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Gherson's immigration, nationality and asylum offering stands out for its strength in cases involving extradition and in public law challenges and appeals against the Home Office. Key areas of strength include representing clients facing extradition and advising clients who are the subject of Interpol Red Notices. Sole practitioner Roger Gherson has a good deal of experience in cases involving discretionary aspects and in dealing with refusals. Associate Thomas Garner heads the extradition department; Charles Burnett has experience in complex asylum cases. On the business side, the group advises high net worth individuals on Tier 1 applications.

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‘Gherson offer a very professional, fast, thorough service. If you would like to find somebody you can trust, it is a good firm to turn to. They would make sure your case is properly assessed, give you all the necessary information and help and guide you throughout the process. The firm has strong and confident lawyers with extensive professional experience.’

‘Gherson is in a class of its own when it comes to immigration and asylum/human rights. First, the firm straddles immigration/asylum as well as extradition, which means it is ideally positioned to deal with cases potentially involving both those areas. Second, the firm is multi-jurisdictional in the sense that they cover cases arising and litigated in other countries. Because their cases tend to be factually complex involving substantial volumes of evidence, Gherson are accustomed to managing and coordinating the biggest of cases in the UK and across Europe.’

‘A brilliant team when it comes to dealing with complex and politically sensitive cases for demanding and high profile clients.’

‘Roger Gherson does everything to further his client’s case and succeed. He is tenacious and a proverbial bulldozer, allowing no hurdle to stand in the way and leaving no stone unturned in furthering his cases. He constantly challenges his fee earners and the barristers he instructs to give 110% of their time and effort to the case. Roger also has unparalleled expertise in managing large teams of lawyers internationally.’

‘Charlie Burnett is indefatigable. He is a major asset at Gherson and a major asset to his clients.’

‘Thomas Garner has a wealth of experience in crime and extradition law. His attention to detail is second to none.  Thomas is an impressive lawyer and a strong contributing factor towards the success of the extradition team in the firm.’

‘Roger Gherson is a legendary figure in the world of HNW immigration.’

‘Charles Burnett is a real star of the Gherson operation. Together with an ability to juggle a huge workload, he has real insight into what it takes, legally and evidentially, to win difficult, complex and politically sensitive immigration and asylum cases.’

With over 27 years’ experience and an outstanding reputation, Gherson remains a leading UK immigration, nationality, EU, asylum and human rights and extradition specialist.

The firm: Established in 1988, this niche practice is consistently recognised as a market leader in the field of immigration law by both clients and peers alike, and recruits and retains the best people. Roger Gherson’s uncompromising dedication to the cases he takes on ensures the firm achieves both legal excellence and exceptional client service.

Types of work undertaken: The firm advises on all immigration matters, including all points-based system (PBS) applications and investor and entrepreneur applications, as well as family and EU applications. Advising individuals and families on the most appropriate route to residence and nationality is a significant part of the firm’s work. Gherson often advises on its clients’ rights under Article 3 and Article 8 of the ECHR, and regularly makes discretionary applications which fall outside the immigration rules. The firm continues to strengthen its reputation for achieving a successful outcome for its clients, even in the most difficult and challenging of circumstances.

A dedicated team manages the requirements of the firm’s business clients, both local and international, assisting businesses with applications for sponsor licences and obtaining entry clearance for employees from outside the UK. This area of law is heavily regulated, and the penalties for not meeting the stringent requirements can be substantial. The firm provides a comprehensive advisory service to its business clients to ensure they remain compliant.

Roger Gherson has been heavily involved in complex international extradition work for many years in concert with other firms, but in 2013 the firm opened a dedicated in-house extradition department with a view to providing its clients with a complete service under one roof. The firm’s award-winning expertise in immigration and nationality law perfectly complements this offering and enables it to provide clients with a complete package of advice. Alongside general extradition work the firm is able to advise clients regarding the implications and merits of engaging with INTERPOL in relation to red notices and is extremely experienced in managing the after-effects of a successful extradition defence and ensuring that clients can continue to travel safely internationally.

As well as providing full defence representation for those facing extradition proceedings here in the UK the firm has unique experience in assisting its clients internationally. This aspect of its work can properly be said to be unparalleled. Roger Gherson is used to assembling and managing large teams of lawyers in different jurisdictions. Often the firm provides full back-office support for the foreign lawyers and provides the necessary legal expertise they need to effectively defend the case. In the past few years Gherson has assisted clients who have been arrested in connection with extradition proceedings in Austria, France, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic and Monaco. In each case the firm has quickly assembled teams of specialist extradition and asylum lawyers both abroad and in the UK and has proactively managed the case, ensuring the best possible outcome. Gherson is now probably the most experienced firm in the UK in this field. The firm has also now developed significant experience in the unusual legal arena of international sanctions cases, and continues to grow its reputation in this relatively new and complex area of law.

Gherson is a truly specialist firm of dedicated immigration and human rights professionals who have a reputation for pursuing the very best outcome for all their clients.

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Senior and managing partner Roger Gherson
UK immigration/nationality/EU freedom of movement Roger Gherson
Civil liberties/human rights/asylum Roger Gherson
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 Roger Gherson photo Roger Gherson Roger established Gherson in 1988, some seven years after first qualifying as…
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