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Chambers of Jayne Harrill
Four Brick Court

London Bar > Family: children and domestic abuse Tier 4

4 Brick Court is ‘a well-respected chambers with many excellent barristers’, with members active in some of the most complex and challenging public law children cases. Jacqui Gilliatt has extensive experience in handling cases that involve complex medical evidence, serious injuries, and sexual abuse and is known as ‘a reliable counsel who is robust in her advocacy’.

Rising stars

Elin Hughes - 4 Brick Court ‘Elin is extremely talented at her job. She is able to develop a good rapport with clients and has produced excellent work, including a skeleton argument on a complex fact-finding case. She is very approachable and will go over and above for clients. She is a brilliant advocate.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Thomas Pye  - 4 Brick Court ‘Thomas has a reassuring manner and quickly puts clients at ease. He is thorough and knowledgeable and argues the case persuasively.’ 
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Juniors

James Norman4 Brick Court ‘James is thorough, motivated, pleasant, and hard-working, and his case management and guidance are exemplary. Both oral and written advocacy is highly competent.’
Ranked: Tier 5
Nairn Purss - 4 Brick Court ‘Nairn is a highly experienced, articulate and clever barrister with a remarkable eye for detail, a deep understanding of human nature, a passion for advocacy and a tenacious style.’
Ranked: Tier 6
Justin Tadros - 4 Brick Court ‘Justin is an excellent advocate. He prepares thoroughly and has great attention to detail.’
Ranked: Tier 6
Ummar Farooq Ahmad – 4 Brick Court ‘Ummar is a strong advocate for his client. He is a realistic advocate when dealing with other parties. He is very easy to work with whatever side he is on but uncompromising when it comes to advocating for his client.’
Ranked: Tier 6
Jacqui Gilliatt – 4 Brick Court ‘Jacqui is highly experienced and very able. She is always willing to give advice and guidance when needed. She gives careful consideration to all of the issues. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge, which is invaluable.’
Ranked: Tier 6
Isabelle Watson – 4 Brick Court 'Isabelle is a silk in waiting. Her forensic skills are second to none. Her case preparation is extraordinary. She always knows every detail of a case. She is an iron fist in a velvet glove.'
Ranked: Tier 6


‘The clerks at 4 Brick Court are a fantastic asset to the set.’

‘The clerks respond quickly. Richard Gilham and Ayiana Lesforis have secured counsel for me on various occasions on short notice. ‘

‘4 Brick Court goes above and beyond to help. It ensures counsel is right for the case in terms of complexity and expertise.’

‘4 Brick Court can offer a good breath of experience and are always able to accommodate hearings even at short notice.’

‘4 Brick Court is an excellent set with very talented and dedicated barristers.’

‘4 Brick Court is an excellent set with bright and highly competent barristers at all levels.’

‘4 Brick Court is very strong in childcare law/public law. Counsel is often able to take on last-minute cases and are generally very approachable. Counsel will put in the effort to provide full attendance notes.’

‘4 Brick Court is brilliant and full of high-quality barristers who are very knowledgeable in family law.’