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Dedicated dispute resolution firm Izral Partnership handles civil, commercial and corporate litigation. Specific issues covered include defamation and media matters, land acquisition disputes and construction arbitration. The team is jointly led by Mohd Izral Khairy, Tharminder Singh and Guo Bin Wong.

The firm: Izral Partnership is a vibrant and high-octane dispute resolution practice consisting of five partners, two senior associates, seven associates, and a number of pupil-in-chambers as well as paralegals. We are located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Whilst we have our focus on civil, commercial, and corporate litigation, we are also vastly experienced in alternative dispute resolution forums such as domestic and international arbitration, statutory adjudication, and mediation.

We are heavily involved in various key industries such as trust and inheritance, education and higher education, health and pharmaceutical, fashion and apparel, plantations, food and beverages, aviation, infrastructure and engineering, oil and gas, offshore and onshore marine, water treatment and maintenance, highway concessionaires, banking and securities, real estate development, project management, building and facilities management, insurance, transportation and coach services, coach manufacturing and assembly, telecommunications, mass media, as well as construction and engineering.

We routinely act for major local and multinational corporations, listed entities, industry leaders, and prominent individuals involved in these key industries – all of whom are part and parcel of our extensive clientele portfolio. The ethos of the firm is to always go the extra mile for our clients, taking them through complex legal processes every step of the way and providing them with holistic legal solutions with their commercial needs in mind.

We embody courage and ingenuity in boldly furthering and safeguarding our clients’ interests before the courts and other dispute resolution forums. At the same time, we are also critically independent in our thinking by employing unconventional strategies and viewing things from alternative perspectives.

These are some of the qualities that contribute to our litigators having an in-depth expertise in fraud and forensic investigations, evidence extraction, asset tracing, asset freezing (Mareva order), search and seizure (Anton Piller order), as well as obtaining other injunctive orders.

At Izral Partnership, the satisfaction of our clients is what we use to measure success of our practice. We have also been recognised in leading global legal directories. We have been described by the Legal 500 as “[a] small outfit but with impressive lawyers” having “an impressive client roster”, and has recently been praised for our “very good knowledge and responsiveness”.

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Department Name Email Telephone
Asset Tracing & Asset Preservation Mohd Izral Khairy
Asset Tracing & Asset Preservation Tharminder Singh
Civil & Commercial Fraud Mohd Izral Khairy
Civil & Commercial Fraud Tharminder Singh
Commercial Disputes Aravind Kumarr
Competition & Antitrust Tharminder Singh
Construction Arbitration & Adjudication Wong Guo Bin
Construction & Engineering Contract Disputes Wong Guo Bin
Corporate Insolvency & Receivership Tharminder Singh
Corporate Insolvency & Receivership Aravind Kumarr
Debt Restructuring & Schemes of Arrangements Tharminder Singh
Defamation & Media Mohd Izral Khairy
Employment Fraud Wong Guo Bin
Fraud & Forensic Investigations Mohd Izral Khairy
Industrial Relations & Employment Disputes Wong Guo Bin
International & Domestic Arbitration Aravind Kumarr
Real Estate & Land Acquisition Disputes Wong Guo Bin
Securities & Share Trading Disputes Wong Guo Bin
Shareholders & Directors (Corporate) Disputes Tharminder Singh
Shareholders & Directors (Corporate) Disputes Aravind Kumarr
Trust, Will & Inheritance Disputes Mohd Izral Khairy
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Mohd Izral Khairy  photo Mr Mohd Izral Khairy Senior Partner
Mr Aravind Kumarr photo Mr Aravind Kumarr Partner
Mr Zack Lim  photo Mr Zack Lim Senior Associate
Mr Tharminder Singh  photo Mr Tharminder Singh Senior Partner
Mr Guo Bin Wong  photo Mr Guo Bin Wong Senior Partner
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Mohd Izral Khairy, Partner

Mohd Izral Khairy explains how Izral Partnership caters to its clients’ unique needs.

How do you see Izral Partnership stand out from its competitors?

 We take great pride in our level of care and affection that we give to each and every one of our clients. All our lawyers – including the partners – provide personalised quality and virtually instantaneous service to our respective clients to meet their unique expectations.

 Which practice do you see growing in the next 12 months and why?

I would say fraud investigations. Malaysia has never been a stranger to fraudulent dealings and transactions. However, in recent times, we as a nation are experiencing a rapid paradigm shift from treating such dealings and transactions as a ‘cultural norm’ and being forced to accept that nothing can be done about them. So I expect fraud investigations to grow at the same rapid pace as that paradigm shift.

What’s the main investment you’ve made in the firm in recent times that will benefit clients?

Despite investing in various technologies, our lawyers remain our greatest assets – especially in the area of fraud investigations. So, we have increased our efforts in adding value to our lawyers by providing them the benefit of external courses by forensic professionals as well as hands-on, customised in-house training by my partners and me. This, in turn, allows our lawyers to provide our clients with the highest level of care and affection.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Besides the increased use of instant messaging apps to communicate with our clients, there is no change to the level and speed of our services. We have always been providing personalised quality and virtually instantaneous service to our clients, and we will continue to do so.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

We are highly investigative in nature. I recall one particular client for whom we unearthed plenty of material facts for a fraud-related case. This enabled him to successfully mount various claims to make good of his losses and entitlements. Until today, he still tells me that our firm knows about his life and businesses more than he does himself. Generally speaking, our investigative nature also highlights the various deficiencies in our clients’ systems – which they will then rectify to prevent a repetition of unwanted incidents.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

Our clients most certainly do, and we have always been happy to oblige them. We see our firm growing in the number of highly trained lawyers and attracting more complex litigations following our proven track record.