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The Phnom Penh-based team at Bun & Associates focuses on inbound work in the Cambodian market, with extensive experience in a wide range of matters such as M&A, insurance, real estate, and construction, as well as mining and energy. It also frequently deals with healthcare-related transactions, including assisting the Kingdom of Cambodia and the WHO in drafting new pharmaceutical legislation. Managing partner Youdy Bun focuses on litigation, banking, and M&A; Sophealeak Ing leads on real estate, construction, environment, and energy matters; Antoine Fontaine deals with insurance, tax, and labour law; Sovath Phin focuses on IP matters; Sinath Un advises on banking and finance

Practice head(s):


Bun & Associates presents strong technical skill in corporate law, labor law. The team has a good relationship with relevant authorities, e.g. ministries and the central bank, provides a quick response and flexible, and always provides more than needed.’

Apart from their technical skills, the team discusses and works as a peer. They are reachable and flexible and always try to give different options/solutions with pros and cons.’

Bun & Associates distinguishes itself from other firms by its sizable team with the capabilities to handle a large volume of works and the ability to turn around quickly. Their team is extremely good and always provides works with high quality. They are also the firm that we always choose for complex financing transactions, including offshore financing.’

Mr. Bun Youdy is our main contact. He is very intelligent and possesses strong business acumen. His knowledge in banking and financial sectors is exceptionally rare taking into account the resource available on the market. He is very committed and always put the interest of our bank first. In sum, he has a high degree of professionalism.’

We engage Bunn & Associates services because we have found them to be efficient & knowledgable in the areas that we have needed assistance.’

I have used the services of Bun & Associates for the 7 years I have been working in Cambodia and find their service very professional, very ethical, and very practical.’

Within Cambodia, in my opinion, they outscore their competition in all areas.’

Most of my direct dealings are with one of the founding partners Sophealeak Ing who is very impressive; furthermore, I have to say that he has surrounded himself with many talented lawyers who cover different areas of corporate law.’

Bun & Associates has been a key legal and regulatory advisor for our team for more than 5 years now, especially in the area of telecom and ICT. The team, led by Bun Youdy, has been an important resource for us and to a certain extent the industry, in advocacy matters related to key subsidiary telecom regulations such as spectrum, regulatory costs, licensing, and some other operational strategic advice work. We have also used the firm to do transactional work which was completed very well as well as some work on payment service provider license and business requirements. The team has a wide breadth of knowledge on upcoming digital services and horizontal regulation such as consumer protection, e-commerce, and the digital economy. Youdy and his team show great capabilities in understanding legal/regulatory matters, obtaining prompt insights on sector developments, and analyzing possible positioning strategies for advocacy or to mitigate the potential business impact. Most importantly, they are very flexible in exploring different methods and are very practical in their advice, as well as are capable to engage stakeholders of different levels very well within the country.’

Key clients

Bangkok Bank


Cambrew Ltd

Luen Thai

China Lesso Group

BOCC Development Co., Ltd

Risen Energy Co., Ltd

Big C Supercenter (Cambodia) Company Ltd

Grab (Cambodia) Co., Ltd

AIA (Cambodia) Life Insurance plc

Phillip Bank plc

Pi Pay plc

Dai-Ichi Life Insurance (Cambodia) plc

Phillip Life Assurance (Cambodia) plc

World Health Organization

Kasikorn Bank

Ministry of Economy and Finance

Ministry of Mines and Energy

Crystal martin

Smart Axiata


R M A (Cambodia) plc

Total Cambodge Private Ltd. Co.

The firm: Bun & Associates was established in 2007 based on three guiding principles: commitment, professionalism, and quality. With the relentless commitment to client service, the firm has grown rapidly over the years, making it now the largest legal firm in Cambodia. The firm benefits from being Cambodian and international in its management structure, identity and approach. The firm takes pride in its integrated, multi-disciplinary team of advisors with advanced legal degrees from some of the most renowned universities in Asia, Europe and the US, and covering a multitude of languages.

With Bun & Associates, clients benefit from a team of highly skilled and experienced advisors that are able to provide expert, specialised knowledge with the utmost professionalism and integrity. Bun & Associates prides itself on its ability to handle complex demands and deliver timely solutions of the highest quality. The firm is consistently ranked first tier by leading legal publications.

Areas of practice: Bun & Associates is a full-service and integrated law firm. The firm has a strong track record in assisting clients on market entry and expansion strategies, including mergers and acquisitions. The assignments the firm handles involve broad business segments such as financial, property and agriculture, hospitality, industrial, educational and technology sectors. Assistance ranges from business establishment, due diligence regulatory matters and tax consideration. It has advised on various ground-breaking transactions in Cambodia.

