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Founded in 1988, World Law Group® has consistently pursued its own unique growth strategy: to add a member firm in a new jurisdiction only when the needs of existing member firms and their clients demand, and only if a sufficiently high-quality firm can be identified.

Overall, the list of World Law Group members below clearly demonstrates how successful this growth strategy has been. Undisputed national or regional leaders in their markets, all have a long and comprehensive presence in their jurisdictions and serve clients from multiple offices. So it is no surprise that clients of World Law Group member firms include many of the world’s largest multinational corporations as well as leading domestic companies, governments, and not-for-profit organizations.

Many members have been ranked top firms in their national markets by legal industry arbiters including Chambers and Partners, the Legal 500 and the International Financial Law Review.

As premier national firms, World Law Group members attract and retain the best local talent, including many lawyers who have gained international legal training and experience. They are intimately engaged in the business, legal and social environments in which they operate, and bring a deep and comprehensive understanding of the culture, customs and nuances of these environments that few foreign-based firms ever master. Through the World Law Group, each member firm can swiftly rally the broad legal experience, in-depth local knowledge and extensive resources of one or a dozen other members to work seamlessly for a client via a single phone call or email. World Law Group members worldwide do exactly that more than 2,900 times each year — or about eleven times each business day — with all member firms committed to responding within 24 hours. Clients of World Law Group members can rest assured, knowing they are being advised by some of the best legal professionals in every jurisdiction in which World Law Group has a presence, from more than 400 offices worldwide.

World Law Group members are full-service business law firms that offer the comprehensive range of legal experience and services required by today’s multinational companies. Having collaborated on many cross-border transactions, disputes and other matters, they are accustomed to fielding multinational teams that regularly exceed client expectations.

Through the World Law Group, multinational organizations are able to access a full spectrum of legal expertise provided by more than 18,000 professionals working from 360 offices in 78 countries. Our criteria for membership requires that each member be a leading, full-service firm with the ability to provide national coverage in its jurisdiction. Many are multi-office firms, serving clients from offices in major business centres nationally or regionally.

As a result, you will note that WLG provides access to many more legal professionals in a comprehensive variety of legal disciplines and offers greater geographical coverage with fewer member firms than many networks and similar alliances. Our strategy of pursuing “quality over quantity” makes it easier for our members to forge stronger business relationships, greater knowledge of and confidence in each other’s capabilities, and more cohesive and responsive client service.

With the experience of working together on hundreds of matters over the past 30 years, our firms have fine-tuned their ability to marshal the exact expertise and resources required to meet a client’s needs almost anywhere in the world swiftly, efficiently and cost effectively.

For example, we’ve organized and briefed global teams covering 30 or 40 jurisdictions to assist with urgent client matters in less than a day. (Our member firms take their WLG commitment to a guaranteed 24-hour-or-less response time to their fellow members very seriously.) Members routinely collaborate on multi-country transactions and disputes seamlessly and successfully. WLG firms also excel at designing and delivering legal compliance and training programs customized to meet both international standards and local law, be it in two jurisdictions or 25.

Thanks to the close relationships, in-depth knowledge of each other’s capabilities and experience, and the resulting trust built among World Law Group members over a quarter-century, we’ve developed the kind of cohesive approach and collaboration skills that many multinational firms would envy – and that many clients have learned to appreciate.

Multinational businesses have a few choices today when selecting legal advisors. You can opt to:

  • Go with a huge “global” firm, generally with a mix of a few large full-service offices and a scattering of small satellite offices of varying quality, responsiveness, depth and breadth of expertise;
  • Work with a multinational firm with a “tacked on” network of “best friend” or allied firms, which can change as frequently as a major client conflict pops up;
  • Find a local law firm in each country or region you’re expanding into — and find the time to manage those myriad relationships on your own; or
  • Choose a World Law Group member firm and work with it to custom-design a multinational relationship-management model that meets your needs.

This WLG relationship-management arrangement can range from:

  • Determining the legal services you require in each jurisdiction in which your organization operates, to choosing just the right client team needed from other premier WLG member firms to seamlessly meet those needs;
  • Negotiating rates/AFAs to setting billing methods, service-delivery standards and matter/project management protocols; and from
  • Identifying value-adds including client training, secondments and customized comparative law tools, to creating shared client-service extranets and/or the formation of a client “interest group” comprising partners from all firms involved.

In short, the WLG “lead firm” works with you to deliver the experience of working with a single firm, while harnessing the superior talent, in-depth resources and local strengths of top national firms in each market for your organization’s benefit.

But that’s not all. Your relationship with any one of the WLG’s premier, independent firms provides your organization with an entrée to the resident expertise, local contacts and facilities of approximately 350 member firm offices in every major business centre worldwide.

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