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Rahmat Lim & Partners is an award-winning, full-service law firm in Malaysia which is dedicated to the provision of high-quality legal services. With its extensive experience and premier client base, the firm’s partners and practices have been consistently recognised and ranked as leaders in the market and have won various awards since the firm was established in 2010.

The firm is, first and foremost, a Malaysian law firm, but takes pride in having a distinctive global approach and perspective, and aims to provide effective domestic and cross-border solutions for its local and international clients.

The firm’s lawyers have advised on many of the nation’s largest and most high-profile transactions, and offer quality services to clients requiring representation across a wide range of contentious and non-contentious matters. Its Banking & Finance, Capital Markets, Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property & Technology, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Corporate Real Estate practices are all ranked in international and regional legal publications.

While its lawyers are drawn from diverse backgrounds, Rahmat Lim & Partners stands firmly on the principles of integrity, excellence and professionalism. These core values form the foundation of its culture, and enable it to act as trusted legal advisors to its clients.

The firm is uniquely placed as an associate firm of Allen & Gledhill LLP, an award-winning full-service commercial law firm, which has offices in Singapore and Myanmar. Currently one of the largest law firms in Singapore and South-east Asia with over 450 lawyers across its network of associate firms and offices, Allen & Gledhill is consistently ranked as a market leader in Singapore for every major practice. Rahmat Lim & Partners’ associate firm in Myanmar, Allen & Gledhill (Myanmar), is a fully licensed law firm which provides Myanmar legal and tax advice, and issues Myanmar legal opinions.

Furthermore, the firm has strong working relationships with a network of leading law firms worldwide and serves both local and international clients on cross-border transactions globally, including China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, the United Kingdom and the United States of America as well as the regions of Europe and the Middle East. This experience allows it to take on an effective lead counsel or project manager role in multi-jurisdictional transactions.


Department Name Email Telephone
Projects & International Arbitration Allen Choong +603 2299 3931
Corporate Real Estate Amelia Koo +603 2299 3890
Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions Ang Sinn E +603 2299 3879
Financial Services Azman bin Othman Luk +603 2299 3809
Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions Chan Weili +603 2299 3867
Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions Chen Lee Won +603 2299 3889
Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions Chai Chee Hoong +603 2299 3878
Projects & International Arbitration Chong Boon Leong +603 2299 3929
Projects & International Arbitration Chong Yee Leong +603 2299 3928
Litigation & Dispute Resolution Daphne Koo +603 2299 3869
Projects & International Arbitration Dzuhairi Jaafar Thani +603 2299 3808
Financial Services Geraldine Su +603 2299 3840
Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions Ho Wei Lih +603 2299 3891
Litigation & Dispute Resolution Jack Yow +603 2299 3898
Corporate Real Estate Joycelyn Ang +603 2299 3885
Projects & International Arbitration Kamilah Kasim +603 2299 3930
Regulatory & Compliance Karen Foong +603 2299 3903
Financial Services Kelvin Loh +603 2299 3911
Corporate Real Estate Lee Yee Ling +603 2299 3848
Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions Lim Teong Sit +603 2299 3828
Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions Lum Sher Vin +603 2299 3832
Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions Moy Pui Yee +603 2299 3880
Intellectual Property Pauline Khor +603 2299 3818
Financial Services Soh Yin Chuin +603 2299 3977
Financial Services Syed Rashid bin Rahim Alsree +603 2299 3865
Financial Services Wan Kai Chee +603 2299 3858
Projects & International Arbitration Yap Yeow Han +603 2299 3933
Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions Yeo Tze Lin +603 2299 3892
Financial Services Zandra Tan +603 2299 3868
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Chong Boon Leong  photo Mr Chong Boon Leong Boon Leong is a Partner in the Firm’s Projects & International Arbitration Department.
Mr Chia Chee Hoong  photo Mr Chia Chee Hoong Chee Hoong is a Partner in the Firm’s Mergers & Acquisitions Department.
Mr Allen Choong  photo Mr Allen Choong Allen is a Partner in the Firm’s Projects & International Arbitration Department.…
 Karen Foong  photo Karen Foong Partner
Mr Dzuhairi Jaafar Thani  photo Mr Dzuhairi Jaafar Thani Dzuhairi is a Partner in the Firm’s Energy, Infrastructure & Projects Department.
Ms Kamilah Kasim  photo Ms Kamilah Kasim Kamilah is a Partner and Head of the Firm’s Energy, Infrastructure &…
Ms Chen Lee Won  photo Ms Chen Lee Won Lee Won is a Partner in the Firm’s Mergers and Acquisitions Department.
Mr Kelvin Loh  photo Mr Kelvin Loh Kelvin is a Partner in the Financial Services Department.
Mr Azman bin Othman Luk  photo Mr Azman bin Othman Luk Azman is the Managing Partner of Rahmat Lim & Partners and Co-Head…
Ms Moy Pui Yee  photo Ms Moy Pui Yee Pui Yee is a Partner and Head of the Firm’s Mergers &…
 Syed Rashid bin Rahim Alsree  photo Syed Rashid bin Rahim Alsree Rashid is a Partner in the Financial Services Department of Rahmat Lim…
 Lum Sher Vin  photo Lum Sher Vin Partner
Ms Ang Sinn E  photo Ms Ang Sinn E Sinn E is a Partner in the Firm’s Mergers & Acquisitions Department.
 Geraldine Su  photo Geraldine Su Partner
Ms Zandra Tan  photo Ms Zandra Tan Zandra is a Partner in the Firm’s Financial Services Department.
 Yeo Tze Lin  photo Yeo Tze Lin Partner
Ms Ho Wei Lih  photo Ms Ho Wei Lih Wei Lih is a Partner in the Firm’s Mergers & Acquisitions Department.
Mr Chong Yee Leong  photo Mr Chong Yee Leong Yee Leong is a Partner and Head of the Firm’s Projects &…
Ms Lee Yee Ling  photo Ms Lee Yee Ling Yee Ling is a Partner and Head of the Firm’s Corporate Real…
Mr Soh Yin Chuin  photo Mr Soh Yin Chuin Yin Chuin is a Partner in the Firm’s Financial Services Department.
Mr Jack Yow  photo Mr Jack Yow Jack is a Partner and Head of the Firm’s Litigation & Dispute Resolution…
Number of lawyers : 92
Contacts : Lim Teong Sit (Chairman and Senior Partner)
Contacts : Azman bin Othman Luk (Managing Partner)