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Foley Hoag routinely represents corporations working in the energy, chemicals, mining, and agricultural sectors in environmental litigation before the French courts. On the advisory side, the team excels in risk and pollution management for projects, site redevelopment, recycling, environmental reporting and hazard product management. The practice is co-led by Carine Le Roy-Gleizes and Corentin Chevallier, who are noted for their ‘skill and experience in environmental law’. Le Roy-Gleizes handles both contentious and non-contentious environmental mandates, including industrial risks, waste management, soil contamination, and litigation, while Chevallier is noted for his knowledge of mining matters. Frédéric Scanvic is an additional key contact.

Practice head(s):

Carine Le Roy-Gleizes; Corentin Chevallier

Other key lawyers:


‘Corentin Chevallier and Carine Le Roy-Gleizes both have great skill and experience in environmental law.’

‘The team is efficient and rigorous.’

‘Carine Le Roy-Gleizes undoubtedly stands out. She works extremely hard, is extremely conscientious and rigorous.’

‘Carine Le Roy-Gleizes always provides good advice during negotiations, while being firm on her client’s positions.’

Key clients


Mines de Potasse d’Alsace (MDPA)


Kalhyge (Groupenehs)

Northrop Grumman


Gie Osiris











Work highlights

  • Represented Mines de Potasse d’Alsace (MDPA), a former mining operator, in an environmental dispute regarding StocaMine site, an underground hazardous waste storage site in a former potassium mine located in Alsace for which MDPA has obtained definitive waste storage authorisations.
  • Advised ENGIE’s different business units regarding biodiversity issues, mining law issues, waste issues and remediation issues.
  • Represented Lafarge France in high-stakes disputes related to the management of excavated soils generated by the digging of the latest underground subway line (West-East) in the Paris Region (Eole project).

Latin America: International firms > International arbitration

Foley Hoag LLP has an impressive background in defending Latin American states and state-owned entities in international arbitration proceedings, including state-to-state cases, investment arbitration and commercial disputes. The firm has a significant market share of sovereign state engagements in the arbitral sphere and it continues to gain and represent new Latin American sovereign clients in the area. It is also noted for its expertise in public international law. The firm launched its dedicated Latin America practice in 2021 with Clara Brillembourg (‘a brilliant leader’, ‘very effective and persuasive’) and Kenneth Figueroa (‘truly exceptional’) at the helm; both have extensive connections to Latin American states and outstanding track records in big-ticket cases. The team also includes an array of fluent Spanish and Portuguese speakers, some of whom were trained and qualified in Latin American jurisdictions. An ‘indispensable member of the teamChristina Beharry has ‘a deep mastery of quantum and damages issues’; she, along with dual-qualified (Nicaragua/New York) Ofilio Mayorga, who is based in New York and was raised to the partnership in August 2022; and counsel Gisela Paris (who is admitted in Argentina, New York and Washington DC), are all key figures in the Latin America focused arbitration practice group. Paris-based global co-chair of international litigation and arbitration Diana Paraguacuto-Mahéo provides further senior-level support; while head of the firm’s Africa arbitration practice, Tafadzwa Pasipanodya, also works on Latin America where clients highlight her ‘formidable legal mind’. All named individuals are based in Washington DC unless stated otherwise.

Practice head(s):

Clara Brillembourg; Christina Hioureas; Diana Paraguacuto-Mahéo; Constantinos Salonidis


Foley Hoag for me is one of the or the best International Arbitration law firm that one can count on. A few years ago I had the opportunity to work with them in litigation and the truth is that their dedication, teamwork, attention to detail and, above all, analytical capacity to propose all the strategies in the case were beyond any standard. Lawyers like Ofilio Mayorga, Ken Figueroa are truly exceptional.

The team makes you feel that every case is unique. That your case is unique and that they are 1000% committed to its success although they may also be working on other cases, they make you feel like a unique client and that gives a lot of peace of mind as a client. In addition, the ability to coordinate and process information from different experts who are part of the team is extraordinary.

It’s a little excellent team, always pro active. They have extensive litigation experience, including cross-border lawsuits.

Foley Hoag specialises in representing respondent states in international arbitrations. This allows them to follow consistent and well-thought approaches, unlike other firms who may argue a certain position in one case and the completely opposite position in another case. Keeping a consistent approach across cases makes Foley Hoag a highly credible team who is well-respected by tribunals. Foley Hoag has obtained great outcomes for their clients, including complete victories for Uruguay, Nicaragua and Japan, among others. I highly recommend Foley Hoag to any States facing international arbitrations against them.

Clara Brillembourg is a brilliant leader at Foley Hoag. She is very effective and persuasive.

Christina Beharry has a deep mastery of quantum and damages issues and is an indispensable member of the Foley Hoag team.

Tafadzwa Pasipanodya is a formidable legal mind with a mastery of both the facts of the case and the applicable law.

Key clients



Dominican Republic



Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima




St. Lucia


Work highlights

  • Successfully represented Peru in an UNCITRAL arbitration under the US-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement.
  • Represented Ecuador in an UNCITRAL arbitration stemming from a contract between the Ecuadorian State-owned oil and gas transport company FLOPEC and Consorcio GLP for the installation and setup of a pier, deposit and transport system for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).
  • Represented Uruguay in an ICSID arbitration, involving the failure and bankruptcy of its only national airline, Pluna.