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Transactional Tax Planning


When multinational corporations consider major transactions, tax implications often make or break the deal. Charlotte Sallabank advises on those implications, advising clients on the direct and indirect tax consequences of their largest business decisions. Her creativity, persuasive power and close attention to her clients’ business aspirations consistently result in solutions that make them a reality.

With more than 30 years of experience advising on transactions valued in hundreds of millions of dollars or more, Charlotte understands that providing a technical tax analysis of a given transaction is not enough. Nor is it enough to gain a deep understanding of the business motives behind a deal, as Charlotte does. She goes further and considers all perspectives that can impact the success of a transaction. In her work for large public companies, for instance, she takes care to consider the sensitivities that directors and shareholders bring to tax issues. That level of thinking can avoid adverse public opinion, strained relations with regulators and other unintended consequences of tax planning.

Charlotte represents major banks, financial institutions, private equity houses and fund managers in addition to large corporations. Given the nature her clients, the transactions that she advises on often have a cross-border element. That was true of a multinational undergoing a global reorganization timed to coincide with a change in US tax law. With 24 hours left before the deadline, the client turned to Charlotte to solve a deal-breaking tax problem that was holding up UK tax approval. She did. It’s just one of many major transactions in which her contribution made all the difference.