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Alexiou Fisher Philipps LLP remains known for working with high profile clients in the most difficult financial and children law cases. It has recently been instructed on various cases that have featured household names from the fields of politics, media and sports. In addition five of its partners are mediators and it also has a qualified financial arbitrator. The team is known too for its European and Francophone case specialisms. Six members of the team team are fellows of the IAFL (International Academy of Family Lawyers). William Healing is among the key contacts. Tom Amlot has a thriving practice acting for international and other high-net-worth clients and those in the public eye.

Other key lawyers:

William Healing; Tom Amlot; Susan Philipps; Emma Harte ;Magnus Mill Sara Hannell ;Katie Longmate


AFP, and certainly the team under William Healing, has an unparalleled strength in cases involving French families. The lawyers are engaged and imaginative. William Healing has an excellent understanding of Anglo-French cases’.

‘A boutique firm with a small team of highly effective and expert family lawyers. They stand out amongst top tier family solicitors as equally adept at children work and financial work and unusually many of the partners are equally competent at both sides of the case. They bring a wealth of experience particularly in cases with an international element‘.

‘Sara Hannell is an outstanding family lawyer both for money and children work. Her commitment to her clients is second to none. She gives forthright and realistic advice and manages expectations with pragmatism and finesse. She combines compassion and thoughtfulness with a steely determination to get the best outcome possible whether it is through litigation or alternate dispute resolution‘.

It is a  niche matrimonial team with a collection of very bright individual solicitors who provide an excellent all round client service. Sara Hannell – she is highly intelligent, an astute tactician and exceptionally tenacious in ensuring that her clients achieve the right outcome. She is very thorough in her approach and spots points that others would miss. She is empathetic and charming and provides an excellent service all round‘.

Polished, professional and unflappable team who can cope easily with high value work and demanding clients. William Healing – an excellent and thoughtful partner who cares deeply about his cases and thinks carefully about every tactical step‘.

‘Magnus Mill has a cool head in a crisis and an eye firmly fixed on the big picture. Tom Amlot has a blend of keen intelligence, charm and experience that means he is the full package. William Healing is a dogged and imaginative litigator who simply never gives up‘.

My experience of APF relates to its matrimonial finance team. It is unrivalled in its knowledge of complex financial structures; offshore trusts, businesses and pension schemes. Magnus Mill – I continue to be amazed by Magnus’s knowledge of the finite detail of the most complicated of cases. He has a brain the size of a planet and a warmth and pragmatism that clients love. He is very much a ‘safe pair of hands’ and can fight his client’s case incredibly well against any opponent. Magnus has a very good eye for detail and for identifying early on the weaknesses in the other side’s case‘.

Emma Harte is immensely likeable, with a reassuringly calm and focused approach to her work. Her strengths include a strong strategic nous, the ability to see the bigger picture, but without sacrificing any of the detail. Although her manner is gentle, there is steel when needed‘.

Key clients

Jessie Harrington (wife of former minister Richard Harrington)

Alexiou Fisher Philipps is a specialist niche matrimonial and family law practice described as ‘a distillation of the finest family law talent’.

The firm: Alexiou Fisher Philipps is a specialist niche family law practice created in July 2001 by its founding partners Douglas Alexiou, Jeremy Fisher and Susan Philipps. Since then the partnership has increased to include Emma Harte, Sara Hannell, Tom Amlot, Magnus Mill, Katie Longmate and, most recently, William Healing.

The firm is particularly well known for its international work, and for its expertise in the financial consequences of the breakdown of relationships and the resolution of disputes relating to children. Many of the firm’s cases involve substantial assets and complex issues, and the firm has featured in several of the largest cases that have gone through the courts in the last few years.

Alexiou Fisher Philipps has a wide-ranging client base, from the professional, to the aristocracy, from entrepreneurs to entertainers, from the media to merchant bankers.

Douglas Alexiou is a past president of the International Academy of Family Lawyers and a past president of its European chapter.

Susan Philipps is a Resolution-trained mediator and a collaborative family lawyer. She is also a fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers, as is Emma Harte, who is also an accredited Resolution mediator and former chair of its ADR committee. Sara Hannell, Tom Amlot and William Healing are also all fellows of the International Academy of Family Lawyers.

Magnus Mill joined Alexiou Fisher Philipps in February 2015 and has particular expertise in offshore asset holding structures. Katie Longmate joined the partnership in 2016 having previously been a senior associate. She has particular expertise in relation to child relocation cases as well as the drafting and negotiation of pre-nuptial agreements.

William Healing is the latest addition to the partnership, having joined the firm in May 2017. William is particularly well known for his French practice.

Types of work undertaken: Alexiou Fisher Philipps provides comprehensive expertise in all areas of family law. These include every aspect of divorce and separation, cohabitation and paternity disputes, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, the resolution of complex financial claims and all issues relating to children, including those involving jurisdictional considerations. A wide range of emergency procedures are handled, including injunctions concerning child abduction and freezing of assets

Members of the firm are often consulted on a preliminary basis by people contemplating marriage who wish to consider the impact of marriage and the relevance of pre-nuptial contracts, particularly where there are competing jurisdictions in play.

Partners: Susan Philipps
Partners: Emma Harte
Partners: Sara Hannell
Partners: Tom Amlot
Partners: Magnus Mill
Partners: Katie Longmate
Partners: William Healing
Tom Amlot  photo Tom Amlot Partner dealing with all aspects of family law.
Sara Hannell  photo Sara Hannell Partner specialising in all aspects of family law, including financial matters and…
Emma Harte  photo Emma Harte Partner specialising in all aspects of family law, including financial matters and…
William Healing photo William HealingInternational family law specialist with a particular emphasis on French cases and…
Katie Longmate photo Katie LongmatePartner practising in all aspects of family law.
Magnus Mill  photo Magnus Mill Magnus handles all aspects of family law with a particular emphasis on…
Susan Philipps  photo Susan Philipps Partner specialising in all areas of family and matrimonial law.
Number of UK partners : 7
Number of other UK fee-earners : 5