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Rizo, Erreguerena y Garza-Cantú, S.C.

Tax Tier 4

Founded in 2013, Rizo, Erreguerena y Garza-Cantú, S.C. is an 'impressive' tax boutique with stalwart practitioners, such as Juan Carlos Rizo who spent over 10 years at the SAT handling litigation and amparo cases, Carlos Garza-Cantú Aguirre who also worked at the tax authority for over a decade undertaking domestic and international tax matters, and ‘solid and experiencedJosé Miguel Erreguerena Albaitero who handles consultancy work. Today all three have over 20years' experience and equip the small practice with the ability to handle a full range of consultancy work, representation before the tax authorities, and litigation on tax and administrative matters, including before constitutional courts.

Rizo, Erreguerena y Garza-Cant?, S.C. relies on the consolidated expertise of its partners and members on tax and administrative matters, aimed at offering its clients first-class professional legal services for the prevention and solution of tax-related issues and contingencies, practicing within the highest ethical principles and standards.

The firm

The firm was established in 2013 with the purpose of providing advisory and litigation services on tax and administrative matters, offering a solid expertise based on over 30 years of practice by its partners, and merging several years of experience in both the private sector and the Federal Tax Administration.

Areas of practice

Tax consultancy: the firm endeavors to provide a profound analysis of the legal framework on a case-by-case-basis, in order to provide its clients with the elements that allow them to make optimal business decisions. Within the scope of its advisory services, the firm assists both individuals and legal entities on the course of their business or specific corporate transactions, financing, transfer pricing operations, investment and other national and international matters.

Representation with authorities: an appropriate management of the procedures with administrative, tax and customs authorities allow the firm to prevent potential conflicts and minimize contingencies. Accordingly, its responsibility is to provide professional assistance in different processes, such as remedies with the tax ombudsperson (PRODECON), rulings and administrative appeals with tax authorities, tax refund requests, tax or administrative audits, public bids for different areas, and defense of administrative liability of public officers, among others.

Litigation: in the event of a controversy with tax authorities, the firm provides litigation services on tax and administrative matters (including foreign trade and customs and administrative liability) at different levels and instances, including administrative remedies, lawsuits before the federal and local tax courts and constitutional appeals.

Foreign trade: the scope of the firm’s professional services comprises customs-related procedures, such as tariff classification, imports and exports, beneficial regimes for manufacturing companies and other specific figures and sectorial registries, to name a few.

Department Name Email Telephone
Tax advisory Carlos Garza-Cantú E:
Tax advisory Juan Carlos Rizo E:
Litigation on tax and administrative matters Juan Carlos Rizo E:
Litigation on tax and administrative matters José Miguel Erreguerena E:
Representation with administrative authorities Carlos Garza-Cantú E:
Representation with administrative authorities Juan Carlos Rizo E:
Foreign trade and customs José Miguel Erreguerena E:
Foreign trade and customs Carlos Garza-Cantú E:
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 Miroslava de Fátima Alcayde Escalante  photo Miroslava de Fátima Alcayde Escalante
 Sergio Cuauhtémoc Contreras Angulo  photo Sergio Cuauhtémoc Contreras Angulo
 José Miguel Erreguerena Albaitero  photo José Miguel Erreguerena Albaitero
 Jaime Enrique Gómez Velázquez  photo Jaime Enrique Gómez Velázquez
 Paloma García Orozco  photo Paloma García Orozco
 Carlos Garza-Cantú Aguirre  photo Carlos Garza-Cantú Aguirre
 Bertha Elisa Meza Chávez  photo Bertha Elisa Meza Chávez
 Juan Carlos Rizo León  photo Juan Carlos Rizo León
 Daniel Alejandro Simón Ávila  photo Daniel Alejandro Simón Ávila
 Monserrath Solís Castillo  photo Monserrath Solís Castillo
Total staff : 10
Partners : 3