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  • Growth and strategy
  • Intellectual property disputes, portfolio management and strategy planning
  • Contract negotiation support (including joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions)
  • Technology acquisitions, licensing and adoption
  • Blockchain
  • Disputes resolution (litigation, arbitration and mediation)
  • Regulatory advice (particularly payment services, Fintech, MedTech & AgriTech)
  • And employment law
Intellectual property, technology, corporate and commercial Yingyu Wangyingyu.wang@taylorvintersvia.com+65 6950 3961
Arbitration (intellectual property, technology and commercial) Anthony Sohanthony.soh@taylorvintersvia.com+65 6950 3962
Corporate and commercial (sale and purchase of shares, businesses and assets, joint ventures, debt and equity financing, restructuring for technology companies, commercial leasing and landlord and tenancy) Yingyu Wangyingyu.wang@taylorvintersvia.com+65 6950 3961
Data privacy (advisory work relating to proper privacy practice, the management of data breaches, and personal data issues in transactions and drafting privacy policies) Yingyu Wangyingyu.wang@taylorvintersvia.com+65 6950 3961
IP and technology (licensing and distribution of intellectual property, advisory work on acquisition and distribution of intellectual property) Yingyu Wangyingyu.wang@taylorvintersvia.com+65 6950 3961
International sale of goods (distributorship, franchising agreements) Yingyu Wangyingyu.wang@taylorvintersvia.com+65 6950 3961
Licensing and licensing compliance (drafting end user licenses and terms of use, and managing licencing compliance programmes) Yingyu Wangyingyu.wang@taylorvintersvia.com+65 6950 3961
Litigation and enforcement (patent, copyright, trade mark, trade secrets litigation and programmatic enforcement of intellectual property rights and general commercial litigation) Anthony Sohanthony.soh@taylorvintersvia.com+65 6950 3962
Technology (drafting and negotiating agreements for consulting services, and development and deployment of technology, and advising on market entry) Yingyu Wangyingyu.wang@taylorvintersvia.com+65 6950 3961
Trade mark and design registration (searches, clearance, registration, opposition, licensing, assignments and portfolio management) Yingyu Wangyingyu.wang@taylorvintersvia.com+65 6950 3961
Patent (drafting, prior art searches, freedom to operate opinion, patent infringement analysis and portfolio management) Wai Yeng Chanwaiyeng.chan@taylorvintersvia.com+65 6950 3963
Wai Yeng Chan photoMs Wai Yeng ChanWai Yeng is the Head of IP Strategy and a Patent Attorney …
Shannon Ker photoMs Shannon KerShannon is an Associate at Taylor Vinters Via LLC
Herman Lee photoMr Herman LeeHerman is a firm believer in active case management and endeavour to…
Ashleigh Low photoMr Ashleigh LowAshleigh is a Senior Associate at Taylor Vinters Via LLC.  He works…
Anthony Soh photoMr Anthony SohAnthony is a Consultant at Taylor Vinters Via LLC.  He has spent…
Feei Sy Tham photoMr Feei Sy ThamFeei Sy is an Associate Director at Taylor Vinters Via LLC.  He…
Number of lawyers : 6
Number of patent agents : 1
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