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The firm

Founded in 2010, Auler & Pinto Abogados brings a wealth of experience to Peru´s competitive legal market. Its three main partners have each over 25 year of professional experience, having worked in key Government positions, private practice, academia and pro-bono.

The radical transformation of the Peruvian economy in the 90’s and the Constitution approved in 1992, established the framework under which Peru’s economy would flourish for the next decades. New charters for the Central Bank, the Bank and Insurance Superintendence, the Securities Market Superintendence, among others, assured independence from political influence and brought a new generation of public servants. The creation of the Private Pension Fund system was instrumental in helping boost and channel investment into new projects. Peru also has strong and technically-oriented regulatory agencies: Telecommunications (OSIPTEL), Infrastructure and Transportation (OSITRAN), Energy and Mines (OSINERGMIN) and Water and Sanitation (SUNASS).

Having worked at the Ministry of Finance for more than six years, our Partner Jaime Pinto was a key participant in setting up the new legal framework for investment. After leaving Government, Jaime and Guillermo Auler worked together in one of Peru´s largest Law Firms, assisting clients on financial transactions, debt refinancing and corporate restructurings. Milagros Fernandez was then also working in the same Law Firm, as part of its Taxation team. Years after, the three would then again partner in Auler & Pinto Abogados. Afterwards Fabricio Valero with expertise in Criminal and Compliance matters, Maria del Carmen Gonzalez Orbegoso with expertise in Real Estate and Tatiana Palma with expertise in Labour and Immigration matters joined the firm, completing the scope necessary to assist our clients in their legal needs.

Our Law Firm values the prestige, experience and credibility of its lawyers. Our Partners have LLM studies in prestigious universities in Peru and abroad, including Harvard Law School and Duke Law School, are members of Board of Directors of important companies operating in Peru, and also teach in law schools of Peruvian Universities courses of their speciality.

Areas of practice

Corporate: advising on best legal forms to conduct business in Peru, whether the client is a domestic or a foreign investor, the scope of the practice in our corporate area includes corporate law, loan agreements, mergers and acquisitions, contracts and bankruptcy matters, between others. The Firm also provides advice on concession agreements, privatizations, bankruptcy, trusts and partnerships. Public-Private Partnerships (PPP’s) are a key mechanism widely used in Peru for the promotion of investment and the development of infrastructure.

Labour and Immigration: in order to assure its clients comply with the substantive and formal aspects of hiring personnel. We also advise on employment disengagement when needed. The Firm also assists in the process for obtaining residency status to foreigners that arrive to Peru for carrying their business.

Taxation: any investment requires adequate planning and solid tax structure to carry out business minimizing contingencies and assuring adequate return on investment. We also carry out tax audits and advice on price transfer.

Mining and hydrocarbons: probably the two main economic activities that sustain growth in Peru. The Firm advises on mining concession agreements, options over mining rights, registration of concessions and other administrative procedures.

Real Estate: is one of the key areas that promote investment in urban areas. Title ownership studies, options, special vehicle structures, joint ventures, among other, require professional skills that we provide assistance.

Criminal and Compliance: has become an important practice area for the firm, particularly for white-collar cases. The firm mainly assists after conflict checks.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate Guillermo Auler
Corporate Jaime Pinto
Labour and Immigration Guillermo Auler
Labour and Immigration Tatiana Palma
Taxation Milagros Fernández
Real estate Guillermo Auler
Real estate Maria del Carmen González Orbegoso
Mining and Hydrocarbons Jaime Pinto
Criminal and Compliance Jaime Pinto
Criminal and Compliance Fabricio Valero
Number of partners : 11
Number of other fee-earners : 8
Partner : Jaime Pinto, Esq.
Partner : Guillermo Auler, Esq.
Partner : Milagros Fernandez, Esq.