackmail, whether relating to low value or multi-million pound allegations.
Drug offences: All range of matters from production for personal use to multi-handed conspiracies linking participants across the country. Including the representing of the vulnerable who have become involved through pressure or as a consequence of their own additions.
Violent offences: Inflicting and causing grievous or actual bodily harm both with and without intent, kidnap, false imprisonment and robbery matters.
Sexual offences: Rape, all types of sexual assault, indecent images and breaches of subsequent protection orders.
Proceeds of Crime proceedings: Applications for restraint orders and confiscation orders. Significant experience in making submissions to reduce either the benefit or available amount.
Prison Law and Parole hearings: Attending for adjudications and parole hearings for those serving IPP sentences.


Year of call: 2007