Bun & Associates recently launched new practice groups such as telecommunication and technology, oil and gas, mining and energy. The firm acts for one of the leading telecom operators in Cambodia to assess the implication of and assist compliance with implementing the recently adopted law on telecommunications and associated new sub-regulations including new licensing regime, spectrum management and other regulatory cost issues. The firm also assists the Ministry of Mines and Energy in drafting the first law on petroleum.

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking and finance Bun Youdy
Corporate and M&A Bun Youdy
Corporate and M&A Phin Sovath
Commercial Contracts & Business Licensing Ing Sophealeak
Commercial litigation and dispute resolution Bun Youdy
Commercial litigation and dispute resolution Phin Sovath
Labour compliance Antoine Fontaine
Mining and energy Bun Youdy
Mining and energy Ing Sophealeak
Insurance Antoine Fontaine
Intellectual property Phin Sovath
Real estate & Construction Ing Sophealeak
Tax and customs Antoine Fontaine
Telecommunication and technology Bun Youdy
Labour and employment Antoine Fontaine
Agriculture & Environment Ing Sophealeak
Banking & Finance Un Sinath
Oil & Gas Bun Youdy
Oil & Gas Phin Sovath
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Youdy Bun  photo Mr Youdy Bun Partner at Bun & Associates: 2006 – Present President at National Commercial…
Dr Antoine Fontaine  photo Dr Antoine Fontaine Partner
Mr Sophealeak Ing  photo Mr Sophealeak Ing Partner
Dr Sovath Phin  photo Dr Sovath Phin Partner – Bun & AssociatesAdjunct Law Professor/Assistant Dean – Faculty of Law…
Number of Fee Earners : 57

CLIENT: Andrew Ong (General Manager)

COMPANY/FIRM: Phillip Life Assurance (Cambodia) Plc

TESTIMONIAL: Although I have come to know Antoine and his team at Bun & Associates for only half a year, my colleagues have been working closely with his team for several years that culminated in us obtaining approval from the MEF to operate a life insurance company in Cambodia. Bun & Associates played an important role by providing all legal work and advice relating to the preparation of the new company.  Antoine and Solina have provided us with good advice and have always been responsive to our needs.  As our needs grow, we will be happy to regularly consult with the firm on various regulatory and compliance related matters.

CLIENT: Jonathan Yap

COMPANY/FIRM: Smart Axiata Co., Ltd.

TESTIMONIAL: I am the Head of Regulatory & Corporate Affairs at Smart Axiata, the leading mobile operator in Cambodia. Bun & Associates has been a key legal and regulatory advisor to Smart, especially in the area of telecom and ICT. The team, led by Bun Youdy, has been an important resource for Smart and to a certain extent the industry, in advocacy matters related to the Telecom Law and subsidiary telecom regulations. The team has also started to expand their support on other ICT areas such as Mobile Financial Services. Youdy and his team show great capability in understanding legal / regulatory matters and analyzing possible positioning strategies, flexibility in exploring different methods, practicality in suggesting approaches, as well as carry out stakeholder management very well within the country. Youdy’s experience and visibility within the Telecoms & ICT sector has led his company to be one of the most prominent legal firms in relation to this field of work.



TESTIMONIAL: I am the CEO CIMB Bank, the wholly-owned Cambodian subsidiary of the Malaysian CIMB Bank Berhad. Among the firms on our panel, Bun & Associates has been entrusted to handle most of our legal documentation works in particular cross-border financing. Our relationship with the firm started even before the formal entry of our bank into the market 7 years ago. Bun & Associates played an important role by providing all legal works relating to the preparation and set up of our bank. Their banking practice group is highly professional, very responsive and always delivers high quality of works. Thanks to its sizeable team, the firm is capable to handle large volume of works and at the same time being able to turnaround quickly. Bun & Associates is definitely a go-to firm for financing works in particular complex assignments. We also regularly seek for advices from the firm on various regulatory and compliance related matters.

CLIENT: Ms. Phuong Nguyen Thi Mai

COMPANY/FIRM: Viettel (Cambodia) Pte. Ltd.

TESTIMONIAL: Having extensive experience in IP registration matters regarding trademarks in particular, Mr Phin Sovath and Bun & Associates team are unarguably the most leading industry players in the country. The highly reliable and very professional IP team are decisive factors for us to choose Bun & Associates as a sole representative for all of the Company’s trademarks registration over the years.

