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The 'very prepared and experienced' corporate and M&A specialists at RZ Advogados 'stand out for their dynamism and knowledge, which leads to agility and assertiveness in decision making'. Brazilian and international companies operating in a range of sectors - including ports, agribusiness and retail - seek the team's advice in complex corporate matters. The firm also encourages its team to assist in its pro bono support of the Projeto Canelinhas, based in Cidade de Deus, Rio de Janeiro, which provides healthcare, sport and cultural activities. Mauricio Jun Higashino has over 18 years of experience in corporate, M&A, contracts and succession planning; he leads the practice and receives strong praise from clients. Christian de Lima Ramos and associates Fernanda Aires and Clarissa Novaes are also key contacts.

Practice head(s):

Mauricio Jun Higashino 


Young and dedicated professionals, having already gone through excellent law firms, where they gained substantial experience. Mauricio Higashino has experience in operations involving parties in different countries and demonstrates skill in conducting business and in dealing with clients, who trust him.’

They stand out for their dynamism and knowledge, which leads to agility and assertiveness in decision making. Clarissa Novaes is recommended.’

RZ is an office of young professionals, but very prepared and experienced. What I can cite as a differential is the proximity to the demands of the client and the client itself. This makes a lot of difference, especially in times of chaos.’

Deep knowledge in the legal context of Brazil and versatility in the proposed structures that can be decisive in the conclusion of the operation. Christian Ramos – Deep knowledge and broad vision of the market and business.’

The RZ Advogados team has good connections and experiences in the Agribusiness market in Brazil. Mauricio Higashino: I highly value the transparency with which he deals with information and projects, indicating possible risks and committing to seek more information to mitigate some risks and doubts. Honesty and good communication is a very important point and clearly perceived in Mr. Mauricio.’

The speed, the quality of the team and the knowledge on the topics. They are always very assertive, updated on the movements in law. Fernanda Aires: very attentive, extremely professional service. Christian Ramos: extremely surgical in his settings, very experienced and professional.’

The firm is formed by lawyers with a lot of knowledge in their practice areas, always looking for innovative alternatives to better serve the client’s interests.’

The Ramos e Zuanon team is very attentive, enlightening and helpful in all legal demands. They are great partners in the development of our daily projects. They support our inquiries promptly and with great propriety. Caio Bianchi Alvarez de Souza, Vitor Dourado and Clarissa Novaes are excellent professionals in corporate and tax consultancy.’

Key clients

Humberg Agribrasil Comércio E Exportação de Grãos


Kanematsu Corporation

Holiste Psiquiatria

Scania Latin America

Mogiana Mineração Terraplenagem

Agromave Insumos

Mega – Logística Serviços Portuários e Transportes

MAD Produtores Associados

TGB – Terminal da Babitonga

DTA Engenharia

Caiena Agr Comércio de Cereais

Ramos e Zuanon Advogados was created to be a constant and valuable partner for its clients. Focusing on achieving the best results, RZ brings to the table strategic, efficient and personal legal services for its clients’ businesses and demands, always combining a high level of specialization with a dynamic and multidisciplinary approach.

Notwithstanding its multiple prizes and accolades in the Brazilian Agribusiness sector, since 2003 the law firm has been representing national and foreign companies, financial institutions, investors, insurers, investment funds, as well as entrepreneurs, from all segments of the economy, from the creation of new business to the negotiation and implementation of solutions for our clients often complex demands.

Having innovation as one of its pillars, RZ is constantly adopting the most advanced technological solutions available in the legal sector and in the market in general, but it is also investing substantially in the development of innovative tools for the permanent improvement of its team’s efficiency, connection with the best big data suppliers (background check, due diligences, asset recovery and fraud detection), mitigation of risks, predictive analysis and maintenance of the highest standards of information governance.

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