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Terry Green is the deputy managing partner of our London office and a trusted advisor to international banks, investment funds, large hotel groups and luxury retailers. He serves as a project leader for their international business operations, and frequently addresses issues relating to financings, litigation, insolvencies and corporate real estate.

Terry maintains a global practice, which has seen him manage projects in the UK, Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. He makes himself available to his clients at all times, and believes in working closely with every client. Based on feedback, he makes regular adjustments to enhance the value of his role.

In all of his projects and transactions, Terry works to ensure that all parties walk away from any deal feeling that they have been fairly treated. He takes a long-term view and knows one deal, if done correctly, can lead to many more for his clients and their counterparties. That forward-looking approach has been critical when acting for his high-level banking, funds, high-net-worth, luxury retail and hospitality clients.

Given the global nature of his work, Terry has strong business relationships all over the world. These prove invaluable when working on matters like a real estate joint venture he handles for a large investment fund based in the Middle East, banks in Asia and Europe and hotel groups internationally (including in the United States).

Terry’s work on complex matters means he has learned to be flexible, and that applies to his client relationships. He is open to exploring fee arrangements that work for those he represents and is prepared to invest in relationships.