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Public law Tier 5

MJ Alves & Burle Advogados e Consultores has established itself as a leading firm in the field of advocacy and government relations in Brazil. The Brasília-based firm acts for leading players in the tech, energy and life sciences sectors, among others. Marcos Joaquim Gonçalves Alves and Fernanda Burle have strong experience.


MJ Alves e Burle Advogados e Consultores – Advocacy Brasil (MJAB) advocates for organizations and companies from various sectors on governmental matters in the Brazilian Congress and Administration, representing them at the Brazilian higher courts (Supreme Court and Superior Court of Justice). MJAB seeks the best solutions for the judicial and regulatory issues of its clients, with technical accuracy and vision.

The Firm

MJAB is the first law firm specializing in advocacy in Brazil. It is a Brasilia-based and Brasilia-oriented firm launched in January 2017 with a solid team of three founding partners and four associate lawyers and engages with other professionals to respond better to clients’ needs. It works through strategic partnerships with outside consulting firms and entities, contributing both to the formulation of public policies and to the improvement of the business environment in Brazil.

Areas of practice

MJAB’s expertise includes complex tax and civil litigation cases, economic and political strategy and engagement. The firm has in-depth knowledge of the political and regulatory arenas and of its stakeholders, representing clients in trial and appeal proceedings with an emphasis on appeal litigation practice with the superior courts. Its legal experience includes disputes involving the following industries: banking and finance, corporate transactions, construction, agreements with the government, IT and telecoms; legal guidance and preparation of technical material in accordance with the agreed strategy; legal research to identify applicable court decisions and the opinion of jurists. Its advocacy experience includes assessment of the impact of judicial and political decisions in the legal, political, economic and social environments; identification and monitoring of pending legislative proposals and other parliamentary initiatives; analysis of the law and the legislative process for legislative and executive propositions and their unfolding; critical analysis and advice on the preparation of position and engagement papers, offering suggestions to improve public policies and bills of law; and meetings with the government (government relations) and direct engagement with public and private players.


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Advocacy Marcos Joaquim Gonçalves Alves E:
Advocacy Fernanda Burle E: fernandaburle@
Higher Courts Marcos Joaquim Gonçalves Alves E:
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Ms Fernanda Burle  photo Ms Fernanda Burle
Ms Jenise Carvalho  photo Ms Jenise Carvalho
Mr Leandro Modesto Coimbra  photo Mr Leandro Modesto Coimbra
Mr Ademar Costa Filho  photo Mr Ademar Costa Filho
Mr Marcos Joaquim Gonçalves Alves photo Mr Marcos Joaquim Gonçalves Alves
Mr Gustavo Oliveira de Sa e Benevides  photo Mr Gustavo Oliveira de Sa e Benevides
 Gabriella Alencar Ribeiro  photo Gabriella Alencar Ribeiro
Ms Barbara Rodrigues Lima Teles  photo Ms Barbara Rodrigues Lima Teles
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