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Amer is a Senior Solicitor at Lloyds PR Solicitors. He is highly regarded for his commitment to protecting and advancing his client’s best interests in all areas of his practice, from police station to Crown Court.

Amer has particular experience in advising and defending those charged with serious criminal offences such as murder, fraud and drug related offences.

Prior to joining Lloyds PR in October 2018, Amer Ahmad worked for a number of leading criminal defence firms. Qualifying in 2007, Amer has established an excellent reputation as a litigator, and is regularly referred work by both other lawyers and clients. His straight-forward, empathetic and personable manner has enabled him to build trust easily with his clients and get to the root of matters quickly.

Amer approaches each case with a critical eye. He is known for his detailed preparation of cases and his forward-thinking tactical approach. Amer brings this approach to fiercely defend every case, regardless of whether it is a simple theft or a murder.


Solicitor & Supervisor


After completing his law degree Amer began his legal career working for Fisher Meredith Solicitors in South London, where he practiced as a solicitor.

In 1993 Amer completed the Bar finals and continued working for Fisher Meredith, as a non-practicing Barrister. He established his own client base in South London and in 1996 he moved to Thanki Novy Taube Solicitors in Kings Cross. Amer continued to expand his client base representing clients charged with serious offences such as Murder, Rape and other serious crime.

In 1998 Amer moved to Steel and Shamash Solicitors in Waterloo continuing to expand his practice awhilst ssisting the firm who also represented the Labour Party.

Amer moved Christian Khan solicitors in 2010 which merged with Imran Khan and Partners. As a senior solicitor, Amer represented clients on cases that drew national attention.

In 2018 Amer moved to Lloyds PR solicitors, where he  continues to represent clients charged with the most serious criminal matters.



Urdu, Punjabi


Amer is a keen footballer. He is a partner in a Football agency acting as an intermediary for his professional clients.