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David Bigmore & Co. has expertise in all aspects of franchise law. The firm draws on over 30 years of experience as franchise lawyers, has an outstanding success rate in its field, and offers a dedicated and personalised service to clients.

The firm: David Bigmore trained at Coward Chance (now Clifford Chance) and has specialised in franchising and franchise-related matters since 1986. Over the years, David Bigmore & Co. has acted in numerous high-profile franchising matters, and the firm is a franchise solicitor member of the British Franchise Association and UK representative of the International Franchise Lawyers Association.

The firm deals with franchising all over the world and has a very successful association with the City of London firm Goodman Derrick LLP. It is therefore able to provide a full service to all franchising clients in respect of all areas of law. Goodman Derrick is a firm of 21 partners and has a total of over 100 members of staff.

Types of work undertaken: New franchises: David Bigmore & Co has extensive experience in preparing franchise agreements for new franchising ventures, for use both in the UK and internationally. It has prepared all types of franchise agreements from restaurants to retail shops, from mobile operations to travel agencies, from internet companies to dental practices, and clients have included franchisors who are the biggest in their field in the UK and, in some instances, the biggest in the world in their industry.

UK franchisors: the firm regularly sets up franchises in the UK for domestic franchisors in sectors including restaurants, doughnuts, muffins, the Cloud, storage, travel agents, estate agents, cleaning, dentistry, various children’s classes, building and repair work for insurance companies, refuges for sufferers from cancer, sports clubs, sports bars, business development advising and many others.

Franchising disputes: David Bigmore & Co acts on the resolution of disputes between franchisors and individual franchisees or groups of franchisees, terminating franchise agreements as necessary. Groups include Rosemary Conley Franchisees, Post Office Parcels, Co-op, Vision Express and Benjy’s Franchisees.

Sales and purchases: the firm acts for both franchisors and franchisees who wish to sell their businesses or the shares in their companies. It seeks to reduce the legal fees payable in respect of the invariable negotiations on warranties and limitations on warranties by agreeing the extent and the limits of those in advance in heads of agreement.

Master licensing: David Bigmore & Co advises on master franchise agreements for both incoming and outgoing franchises and has long experience in negotiating favourable terms. Most of its incoming international clients come from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.

Area development agreements: the firm is experienced in setting up framework agreements with one franchisee to open multiple outlets for the same franchisor. It recently advised a substantial Middle Eastern group who were entering into an area development agreement in respect of an American-owned Belgian concept for the whole of Spain.

International franchising: the firm advises on setting up master franchises, area development agreements and franchises in the UK and around the world, including those from and/or to China, the US, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, France, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and East Africa.

EU law: the firm has long experience in advising clients on the effect of Article 101 of the Treaty for the functioning of the European Union and the block exemptions which relate to franchise agreements.

Competition law: again, David Bigmore & Co has long experience in advising clients on the effect of the Competition Act 1998 on franchise agreements and the interaction with EU competition law.

Franchise mediation: where possible, if a dispute cannot be easily resolved, the firm endeavours to settle franchising disputes by recommending mediation. This process can save the parties a very substantial amount in legal fees and is successful in more than 85% of cases.

Franchise litigation: David Bigmore & Co has experience in applying to the High Court for interim injunctions to prevent franchisees from competing after their franchise agreements have been terminated. It also has experience in conducting litigation for both franchisors and large groups of franchisees in relation to misrepresentation and breach of contract claims.

Franchise leasing: the firm advises franchisors and franchisees in respect of leasing and sub-leasing commercial properties from which they will conduct their franchises.

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