CLIENT: John McLellan (Partner, Head of Commercial & Media and Entertainment Group)

COMPANY/FIRM: Haldanes (Solicitors and Notaries)

TESTIMONIAL: We have had the pleasure of working with Bun & Associates since April 2016. The firm has assisted our client’s enquiries as to music licensing matters in Cambodia. Our client is a leading international streaming platform. Apart from their grasp of practical and commercial knowledge of the music industry in Cambodia, Bun & Associates have been consistently responsive to questions and gave detailed advice when addressing the issues. We have found them very reliable and would definitely work with them again on matters requiring Cambodian legal assistance.

CLIENT: Jun ARII (General Manager)

COMPANY/FIRM: Representative Office of Mitsubishi Corporation

TESTIMONIAL: Mitsubishi Corporation is a global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates businesses across virtually every industry; hence a reliable legal service is essential for our operations, which Bun & Associates have shown to provide impeccably. The team is skilled in seeing the overall picture of concerns, analyzing them in to a legal perspective, and providing legal advice towards our best benefit. Always providing full references, their prompt and professional response is the best among law firms in Cambodia. It is the reason that their service is being sought after as priority not only by us, but also our affiliates, as well as our regional and global HQs.

CLIENT: Luenthai Holdings Ltd

COMPANY/FIRM: OSG & Subsidiaries

TESTIMONIAL: LTH acquired OSG and its subsidiaries in May 2013 and nominated B&A as its legal representative in Cambodia.  B&A have successfully handled the following major projects for us: Breach of Lease law suit – successfully resolved, Acquisition of land (122097 m2), Incorporation of Greystone Investment company Ltd, Resolve land title dispute with local Kahn, Secure correct statutory permits etc. for various construction projects. B&A have played a significant positive role in our successful expansion and operation in Cambodia and have helped us navigate the many challenges we have faced. In addition to being professional, ethical and reliable, the B&A team are accessible and a pleasure to work with.

CLIENT: Mariko Ishida


TESTIMONIAL: Their professional comments and advice are prompt and very supportive.

CLIENT: Kuila Tapas

COMPANY/FIRM:Milvik (Cambodia) aka BIMA

TESTIMONIAL:  As the Country Manager of MILVIK (Cambodia), also known as BIMA, the leading life and hospitalization micro-insurance solutions provider in Cambodia, I am happy to provide my recommendation for Bun & Associates (B&A). Right from the very beginning in 2014, when they assisted us in setting up our operations, B&A have been a crucial legal and regulatory advisor to BIMA, and more importantly, a trusted partner to me. The team, led by Antoine, and assisted by Solina, Virak and others at various times, have been instrumental in helping us in various legal and regulatory dealings with the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and Ministry of Commerce (MOC), thereby helping us grow our business and  improve our corporate affairs and governance. Very recently, with our global strategy also moving towards offering innovative digital health services, we could not have found a better advisor than B&A in liaising with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and advising us on all legal and compliance matters related to setting up the practice needed to deliver it to thousands of local Cambodians.

Antoine has always shown pragmatism and prudence when dealing with various situations and needs for BIMA, especially in the context of a challenging emerging market like Cambodia. His experience in insurance and financial services sectors and his patience, astuteness and never-give-in spirit in manoeuvring through difficult situations/deadlocks have always served us and the Kingdom’s local affairs in good faith. With the Kingdom’s legal and compliance landscape always changing for the better, it is all the more important today for enterprises to adapt themselves accordingly and fast, hence we are honoured to have a trusted partner in him and his team, and are very comfortable to navigate through these changes as well as innovate and grow our business at the same time. I wish him and his team all the very best.



TESTIMONIAL: B&A is a key legal and regulatory advisor for us. They listen carefully about our needs and questions, and try to do their best to provide us with effective ways to solve problems and issues. In addition, they have very good relationship with regulators, which helps us a lot to communicate with them. We greatly appreciate B&A’s legal advices and supports because they made a lot of efforts so that we could obtain various licenses in order to launch life insurance business in Cambodia. I could highly recommend others to use Bun & Associates as their legal and regulatory advisor.

CLIENT: Richard Bates

COMPANY/FIRM: AIA (Cambodia) Life Insurance Plc (“AIA Cambodia”)

TESTIMONIAL: B&A has been engaged to provide advice on a numerous aspects ranging from Insurance Licensing and Products Application prior to the launch of our operations to corporate and general insurance legal advice upon launch. The Team is led by Antoine Fontaine who has been the key person to successful insurance licensing and products approval from the relevant regulators. Antoine and his team has shown an exceptional solution driven skills to fit our business needs and requirements as well as complying with the regulatory. Antoine’s visibility and network in Insurance Industry has further led B&A to be one of the leading legal firms in relation to this field work.